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As part of our continuing investigation into the lax oversight of California nurses, we created a searchable database of the more than 2,000 registered nurses who have faced disciplinary action since 2002. We’ve updated the feature to allow users to find these nurses by county. (One limitation: The database, from Board of Registered Nursing records, lists the county of residence for a nurse, which may not be the location of the alleged misconduct.)

Since our story, produced in partnership with the Los Angeles Times, ran on Sunday, more than half of the nursing board has resigned or been removed; its longtime executive officer resigned Tuesday. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger cited the long delays it took for the board to act on complaints of misconduct as the impetus for cleaning out the agency. (Our analysis found that cases closed in 2008 took an average of three years and five months to investigate and discipline.) We will continue to follow the reform efforts; visit our series page to see our complete coverage.

Search the nurses database by county here.


July 20, 2009, 5:27 p.m.

Mr Charles Ornstein:first of all thank you from the bottom of our souls.Thank you for having pay attention to Veronica´s case and let us collaborate in your investigation. You deserve each one and all the recognitions and important prizes you´ve got.The meticulosity with which you managed your work in Veronica´s case ,asking for every single documentation as witnesses reports,letters submitted to and received from the boards officers and investigators,med records,etc etc,are talking -without any single doubt -about a remarkable professionality .Bravo Charlie. you made big waves that will get arise big changes indeed. The “silent-hurted- majotity” I´m sure is applauding you effort to lift that awful and heavy black curtain which is (or was ?) veiling the true facts that conducted health care in California to the existing mess. It seems that the river sound announces water and,new refreshing air,because,paraphrasing Shakespeare,..something smells nasty in californian boards.Could be widely interesting and a good culmination of your “periodistic work of art” if you take an investigative look over the Medical Board of California. Perhaps you will get surprising findings. Let´s see how does the authorities of said Board accomplish its duties emerging from the 2005 Final Report of the Enforcement Program Monitor Project,suscribed by Julianne Felmeth and Tomas Papageorge.I am aware that perhaps,we are facing simply cosmetical changes. Perhaps now,as a direct consequence of your report,Veronica´s case and many other cases could be revised by the new authorities in order to establish the due responsibilities of involved wrongdoers. Thank you again.
ROBERTO GLAUBACH,father of Veronica Glaubach,who died at Huntington memorial Hospital of Pasadena at the age of 28,killed by the medical ignorance of nurses and doctors.

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