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The Disturbing Ways America Keeps Up With Its Demand for Meat

MuckReads Podcast: Cezary Podkul and author Sonia Faruqi profile how meat goes from farm to table with little regulation or concern for animal welfare.

Capitol Case: Robert Freeman’s Enduring Fight Against Government Secrecy

Freeman, the executive director of the New York Committee on Open Government, reflects on seven governors and their records for transparency.

‘Stay Far, Far Away’ and Other Things Gleaned From Yelp Health Reviews

In a new partnership with Yelp, ProPublica has been given unprecedented access to the rating site’s 1.3 million reviews of healthcare providers. One dental chain attracted 3,000 reviews, the vast majority bad.

Could Scott Walker’s Legal Victory Expand PAC Superpowers?

Proponents of tighter reins on political money worry that a Wisconsin ruling about the governor's recall campaign could carry seeds of another 'Citizens United.'

Why We’re Investigating the Impact of Agent Orange

Podcast: Some 2.6 million Vietnam veterans are thought to have been exposed to Agent Orange, but for many, the fight for health benefits continues.

Feds Call for More Scrutiny of Nursing Home Errors Involving Blood Thinner

Inspectors are being asked to pay greater attention following analysis showing mistakes resulting in injuries and deaths.

Amid Drought, California Experiments With Leasing Water Rights

California’s cities need water. Its farmers have it. Could leasing rights to it solve the crisis responsibly?

Alabama’s Meth Lab Law, Abortion Rights and the Strange Case of Jane Doe

After a woman is jailed for exposing her fetus to drugs, county officials refuse to release her for an abortion and ask a judge to strip her of parental rights.

The FBI Built a Database That Can Catch Rapists — Almost Nobody Uses It

For roughly 30 years the FBI has virtually ignored a system meant to help cops track the behavioral patterns of violent criminals.

Georgia is Segregating Troublesome Kids in Schools Used During Jim Crow

A Department of Justice investigation found that Georgia is giving thousands of kids with behavioral issues a subpar education and putting them in the same run-down buildings that served black children decades ago.

Editor’s Note: ‘Dr. Abscess’ and Why Surgeon Scorecard Matters

Critics claim our analysis of surgical complications is flawed. We disagree. For the first time, patients can see a surgeon’s record – and use it to help make their best choice.

Photos: Baltimore in the Wake of Freddie Gray

In the tumult following Freddie Gray’s death, a young photographer documented life in a city under siege.

FDA Examines Whether MRI Drugs Accumulate in Brain Tissue

The agency says doctors should consider limiting MRIs to reduce exposure from certain image-enhancing drugs that contain the metal gadolinium.

Senator to Red Cross: Where’s the Transparency on Haiti?

“I still have a lot more questions for the Red Cross,” said Sen. Charles Grassley.

Judges Revive Claim that AT&T Overcharged Schools for Internet Service

A lawsuit can proceed against the company for allegedly failing to offer the required discounts to schools and libraries, says an appeals court.

ProPublica’s Patient Safety Chat Recap

On Friday at 11 a.m. EST, spinal surgeon Dr. Charles Mick and the ProPublica reporters on #SurgeonScorecard will take your questions about patient safety.

La Croix-Rouge ignorerait comment ont été dépensés des millions en Haïti

Les documents confidentiels soulèvent également des questions sur le nombre d’Haïtiens que la Croix-Rouge aurait aidés, déclarant que les chiffres avancés pour un projet seraient «peu représentatifss».

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