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This summer, ProPublica celebrated its fifth year of publishing. As we continue to strive for hard-hitting journalism that generates impact, we’d like to ask you to fill out our quick reader survey so we can better assess what’s worked, what hasn’t and how we can improve in the months and years to come.

The survey is anonymous and will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. You can fill it out here.

Thank you for your time and support. We value your feedback.

P.S. We continue as participants in Survey Monkey Contribute. If you designate ProPublica as your chosen cause, we get a 50-cent donation for every survey you complete.

I no longer fill out surveys from the appropriately named Monkey. Did you actually write the questions? What do I care about Creative Commons ? Why should I ? Your questions are written more for your journalist peers than for a reader who merely wants good investigation of people who aren’t willing to be investigated.
All of the Monkey’s q & a’s are ending up in a commercial database. Why would a reasonable person want their personal data to be there?
Your articles on surveillance are hypocrisy given the invasive and abusive nature of your questionnaire. I thought good of you. Thankfully the caul is now dropped from my eyes.
Hoodwinked no more- Rob Irwin

Yes, we (I) did write the questions.  And we really want to know what you think, which is why we do this periodically, and then do a post about the results.  Luckily, nearly 2000 people have already responded. 
On Creative Commons, it permits the free and reprinting of our stories, which seems a public service.  There were more than 400,000 page views using this option just last month.
As for our privacy policy, it’s quite transparent, and very restrictive about the use of people’s data.

The Survey Monkey survey was filled with errors for instance when it asked if I strongly agreed agreed etc that pro publica was doing things right, & I can’t remember the exact question, and can’t go back to it because it froze up when I hit the next button, also there was the question about what on line sources I use I couldn’t click on the 1st choice because there was no box there for it so I left the one question about that blank & on the other I just checked twitter again because there was no box for the 1st choice.  In short, I try to avoid Survey Monkey survey’s, not because I hold a grudge against them as the 1st commentor did, but because 9 times out of 10 taking any of their surveys results in frustration and not being able to complete the damn thing.  So, I’ll give you some short comments about Pro-Publicahere.  1. I enjoy reading the Pro-Publica articles mostly on weekdays.  I think you are doing things just right and strongly agree that your articles are both helpful and hard hitting. 3. I think your articles are just the right length though I have to confess that I find myself sometimes not reading some articles because of their length and my time constraints.  Still I’d prefer that you keep the length of articles as is, as when you do the investigative stories or exposes’ I think it greatly results in the public being better informed and when you do expose some of the things you do such as nursing home abuses that results in those exposed cleaning up their act in most cases.  4. Finally, I consider Pro-Publica as a great on-line resource, valuable to the public and to me and am very glad you’re here to do the stories that you do.  Sorry for the length of this but I did want you to understand that I tried to complete the survey, wasn’t able to do so, but wanted to make the comments that I did here in the comment section so you would at least know that I, for one, am very satisfied with all that you do and I thank you, your contributor’s and staff, thank all of you for the work that you do!