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How Illinois’ Pension Debt Blew Up Chicago’s Credit

After a court ruling, the state’s legacy of borrowing to cover public employee pensions landed a $2.2 billion problem in the city’s lap.

‘Incommunicado’ Forever: Gitmo Detainee’s Case Stalled For 2,477 Days And Counting

The Senate torture report chronicled the CIA’s interrogation of high-profile detainee Abu Zubaydah, but the justice system’s treatment of his habeas corpus petition has largely escaped notice.

MuckReads Podcast: The Challenge of Covering Characters Who Won’t Talk

On ProPublica's latest podcast, author Masha Gessen talks about covering the Boston Marathon bombers, Vladimir Putin, and the challenges of telling a story without access to the main characters.

Jury Can’t Reach Verdict in Patz Murder Case

After 18 days of deliberation, a Manhattan jury said it was hopelessly deadlocked in case involving boy who went missing in 1979.

The Best Articles on the Era of Big Campaign Spending

Here are the best stories we've come across over the past few months about the ever-increasing role of money in politics.

Injured Worker in ProPublica/NPR Story Testifies Before Illinois Legislature

In an eight-hour hearing, Democratic lawmakers challenge governor's proposals to change state's workers' compensation law.

Unsolved Killing of American Nuns in Liberia an Open Case Again

The FBI for the first time acknowledges the investigation of the 1992 killing of five American nuns in Liberia is again part of an active case.

Higher Ed Lobby Quietly Joins For-Profit Schools to Roll Back Tighter Rules

Traditional colleges and universities have become unlikely allies of the beleaguered for-profit industry as each group tries to fend off the government’s push for more accountability.

MuckReads Podcast: Liz Sly on Reporting From the Middle East

The roots of ISIS, the challenge of social media-era journalism, and observations from “the front lines of post-9/11 foreign policy.”

Results of Our Latest Reader Survey

The results of our recent reader survey are in—thanks to the more than 2200 who responded – and we wanted to share them with you.

Government Releases Massive Trove of Data on Doctors’ Prescribing Patterns

The move follows a ProPublica investigation showing that Medicare did little to find dangerous prescribing by doctors to seniors and the disabled. It is also part of the government’s new push to bring transparency to taxpayer-supported medical care.

Another Big Tobacco Bond Deal, Cajun Style

Facing a giant budget deficit, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal plans to borrow $750 million against future income from a landmark legal settlement with cigarette makers.

California Bill Would Bar Insurers from Withdrawing Injured Workers’ Care

A bill that passed a state Senate committee today would address a problem highlighted in a ProPublica and NPR investigation of problems with new workers' compensation laws.

Key Expert in Supreme Court Lethal Injection Case Did His Research on

How the Supreme Court case over lethal injection shows it’s becoming nearly impossible to find experts to defend the practice.

MuckReads Podcast: When Diet Drugs Harm Instead of Help

Charles Ornstein talks to reporter John Fauber about how the FDA approved five weight-loss drugs, despite the potential for serious side effects.

Another Startling Verdict for Forensic Science

A recent study on the reliability of hair analysis is only latest to shake public confidence.

Why Comcast Walked Away

A Comcast Time Warner Cable behemoth could have spelled trouble for consumers and online innovators.

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