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Conyers Responds to Revelations on Katrina Crimes

Rep. John Conyers (Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Responding to a ProPublica/Nation investigation into vigilante violence after Hurricane Katrina, Rep. John Conyers issued a public statement expressing concern. The investigation details how some white residents in New Orleans’ Algiers Point neighborhood repeatedly attacked African American men after the storm struck.

In interviews, eyewitnesses—including some of the vigilantes themselves and two men who were blasted with a shotgun—describe a string of shootings in which at least 11 people were wounded or killed.  Here’s a video on the violence, featuring interviews with some of the vigilantes, including one who says, “It was great! It was like pheasant season in South Dakota. If it moved, you shot it.”

“I am deeply disturbed by the reported incidents in Algiers Point, Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina,” said Conyers, a Michigan Democrat and chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

Algiers Point residents, Conyers continued, “allegedly shot randomly at African Americans who had fled to the area escaping the effects of the storm. Several injuries and deaths were reported. I am particularly concerned about accounts that local police fueled, rather than extinguished, the violence.”

Also, Color of Change, a California-based activist group, launched an online campaign urging “Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, and the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate” the Algiers Point attacks.

‘Expressing conern’...come on John you can do better than that….Outrage and demand for immediate investigations would be better.
Americans would feel better if our Public Servants expressed the same amount of Anger at the Ways things have gone during The Bush/Cheney reign of Terror. Pick a Crime any High Crime and show a lil’ cajones.
If Dems continue to compromise and conjole the same entities which have created this economic, political, international and social disaster, then they may find their base eroded by 2012.
If you are Not the solution, then you are part of the problem! ‘concern’ does not reflect the appropriate level of condemnation required for vigilantism either.

Where was Conyers people during the dark days of the aftermath of Katrina. Where were these people when we were trying to rescue people from the flooded parts of the city.

He was probably helping Dollar Bill Jefferson arrange for a troop escort to get his $90,000 out of his home freezer and bring it DC.

Sorry but where was Conyers when we asked for federal investigation into the levee failures in the GNO area?

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