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Get Some Tricks for Tracking Stimulus Funds

 Want to know how to track stimulus spending in your community? Help is just around the corner. The nonprofit educational group Investigative Reporters and Editors will be hosting an online workshop to help journalists learn tools for covering the stimulus.

We know that digging through stimulus money can be a frustrating venture because the data is complicated and contains some pitfalls. This session will help you better navigate the data. You can bring your stimulus questions.

The session, led by Sarah Cohen of Duke University and me, will be held tomorrow (Tues., Jan. 5) at 10 a.m. Central Time. Register and get more information on IRE’s Web site. If you have questions about the session contact

If you can’t make it or still have questions, check out our stimulus FAQ and a bonus follow-up. We’ll post a recording of Tuesday’s Webinar after it’s finished.

This article is part of an ongoing investigation:
Eye on the Stimulus

Eye on the Stimulus

Officials have struggled to spend the nearly $800 billion stimulus package quickly and effectively.

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