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Bank Bailouts: $45.5 Million Goes out, $125.2 Million Comes in


As always, it's time for your weekly update on the bank bailouts.

There were seven more TARP takers this week, totaling $45.5 million:

Village Bank and Trust Financial Corp $14.7 million
CenterBank $2.3 million
Georgia Primary Bank $4.5 million
Union Bank & Trust Company $3.2 million
HPK Financial Corporation $4 million
OSB Financial Services $6.1 million
Security State Bank Holding Company $10.8 million


These investments are through the Treasury’s program for “healthy banks,” the Capital Purchase Program. The Treasury currently has $197.9 billion invested in more than 550 banks all over the country. You can see the entire list of bailout recipients here.

Of course, bit by bit, banks have been returning bailout funds because of the bailout's taint and restrictions on executive compensation. Yesterday, the 12th bank returned the money: Sterling Bancshares of Houston returned $125.2 million. As you can see from our list of banks that have refunded their bailout money, the 12 have returned $1.16 billion so far. Lately, Capital Purchase Program investments have slowed down considerably, and more bailout money has been coming back to Treasury than has been going out.

This article is part of an ongoing investigation:
Eye on the Bailout

Eye on the Bailout

As big banks return their TARP money, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continue to be a drain.

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