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Political Ad Transparency Rule Clears Another Hurdle

Over the objection of broadcasters, the Office of Management and Budget OKs measure to put political ad information on the Internet.

A new rule requiring TV stations to put political ad data on a government website is one step closer to taking effect, as the Office of Management and Budget approved the measure following a mandatory review.

The Federal Communications Commission rule, passed earlier this year, will require broadcasters to post online information including who buys politics ads and for how much. The information, which should help shed light on the expected tsunami of ad spending by campaigns and outside groups in the election, is currently available only on paper at stations.

The approval of the rule by OMB, which was assessing whether it complies with the Paperwork Reduction Act, was first reported by the Sunlight Foundation. The approval came last week over the objections of broadcasters, who have been fighting the transparency measure at every time.

But it's still unclear when the new website with political ad data will be up and running.

When the FCC passed the rule in April, it said stations would have to begin posting political ad files online 30 days after the FCC announces OMB approval in the Federal Register. We now have OMB approval, but the FCC has yet to announce it in the Federal Register. An FCC spokeswoman declined to comment on when that might happen. So stay tuned.

This does apply to local offices?
Martin Jones
Martin Jones for Oxnard City Treasurer.

I will consider it a miracle if disclosure actually passes.

Even if it does, the scoundrels will find loopholes.

The scoundrels are the media, especially television, because…

All the multi-Billions of campaign money goes to..  Guess who…


The media wants the cash and they won’t give it up easily !!!!

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Free the Files

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