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Parsing Chris Christie’s Pension Math

The New Jersey governor counts past pension borrowing as “school aid” in his budget – but not when it undercuts his claim of spending more on pensions than prior governors.

The Time a Newspaper Stared Down the Country’s Largest Advertiser 

A little-remembered incident helped establish the notion that news organizations could and should preserve their independence from advertisers.

Reddit Recap: A Q&A With A Halliburton Whistleblower (Who Eventually Won)

Tony Menendez questioned Halliburton’s accounting practices. He blew the whistle. And after a nine-year fight, he won. Chat with him on Friday at 12 p.m. EST.

The Whistleblower’s Tale: How An Accountant Took on Halliburton

In 2005, Tony Menendez blew the whistle on Halliburton’s accounting practices. The fight cost him nine years of his life.

The Hidden Intelligence Breakdowns Behind the Mumbai Attacks

After Edward Snowden, the government said its controversial surveillance programs had stopped a terrorist – David Coleman Headley. In “American Terrorist,” ProPublica and PBS “Frontline” show why the claim is largely untrue.

Murdoch’s Circle: The News International Scandal

From phone hacking to bribery, the corruption at News International has involved many players -- increasingly, ones close to Rupert Murdoch. We’ve mapped out the players involved in this growing debacle, organized by their proximity to Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch and other senior staff.

MuckReads Podcast: James Risen on the ‘National Security Bubble’

The acclaimed investigative reporter says journalists need to question Americans’ assumptions about how much privacy they should give up.

Rapid Rise in Super PACs Dominated by Single Donors

Super PACS that get nearly all of their money from one donor quadrupled their share of overall fund-raising in 2014.

Behind Christie’s Budget Claims, a More Controversial Legacy

N.J. governor closed budget gaps by borrowing, shifting money from trust funds and paring back tax credits

Chris Christie’s Budget ‘Sins’

In pledging to fix New Jersey’s ailing finances, Gov. Chris Christie promised to avoid one-time budget fixes he called “sins of the past.” A review by ProPublica and The Washington Post shows he’s committed some of the same sins – and some new ones.

Racist Posts on NY Cop Blog Raise Ire at Time of Tension

A blog hosting posts from former and current New York City officers reinforces the worst kinds of stereotypes.

Investigations of California Group Homes Marked By Delays and Uncertainty

When California’s Department of Social Services investigates reports of serious harm in its homes for troubled children, the results are often deemed “inconclusive.”

Tax Day Pop Quiz: How to Avoid Obamacare Penalties

If you didn’t have health insurance in 2014, you might have to pay the IRS a penalty — unless you’re exempt. Are you? Take our quiz.

Health Data Breaches Sow Confusion, Frustration

One consumer was the victim of hacking attacks on two different health insurers; a company’s privacy officer didn’t realize that health insurer Anthem even had her data. “It gives you a new perspective when you’re actually one of the folks whose data is disclosed.”

Podcast: The Failures Behind a Retracted Campus Rape Story

Sheila Coronel, a co-author of the investigation of Rolling Stone’s UVA story, talks about the question of punishment and lessons learned.

How Wall Street Captured Washington and More in MuckReads Weekly

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For Darren Sharper, a Place in Prison. But in Hall of Fame, Too?

The NFL’s Hall of Fame rules allow a serial rapist to be considered. Should that change?

Sharper’s Plea Includes Lifetime Probation, No Alcohol, Penile Device

Former NFL star Darren Sharper has agreed to plead guilty to rape and attempted rape charges. The New Orleans Advocate gets the details of the deal.

Decades Later, a Routine Police Record Hangs Over Patz Murder Trial

The prosecution says Pedro Hernandez fled New York after killing Etan Patz. A detectives report from 1979 suggests that might not be so.

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