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Excerpts of Video Depositions in the Case Against Joseph Caramadre

The life insurance industry tried to make variable annuities irresistible to investors and was enraged when a Rhode Island lawyer exploited the fine print for his own profit.

As the U.S. government prepared its case against that Rhode Island attorney, Joseph Caramadre, the prosecution persuaded a judge to allow it to take depositions of dying participants, including Charles Buckman and Robert Mizzoni, even though no charges had been filed at the time.

Watch excerpts from their depositions below.

Charles Buckman


Robert Mizzoni

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this appear as though Mr. Caramadre did his homework! When everyone else did not! I have worked for large or mid sized Corporations, the general
mode is “Go the extra mile” for the customer! This is just rhetoric spewed forth by upper management who are actually doing nothing but pointing a finger at others, when some one does something such as this the “rouse is up” everyone begins to see exactly what is going on, they (upper management) gets very upset when they themselves are taking far more than they are contributing only to see someone produce “results” within the set rules

Very interesting story on this on NPR’s This American Life. Google it and listen to the whole story on podcast. I don’t think prosecutors have a hope. He followed the law and apparently didn’t scam anyone.