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Who’s Prescribing the Most Hydrocodone in Your Area?

Yesterday, the big health care news was the FDA's recommendation to impose more restrictions on how doctors prescribe hydrocodone, an opiod painkiller found in many commonly prescribed drugs, like Vicodin. As ProPublica has previously reported, these are also some of the most widely abused drugs. With this problem back in the headlines, our Prescriber Checkup news app, which covers elderly and disabled patients in Medicare's Part D program, is again a viable resource for news organizations who want to find out who's prescribing these kinds of drugs – and how much.

Using our app, you can easily search for the top prescribers of hydrocodone in your area:

  • First, select your state in the dropdown menu. You can also click on the state name in the mid-left section of the page under "Prescriptions by State." That should lead you to a page with the top specialties and top drugs for your state. Here's the one for New York, for example.
  • You can search for "hydrocodone" or sort the top drugs alphabetically and scroll down till you see "hydrocodone bit-ibuprofen" and "hydrocodone-acetaminophen." These pages will list the providers who have submitted the most Medicare claims for these drugs. Alternatively, you can search for hydrocodone in the "Top Drugs" list on the main page towards the mid-right. This will take you to a page listing the top hydrocodone prescibers in the country.
  • You can then click on the provider's name to see more information: the doctor's specialty, characteristics about the prescriber's patients, the prescriber's top-ranked drugs and how that breakdown compares with others in their specialty in state. Again, in New York, the top prescriber of hydrocodone-acetaminophen is Pravin Mehta. This doctor has filled more than 2,400 prescriptions of hydrocodone, making it his #1 drug, which is odd since it averages to the #32 drug among his peers.

Hydrocodone is one of the most commonly prescribed prescription drugs in the U.S. In 2011 alone, there were about 131 million prescriptions for products containing the popular narcotic, according to an FDA report in January.

See how doctors in your area measure up. And for more information on our Prescriber Checkup news app, read our FAQ.

Zakari Tata MD.,

Oct. 27, 2013, 6:38 a.m.

This may not be a fair representation. Some doctors practice in areas where pain is under treated. We have anecdotal stories comparing amounts of narcotics dispensed after similar fractures between urban ERs and Suburban ERs. This under treatment of pain may be a factor. Also in urban areas many people lack health insurance and so rely on the one insured family member to get scripts for all. It has also been established that people on Medicaid use more narcotics. A physician may find himself practicing is such an area where all these factors are combined. A physician practicing in an underserved area like parts of Detroit with limited doctors will have a higher rate. There have been many abuses by physicians but this report ma unfairly label some physicians who are in a high risk area. In addition based on your demographics, some specialists like orthopedic and rheumatologic doctors will refuse to prescribe you narcotics because they stereotype your demographic with abuse. This means that your local physician is stuck with prescribing narcotics that specialists have refused. Just looking at numbers is not enough.

There is one doctor in Newton, TX who has prescribed more than the population of the entire town (maybe even the entire county).  There are 4 doctors in TX that have prescribed more than the entire Parkland Hospital!!??  Does the AMA look at these numbers?

Dr. Tata, I have similar misgivings about this data, but the solution is to build on it, not dismiss it.  I’d expect a doctor to prescribe more painkillers where there’s more manual labor, for example.  If there are open databases with the information you suggest, it could be combined with what ProPublica is presenting.

Is this open information, or are these just generalizations that “everybody in the industry knows”?  If it’s the latter, I’ll stick with the numbers.  If it’s the former, though, then those numbers should be added.

Actually, Vicodin is not the cheapest drug, Methadone has that distinction and is being over-used by pain doctors because of the cost and because of all the restrictions on other pain medications.  And the risks to pain patients continue…

I’d like to make 3 points.

1) the article’s description of hydrocodone, in the last paragraph, is a bit slanted toward “bad drug’ rather than “pain treatment”. Of course “Hydrocodone is one of the most commonly prescribed prescription drugs in the U.S. ” because pain is a symptom of dozens of conditions, from dental pain to post-operative pain, from arthritis to a broken leg. And while the phrase “popular narcotic”, in the same paragraph, is true in a literal sense, it also carries implications of “a bad drug [=narcotic] that people really like [popular]”.
2. While I recognize harm caused by misuse and abuse of painkillers, and the desire to lessen that harm,
    a. these campaigns always increase the stigmatization and suspicion of pain patients who deserve effective treatment just as much as patients with cancer or heart disease, and,
    b. maybe we should be asking, what is it about our Western culture which makes so many people seek refuge in drugs and alcohol. Some young people feel so empty and alienated they sniff glue, gasoline, and paint. Go up the river and find out why so many dead bodies are floating downstream.

joe sweeney

Feb. 10, 10:12 p.m.

i have had 4 back surgeries in the last 3 years.  docters dont like to perscribe vicodin in my 91302 area code i only take 3 a day and i dont want to buy it on the street   i have medicare insurance a&b

This new gun ho approach to stopping over prescribing of pain meds hasn’t been thought out very well as to what the addicts do if they can’t get their fix. By no means do I support the abuse of the pills but where are these people going to turn to get them. Yes the price is going to raise dramatically amd combined with the lower amount prescribed are these people going to turn to violence or maybe another drug like heroin.  It seems to me there’s is no real thought into this whole process of stopping the abuse. One side effect is what about the real people in pain. With doctors now scared to prescribe the meds due to labeling them as dealers and what not as well as some doctors looking at every patient as a drug seeking addict if they complain about pain. I have had 2 back surgeries my self my lower discs have totally blown out I have a coupe bulging discs as well combined with arthritis in my spine i have the mri and reports with me every time i see a doctor. I am 43 I work 60 hours a week my doctor has retired and every doctor I see thinks I’m there for drugs I’m willing to take drug tests and do anything to help with pain except more surgery and they still insist I’m there for drugs. It makes me furious to see doctors label me a drug addict and they dont even know me because once they hear I have pain they insist im there seeking drugs and not help I even told a couple if you can help with my pain without pills im more then willing to try yet they still think im there for drugs and theres no words to describe how much of a lowlife they make me feel like.


You could try seeing a pain specialist. One with good credentials has the education and experience to deal with your situation instead of a knee-jerk denial of medication. In my state doctors have a legal responsibility to help a patient control his or her pain, or refer the person to another doctor who will/can do so.


I’m from Texas, where the State Medical Board and DEA basically put the fear of God in the whole pain management industry.  Raids, intimidation, and fear are the law of the land.  It is almost impossible for pain patients in Texas to find adequate treatment.

As long as the drug war rages on, as a pain patient, you are pretty much on your own.

Do not spend your money on an expensive pain specialist.  They cannot offer you anything that will work long-term for chronic pain.  I went from taking 6 different drugs every day for pain, to not taking any at all—by switching to medical cannabis.  Sure, I had to move to New Mexico to do it, but it was worth it.

It was scary to let go of big pharma, but I can’t tell you how much easier it is to deal with intractable pain now that I am not dependent upon, and controlled by, the medical establishment.

If a 25-year intractable pain patient can survive without the medical industry, then maybe you can too?  Good luck, Chris.

Christy Summers

March 6, 1:50 a.m.

Who is Prescribing the most Hydrocodone in Memphis, Tn.

In soo much pain after durgery. Beeb without my norco.

joe sweeney

April 14, 2:15 p.m.

i get all the reasons abought pain killers. micheal jackson is a main example of the medias effect on docters overdoing it and in my experiance some ... i have had 4 major back surgeries, 4 knee surgeries, achilles tendon sewn back together, and an ankel turn a full left turn.. i am in constant pain. always.  i would rather be dead few years earlier than live in constant pain. you dont know what its like to wake up in so much pain you really cant geto ut of bed.. even with all my x-rays,mri~ c.t.scans,epidurals i still have a problem getting pain meds because docters are scared to give me pain meds.. id rather die a reasonable pain free life and take meds than live till im 80 and in constant pain..“i rather die while im livin, than live will im dead”.  JOE SWEENEY

I looking for a pain dr I’m having trouble with my spine I had a operation in 96 and it’s been a month with no improvments

I understand the fustration of finding a doctor that gives a crap, or is more afraid if dea than to remember that he is my doctor. I always thought that a doctor was supposed to care more about his patient.. it seems like now the only way you can get any relief from pain is if you are dying from cancer. I wish that the people making the laws that affect us had to live in my body… because I am sure they wo u ld all change their tune… since all of these laws that make dictors afraid to treat their patients. Like people, the only people who are not in pain are the ones who were never in pain to begin with…  I have just list my doctor who gave a crap, he retired,  now I haved to find a new one, all I have found are doctors who want me to be in pain, its like they do not even lusten to me, all they hear. Is im in pain, then they close there ears and hearts… I wishbi didnt ever need to take another pill again as long as I lived, but that us not my reality for now…. anyone know of a doctor that cares in tacoma, wa.????

I am a cardiac surgery patient,  and how is it I had open heart surgery,  & I can’t fill a prescription for percocet or other Opioid painkillers ??? That is so unfair to the people who actually really need these drugs for their real pain , & as stated above;  this is the most affordable relief for severe pain. Like said, other alternatives are far too expensive,  and being that I am on anticoagulants , and allergic to nsaids , I cannot take anything with ibuprofen or aspirin in it.  SO YOU TELL ME WTF I’m supposed to do? !!!!
I am so upset about this; that I’ve been through enough suffering from surgery and my condition!  And now I have to play freakin games just to fill a legitimate prescription !!!!! ??
I’m sorry for using vulgarity,  but I AM F**KIN PISSED THE F**K OFF !!!
Can someone please explain how the heck are we supposed to deal with the pain ???

I am a cardiac surgery patient,  and how is it I had open heart surgery,  & I can’t fill a prescription for percocet or other Opioid painkillers ??? That is so unfair to the people who actually really need these drugs for their real pain , & as stated above;  this is the most affordable relief for severe pain. Like said, other alternatives are far too expensive,  and being that I am on anticoagulants , and allergic to nsaids , I cannot take anything with ibuprofen or aspirin in it.  SO YOU TELL ME WTF I’m supposed to do? !!!!
I am so upset about this; that I’ve been through enough suffering from surgery and my condition!  And now I have to play freakin games just to fill a legitimate prescription !!!!! ??
I’m sorry for using vulgarity,  but I AM Freakin PISSED OFF !!!
Can someone please explain how the heck are we supposed to deal with the pain ???

Joel consing

May 19, 11:58 p.m.

I am a cardiac surgery patient,  and how is it I had open heart surgery,  & I can’t fill a prescription for percocet or other Opioid painkillers ??? That is so unfair to the people who actually really need these drugs for their real pain , & as stated above;  this is the most affordable relief for severe pain. Like said, other alternatives are far too expensive,  and being that I am on anticoagulants , and allergic to nsaids , I cannot take anything with ibuprofen or aspirin in it.  SO YOU TELL ME WTF I’m supposed to And yes chris

Sorry,  but it posted like 3 times,
But yes Chris, I’m from BROOKLYN, but moved to Texas, where it’s impossible to get treated for your pain ! I agree with you,  they make you feel like you’re a damn dope fiend and it makes me feel terrible!  I work in health care in the O.R,  & I relate with the patients because I know what they are going through.  How is it that you can cut a person open, but can’t prescribe anything for pain ???????????
Let’s put the damn surgeons under the knife and ask them to deal with the pain !!! That’s the only way they will see what we are all talking about.

Is there a doctor in Northridge, Encino, Woodkand Hills, CA that will prescribe Promethazine, Hycodan, Phenergan, or SOMETHING FOR CHRONIC BRONICHITIS AND COUGH?

I live in massachusetts. I have artritis. Severe and i have ms etc. My doc lost his lic i have all mris. But cant find a compassinate doctor. The doctors are not doing there job by helping us with our pain cause they value there licence. More. I perfer methadone for pain but it doesnt matter Does anyone know a Doctor that would or might subscribe this for me. And we need Doc to do there job for us and not to stay focused on losing it for a ligtimate. Pt

John Glendenning

July 8, 5:05 p.m.

Chronic pain everywhere .

Rich tocci

July 12, 6:22 p.m.

My feelings are exactly the same as the other people that are in acute pain! I had a bad motorcycle crash over 30 year ago along with countless surgeries. I’ve gone through two pain management doctors over the last (eight or nine years) and their methods regarding hydrocodine prescriptions are changing rapidly. I really like and respect my current pain Dr however he keeps insisting on cutting back my dosages, and insists that the drug isn’t working! I’m sorry Doc but it DOES WORK.  I simply can not get out of bed and function without it! I’m 59 years old and would rather live without so much pain even if it means sacrificing years off my life.

it is soo sad that just about 95 percent of all docs including pain mgt are afraid because of the new laws, blah, blah.  I have MS, broken vertebrae, broken tailbone and I could go on. Every doc does think u r drug seeking - u r seeking help. WHY did u go to medical school? so u could have 2 little letters behind your name. I have such a fear of going to docs b/c of the way they are going to treat me. Wonder why 10,000 ppl die a yr of heroin now?. What is it going to take to wake up congress?.  I sometimes hate this country the way they treat the sick, hurt and disabled. So disgusted. When a doc finds their kid dead from OD’ing on heroin maybe something will be done about letting up on prescribing necessary meds.


Is there a doctor that prescribes Hydrocodone or the like IN MY AREA.
I seriously have Constant Chronic Pain!!!!
I have Numerous medical problems here.
Have been to 2 doctors here and neither one would write me Any pain medication. Said I would have to go to pain management doctor.
I have already be there done that.
Had 4 injections and None worked for me.
I am 51 years and have No quality of Life.
This is terrible!!!
Can someone help me find a doctor please.
I live in Mabank, TX/Henderson County USA
Thank you,

I saw some comments about cancer pain and speaking personally as a person who has cancer it’s still near impossible to get the right amount of pain meds and it’s not always the doctors sometimes the pharmacy wouldn’t even fill my script I have had open heart surgery piece of my liver removed a testicle taken out this isn’t things I fake I hate it.

I have read all the comments above and I feel the same way. A month ago, I thought I was having a heart attack so I went to the er to get some tests done. The doctor then told me the pain I was experiencing was due to multiple compression fractures in my back. he then prescribed me a small amount of pain medication which helped me for a short time. I had my second mri done last week to find out that I have another broken vertabrea. My doctor said he would refer me to pain management to help with the pain. I have Medicaid insurance because I am unable to work as a result of my injuries. The doctor I was sent to does not accept Medicaid so I said that is fine, I will pay out of pocket. They said I could not do that. I then called another pain management doctor and there is a 4 month waiting list. I did my research and found out that I will have to suffer. I am not understanding why doctors will not prescribe pain medication for people that have had the tests done to prove there is a legitimate reason to take these medications. I am living in Louisiana and have emailed our congressman and governor about this issue and nothing is being done.

POS like the people running this site is what makes it difficult for people that are truly in pain to get relief.  I have medical proof of irreparable problems and get my relief, but it’s tooth and nail because of jackholes that think doctors do give this out like candy.  Would you rather one person abuse the drugs than 10 go without that are in pain? 

But no, you are running a witch hunt here.  I hope to god you never have a condition that causes you pain 24/7, because you are cutting your nose off to spite your face here.

I am now 63 yrs old. I was in a serous car accident at 25 yrs old. Then had back surgery for a ruptured disk at 32. I now have scoliosis bending in my spine and have also developed rheumatoid disease with all over pain as well as damage to internal organs. My pain is such that it can easily take me over half an hour to get out of bed. All I want is enough pain relief that I could do a few simple things around the house. I have never abused drugs or alcohol but I’m treated by so-called drs like I am some strung-out junkie. Medicine is now governed by popular opinion from magazines. Did you know that a prime tenet of the AMA is to help people control their pain?  It is also a listed goal for pediatric doctors as well as hospitals. Read the fine print next time you’re there. So, although all of the major doctor associations state that it is important for them to help us control their pain, most folks with pain are treated like a lower life form. The only thing I find amusing about this situation is the long line of people at the drug store who are buying booze. They don’t need to have pain. They can just want to get high and that’s perfectly ok. Thanks for letting me vent.

It doesn’t matter what we all do.. ive been in pain for years..  recently cant get pain meds..  The people in charge don’t give a crap about folks in pain.. they want everyone to stay in pain and die..

I just like the buzz.

garrett from utah

Aug. 14, 3:19 p.m.

I too fill everyones frustration of these dam doctors not wanting to prescribe narcotics to all of us in real pain that truely need the help. i have had back problems for 8 yrs now however i did a while back get some control on the pain with yoga and exercise. but it has now taken a turn for the worst with new herniated disks and now very advanced sciatica. I have now atleast 6 herniated disc in my lower back. I need surgery they say but can’t afford it can’t work and was denied medicaid and no dr wants to give me pain meds so i could possibly get enough relief to work. I’m going to give up! I need help controling my pain the situation is to much. I think we all need to band together write letters to the government and really make them take a look at how they are affecting all of us that have to deal with this nonsense of not being able to get pain meds when allot if us truely need them. It is BS!!! Lets band together. that’s how we will change this crap.

Michael Holbrook

Aug. 17, 9:24 a.m.

Some how some way, we all need to get a petition together to start the process of getting these doctors to understand what we are going through.
My name is Michael Holbrook and my email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I bet I could even get a numerous amount of doctors to sign this petition so we could get it to the right people that will listen.

All i have to say is that if the people that come up with those dumb laws about cutting people off pain meds, that REALLY need them, had the same pain issues that we have, they would not even be trying to change the laws to make it more harder on us to even get the help we need to survive on a daily basis.

Its people like the one who posted   I just like the buzz that is doing this.they should walk n our really pisses me off. or if you can’t upload, look up Let’s Work Together by Canned Heat!

okay.  i am really scared now !  i have lived in California all my life, and just recently moved to Texas.  i was told by a few, that i might have problems getting meds, but my pain dr said that i had a very good medical history ie: 4 years of history with one pain dr treating my problems,mri reports, x ray reports, only get meds prescribed to me from one dr, and go to one pharmacy etc…  Also, i get radio frequency ablasions done on my c-spine, my thoracic spine, my lumabr spine and my SI joints.  i have major bursitis in the outside bands of my legs, that along with my constant sciatica pain is unbearable even with pain meds..  i was bed ridden for 9 months became a major alcoholic to help numb myself from my constant pain.  i will tell anyone reading this that I WILL NOT GO BACK THROUGH ALL THAT PAIN again.  i will kill myself.  i have all those procedures AND am on very strong pain meds and am in constant pain still.  it is more manageable with the procedures and the meds than it was before.  Now i can do some laundry, cook dinner for my family and preform light duties around the house.  i have had to rely heavily on my son to vacuum and take out the trash and items like that cuz i cant lift more than 5 pounds and vacuuming flairs up my sciatic pain terribly.

i have lumbar facet athropy (arthritis of the spine), a 9 mm retoilisthesis of my SI joint, cervical spondylosis, bursitis on the outside of my thighs all the way to my knees caused by the arthritis in my back and the problem with my SI joint is making my hips put more pressure on the outside of my thighs and i will tell you that the bursitis is VERY PAINFUL!!  Oh on top of all that i have Fibromyalgia, which is diversified pain throughout my WHOLE BODY and it causes chronic head aches ( have had a headache for 5 years solid).  The meds i take do not take the pain away by any means, and i don’t even get “high” off them i have been on the same dosage for a very long time.  i am completely freaked out that a doctor would look at my history and not do anything to help me.  i really hope this is not the case, because i have a 15 year old that i want to see graduate from high school and college but i will tell you that i WILL NOT LIVE MY LIFE IN CHRONIC PAIN without relief…  when i left Cali i got my meds to hold me over till i got my medicaid and medicare taken care of and it takes 45 days and i am running out of meds..  i made a phone call to one of the adult clinics to find out if they could help me untill my insurances are fixed, the office manager told me that i am going to have a hard time getting my meds in Texas.  she said that the drs would not care that i have a 4 year history with the same dr and hand carry my notes to them along with my pharmacutical history.
i have a point to all this does anyone here have any suggestions for me.  i cannot afford to buy drugs off the street and i cannot fly back to Cali every month.

SOS.  Please Help me. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Again it is Not the drs.most do understand what we r going through.i have been through over 4drs.its the dea &governors; who r doing it.then u r labled doctor shopping if u loik for another says Pharmacy can only fill 4hydrocodones.u have to go on pain patch or morphine which does not help me. Please listen. Its not the dr.its dea &governor;.

I’ve had fibromalga for 10 years now my doctor took me off all pain meds 5 months ago I am suffering been to 3 doctors since no one will put me back on pain medication I live in revere mass if anyone knows of a doctor please let me know can’t live in this pain much longer

Have u been given hydrocodone,zanx&somas; on same script by same dr? If so u r on a list where no dr wants to treat u.if not ask pharmacist where u filled previos scripts.they will tell u names of dr.good lick.ill pray for u

Barbara i feel 4u.have u gotten hydrocodone,zanex&somas; on same script.if so u r on a will b hard to find dr.if not ask your Pharmacy where u fill ur scripts.they r best bet to finding dr.good luck.

Christy u didnt say what state in tx u movd Pharmacy n houston(3)of them Recept Pharmacy will give u names of pain dr.they deliver too.hope this helps good luck.

Everyone says we should band together &do; something.what &how;?im sure we will all join forces if told what to do.i wrote gov of tx. Rick perry.never word back.sent letter where he had to sighn for it.some lawyer or lawyers out there willing to fight gov for us?

How would u feel if your own kid tells u u r a bany &u need to take less med to make it last longer,i only get 4/10-325 norcos a day ∈ severe pain.i should get used to the pain.

Carrie dupree

Sep. 17, 11:32 a.m.

Lower BackPain That Radiate Down legs

tamaralynn m sirard

Sep. 19, 3:07 p.m.

Since a severe accident in 2011 ( box truck I was driving rolled over on me ) ( 4 mo in hospital ) I have had pt ,injections in back & head, have been prescribed pain medications ( some relief ) but need a real DOCTOR that can continue my present care and offer even more .My anxiety combined with the pain is causing severe depression.

Paul Gregory

Sep. 20, 2:40 p.m.

Could not afford to pay for my other pain script , used double of my other on and am out ,I need help , HOUSTON TX

Raul Guedea

Sep. 22, 1:30 a.m.

I live here in Houston,Texas and have moderate to severe Rheumatoid arthritis and my wife has had several back surgeries, herniated disks etc, since the the age of 19. I have been using prednisone for 12 years at my own risk via constitution. because Rheumatoligists want to put you on Methotrexate, Nsaids etc.We all know Nsaids burn holes in your stomach via long term and Metotrexate an original cancer drug has more side effects to explain, basically living like a zombie. I lost my job have no insurance for the Humira about $1,500 for two shots a month.So what is my recourse but to take Hydrocone (Norco) which is really crap as we that suffer can swear by. Lorcet worked fine and I had a difficult time adjusting to watered down Norco. So now you telling me you want to complicate my life more for months, possibly years when previously I could barely walk used a cane a brace just about on every joint in my body. My children thought I was was an athlete wearing so many protective devices. So i must stay at a Dr’s Office all day watching them eat,take personal calls, smoke, and even pay their bills while I wait like a dummy and get treated horribly because the person before me was frustrated as well and get downed on my much needed medication which the pharmacist will charge the same price. My father is an M.D. and I worked as an office manager for eight years. So I say this you the D.E.A. and F.D.A.  have no right to decide if i want to be coherent marginally able to function or your version gag with foam coming out my mouth sick to my stomach unable to digest a decent meal. I have been surrounded by physicians a third of my life especially learning more about the human body before my mother died due to complications of lupus. I live in America and freedom of choice but you lame idiots that think no one should need an opiate over three months should have a psyche evaluation immediately I take over an hour to get my joints moving every morning. You told me I couldn’t take Prednisone for over three months and now twelve years straight. So do you want me to go to hardcore drugs to promote your failing drug war which you need excuses for more funding. I saw a lifelong friend two days ago crying because she had no medication and took Heroin in an ill attempt to alleviate her pain. Is this what America wants? More drug addicts because they are sick,dying and listening to all these people cry out it appalls me to the bone. So listen up I will have my medication by any means necessary even if i have to move to Canada, Mexico whatever…. Still I am going make several you tube videos with statistics and guests, phone calls and emails and challenge what is my God given right foundations our forefathers defined in The Constitution. So I salute my friends who are suffering for standing up and we will petition and again challenge this crooked D.E.A. propaganda/F.D.A legally until we reach our highest court system. So friends stay in touch because if Marijuana is legal I believe I can take a pill without losing brain cells and it’s my choice not to use illegal narcotics because simply that is what you want and expect. I choose to live painfree and I will….

Raul Guedea

Sep. 22, 1:53 a.m.

Sorry for the typos and syntax, my fingers would not cooperate due to severe pain. Please E-mail @ .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for further updates and links to sites with information that will explain the real reasoning behind Schedule II or C2.

Thanks Debbie for the suggestion of going through the pharmacy.  I will definitely try that one.  Also, to answer your question, I moved to Collin, County Texas.  So I did find a doctor here, in Texas.  He seemed to have “okay” creds..  He was an asst. professor of some sort in NY.  Okay where the heck did I move to?  My dr in Cali told me that the Baylor Heath system was one of the best and I would probably find a dr better than him..  Well I looked in the wrong place.  I met some voodoo,witch dr..  How can someone, chronic pain doctor, and I say that loosely, perform an initial consultation on some one that is on the meds that I have been on for 5 years and am disabled and NOT TOUCH me.  All this joke of a dr. Did was say to me, that I was on 2 1/2 x’s the amount of meds that he HAS EVER prescribed .  He told me that he would not give me the same meds and if I did not like it I could find another dr, but he said they would all be like that..  Okay..  I am up to “step down” I really would like to see if the pain meds are making my perception of pain worse.  This you-know-what takes me off 420 combined Milligms of ER and IR combined to crappy Percoset…  Max 6 pills a day..  He cut down my soma, my fiercest from 2 to one OMG the extra one of those put me over the edge… Lol.  He even complained about the fact that I had to take ambien to sleep because I wake up every hour screaming from the pain.. Ask my fiancĂ©e.  What’s worst is that this QUACK did not perform any tests what so ever.. Oh yeah I guess I was lucky to get 100 micro grams of Fentanyl… Which is not sticking to my skin..  I called the dr office to make another appointment and it is like f@!k&$g Fort Knox.  I had to leave a message with the trusty “dr ASSistant”. She tells me to “tape the patch” to my skin.  She obviously does not know A THING about that patch because that is one of the things you are not supposed to do..  Then Einstein tells me to “use a heating pad” to help with THE MASSIVE PAIN I am having due to withdrawal.  Surprise, surprise, using a heating pad is another no, no, on the manufacturer directions due to the fact that you could absorb the meds too fast WHEN YOUR BODY TEMP RISES!!!  WTF arent these people at Des offices supposed to know about the meds they give out.. 

Oh and on another note I don’t qualify for Texas Medicaid because I get too much disability income..  My doctor bills—yearly—easily triple my obviously generous disability check.  But that does not matter.  I am going to have to go bankrupt trying to keep these doctors driving their BMW’s and Mercedes and keeping their trophy wives happy..  You have got to be kidding me.  They think I have an exta 400.00 a month to buy health ins in the “market place” AND another 6,000.00 a year in deductibles!!!!!  WHERE is this money?  I have not seen it..  I can’t even buy my 15 year old clothes because I can’t work and have not heald a job in 5 year..  Okay enough ranting..  One thing I want to say, be careful about telling the doctor about any mental health issues you might be have because he will quickly use that as a scapegoat for all of your problems!  Sorry for the long post.  Imwill be surprised if anyone reads this..  To quote the geniuses at Walgreens, Be Well!

Christy yours&everyone; else on here is like the same life im living.i know what all are going through.its very hard to find dr.government has taken over.good luck to all.good to know u have support but sorry that its from people in our sit.wish people in no pain could understand. They cant. All my best to all. God bless &gopd; luck to all
Mayby after few hundred suicides from pain sifferess gov will stop trying to control us.but hey who am i kidding.

I have had 21 operations I can tell you about all of them Doctor said medical necessary 21 think about it . Now had back surgery its not getting any better hurt day and night I mean hurts bad. Operation went bad I have nerve damage in both leg didn’t have before. Left foot last three toes hurt all the time tingling. What can I do I HURT My back was not this bad before surgery 3 Doctors said I needed It what was I sopse to do I am on Norco 325/10 one every 6hours don’t do anything. If I take two it helps but Doctor does not want me to take two.

had to leave Mass. because Docs won’t prescribe. Methadone anymore. It works for me. I don’t feel sleepy and it releases slowly . I now have rheumatoid arthritis. I would suggest contacting Maine MD/DO You don’t need to pee in a cup. contact if help needed

Russell B

Sep. 28, 8:47 p.m.

The problem here is we have let politicians who have their own doctors or their liquor bottle under their podiums run our lives. What happen to the good old days when the streets of Washington would be totally shut down by sit ins by pissed off Americans wanting something changed.
The problem is not the Doctors, It’s the damn DEA and FDA over stepping the authority they were given by us the people. Every one of them should be kicked out on their ass because they fill no useful purpose. How many drugs do the FDA push through for big pharma just to be recalled a year or two later because of the people it is killing. The DEA has been useless at teets on a Bull Hog every since their inception. They can’t bust the real drug dealers so they have to make it look like they are doing something so they just print out doctor list that are prescribing the most then hound them till they quit or forget to cross a damn T and pull their license.
I for one am damn tired of suffering 24/7 because of some bureaucratic ass wipe wanting to make a buck off my suffering. Write, call piss on your congressperson’s desk if you have to but get their damn attention and let them know you put them in office and if hell doesn’t freeze over first you’ll see them get the heck out of it. Come on America let those Bas——s in Washington know we are sick and tired of being sick and tired in pain. A veteran who suffers from a broken back, DDD, Spinal Stenosis, Spinal Arthritis and a multitude of other pain.
My pain doctor was fired for spending to much time with His patients and prescribing Ultra High Dose Opiate treatment. I have an appointment with a new doctor tomorrow and pray he understands the dire situation that I am in. Good luck to those of you who suffer I truly know where you are coming from as I have made one attempt to take my own life already and if relief is not found the next will not be an attempt I am 55 years old and broke my back when I was 18. God Bless.

I am having troubles with doctors in my area with perscribeing me Percocet-10,s for extreme pain from a fatal bone desease and Diazapan-10,s for extreme anxiety and agitations from societys interations. Is there any doctors who can understand my troublesome attitude and behavioral charachtoristics to get to my physical, and emotional problems?...Kirk

I live in hammond la. And I have chronic pain and really need a doctor that will take my medicaid and help me with my pain. Plz help

I may have a solution to your chronic pain.  Please email me directly at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

I’m san angelo working… 9 hours fromhme
If anybody can give me a direction
direction… it would be great

The dr is not going to send me none untill I get to see himagain


I have taken Hydros for 10 years they have made it now were you have to buy them on the street for 5.00 so ok I have a prescription for 90 I buy another 100 not that big a deal. They want us all to turn to Herion which really does kil the psin if you get over the stigma. It is not about Hydrocodene as they say it is though about the producy snd the sale of herion by the way is up over 300% since all the new rules came out on pain meds we live in a sadistic and really evil soceity about greed and money. They dont care about you dying just please dye with there dime bag not a pharmastical.  How truly scred we are. It us the politicisns that are doing it to us. Fuck them I going to eat my perocheit snd hydros all I want buy them high or get them legal. Fuck you america.

Tomm cash U SURE GOT THAT RIGHT! !!!!!!!!

Russell B

Oct. 1, 4:06 p.m.

Well, I go to my new Doctor and low and behold I’m on to much medication they could never prescribe that. What can they do use me as a damn pin cushion wanting to do more injections, talking about surgery on my neck and back and the jack ass hadn’t even looked at all my records. I told him where he could put his injections that I would not be a pin cushion anymore. It would be a cold day in hell before I would let a doctor that I hadn’t seen at least a year cut on me especially after I’ve had 4 neurosurgeons tell me they could paralyze me by operating on my neck it is so bad.
What the hell is Medicare doing? Burying their head in the sand and letting this needle happy wackos put a bunch of shit in your spine that eventually destroys your brain and other vital organs.
Piss on these politicians they are going to get more mail from me than they can imagine. They going to think I’m spamming their ass, Just because they can’t catch the big boy drug dealers or maybe they are the big boy drug dealers and want to make more off us. Anyone out there a chemist I need to know a good chemist then to hell with big pharma and the government they can take it all and stick it.
Oh yes my gracious new doctor gave me Fentanyl patch 25 mcg one ever 3 days I horse laughed told them that wouldn’t stop my damn headache much less the nerve damage pain in my cervical c2 to c7 about 4 t   vertebra 4 Ls and the S series they don’t give a damn, tell me all my pain meds causing more pain that’s horse sh—I have MRI’s, CT Scans, X-Rays, EMG’s, Discogram proving all these pain generators now this moron trying to tell me my meds are doing it bull shit. So I’m back looking yes you narc bastards out there I’m doctor shopping it’s against the law and you can KISS MY ASS I’m going to get my meds what should be against the law is the suffering all the people on this site and hundreds of others on the internet.
You ass holes in Washington better pay attention ever damn one of us might come to the white house one day would that be the best or what. There are an ESTIMATED 150 Million Chronic Pain Suffers in ther united states I think that would shut their PLAY GROUND DOWN for as long as we were there . I know it’s not possible but it is my plan before I die to speak to congress about the treatment pain suffers CAN’T GET because the time has come but I got to get enough pain control to make the trip and be able to stand there and do it. Good luck to you all in search of relief and I mean that from the bottom of my heart I know where you’re at and hope that you can hold on to until you can find relief the alternative sucks, been there done that. God Bless. Russell B                                                                                                                                                                                                                         v


Oct. 7, 11:35 a.m.

Isn’t it comforting to know that for the second time in four years we can again ship off our friends and family who live in constant pain, but still wish to function in society and care for ourselves, pets, and loved ones off to “pain management”.  (Disclaimer:  this opinion of experience is only giving a voice to what feels like discrimination of crippled cancer survivors, victims of auto-immune diseases, survivors of accidents, injuries, & surgical short-term remedies who regretfully require daily pain medication to perform daily functions such as getting dressed, brushing hair and teeth, and going grocery shopping.
  Four years ago a friend and I embarked on a 6-month period of first losing our trusted doctor of 20+ years of care, monitoring, testing, x-rays, MRIs, tens units, exercises, self-hypnosis, bio-feedback, new medications, homeopathic treatments, herbal remedies, diet changes, hormone testing, vitamin supplements, physical therapy, counciling of mind, body, & spirit, trips to specialist near and far, experimental treatments, pain levels testing at the nerve center {testing(involves introducing pain to subject and recording response while dosed with “truth serum”}, and support to “pain management”.  We worked with 6 different “PM” care doctors where one adamantly refused to give records supporting disability to state, citing that they “DO NOT WORK WITH PATIENTS TO ASSIST IN RECEIVING SS” [at my disability hearing the judge went on record to say that the state should not have denied this claim as they declined in seeing patients’ diagnosis in its entireity], the last gave us a urine test every 3 weeks, charging insurance 5 times over cost.  We never had a problem with the test it is just very demeaning. After I informed my insurance of this I was greeted with “we are no longer able to see you…“no reason given at my next appt. We enjoyed 6 months without pain medication.  You see, we do not drink or self-medicate above the law.  Now 4 yrs. later my trip to another “PM” doctor went like this:  doctor: I have determined that yes, you live with unbearable pain, but I don’t believe in treating with pain medicine, but I know you need it so I need for you to cut your current dose of 4 tablets a day by half.  Yes,you will be in alot more pain, but this will not change over time and is likely to get worse, but the danger to your brain in 18-20 years by using pain medications is what I am concerned with.  I see your Dr. has correctly prescribing new medications as they become available.  I am suggesting an epidural every 2 weeks and want you to consider spinal surgery again to treat one of your conditions. me:  I am afraid of being paralyzed. doctor:  Unfortunately, your diagnosis has no cure, so I am not sure of what else I can do for you.”  me: oh my, it sounds like you believe I am a lost cause. doctor: turns to leave, “the nurse will be back to take your drug test.” me:  left in tears after waiting 20 minutes for the nurse to return.
  This is what is happening to anyone in chronic pain everywhere.  Unless a Dr. is a “pain management Dr. they can no longer prescribe pain medications and are sending all of their patients to PM.  This happened 4 years ago then they changed the levels of pain meds and all Drs and NPs were able to take care of their patients.  As of Sept 1, they have changed the levels again.  PM is nothing more than glorified rehab or a way to have people get more expensive treatment such as surgery.  There are many of us who have tried all the new medicines, surgeries, and treatments.  We are not drug heads.  We feel like we are apologizing for still fighting our disabilities.  We have had to prove ourselves over and over again just to get minimal relief.  There is a difference in those who need pain medicine to function and those who abuse it.  There is no “buzz” or “high” but I am able to move from one room to the other and for me I am able to take care of my rescue birds.  Our Drs. are not sending us away because we don’t need the medicine, but because they will get in trouble with the government if they don’t. 
  I am submitting this to you in the hope that with more people aware there is a chance to undo it.  No one wants to hear people complain and whimper especially those of us who can’t help it, but jiminey chrickets, i watched my dearest friend suffer until i lost her last year and it is wrong.

What do you think was going to happen when the government took over and everyone voted in Obama Care…The less Meds. Medicaid prescribes the cheaper for the government!
You never want the government to take over what the free market has always took care of.
The less government is ALWAYS better!

Russell Belcher

Oct. 13, 6:32 p.m.

A letter sent to both my congressmen with more to follow I implore you all to do the same
The Honorable Senator Corker,
I am writing to you today as one of the many 125 Million Chronic Pain Suffers in the United States. You are aware of my ongoing battle with the Veterans Administration concerning the treatment or it would be better stated the UN-Treated Back pain I suffer after breaking my back in 1978 while in the Army.
Mr. Corker I respect you for the many things you have done since you have been in office and am proud to say I voted for you. I will have to say though I have lost all faith in Big Government doing the right thing anymore, it would seem if it doesn’t put money in their pocket directly or in their state coffers assuring them re-election they could give a damn less what the American People want much less desperately NEED.
Up until June 20, 2014 my pain doctor and I (Outside the Veterans Administration at my Cost) had worked for almost 8 years getting my pain medications up to a level that I could function a somewhat normal life. When I say somewhat normal for a 55 year old man it was no where close to normal, it kept me from being house bound. This doctor was no pill pusher doctor he was very careful in titration of pain meds thus the reason for it taking 8 years to get to the Ultra High Dose I was at. This doctor was a very compassionate young doctor who on no less than 3 or 4 office visits had spent anywhere from 1 hour to as much as 1.5 hours talking to me about my symptoms and what did and didn’t help with the pain. Then the DEA decides they know better than my doctor and I what dose I should be on and audit his records no less than 3 times with my name always coming up. Yes, I was one of the highest dose patients that he had but after working 23 years in the communication industry, after being kicked out of the Army as Unfit for Active Duty (No Mention of this on my DD-214 only Honorable Discharge) at the ripe old age of 19. I had re-injured my back on more occasions than I can even count, the Veterans Administration gave me steroid injections in my spine from 1986 until 2003 until I said I could stand no more they were to painful and done no good. They decided I was a substance abuser since I refused to take anymore injections, never mind I had been a damn pin cushion for them for close to 20 years. This is when treatment in the private sector had to begin because the VA said I would not follow treatment guidelines.
Anyway back to my pain doctor of recent, management started putting heat on him to lower my dose he reluctantly started to do so at a slow rate because he knew what it would do to me and he was correct.
This back condition has cost me many things through my life, I had to start my own business in1989 after working as a plant/asst mgr for 11 years because I didn’t have enough sick time to cover all the time my back required me to be off work. I have always been a very self driven individual so starting my own engineering firm seem to come natural to me and I was very successful at it building it to a small company to at one time employing sub-contractors numbering over 120 and grossing over 2.5 million dollars my best few years.
Then in 2001 it all came crumbling down as the fusion in my lower back cracked impinging 4 nerve roots going into my legs. Still I had to fight to the point of bankruptcy with the Veterans Administration and Social Security, after all I had done and paid in through the years they tried to say I was not disabled and still to this day say I am only 80% Medical and 20% Unemployable. Pardon the expression but I have been getting screwed by the Government every since 1978 and continue to get screwed to this day. They refuse to treat my pain when my last outside pain doctor was let go from the practice he was working at I intern was let go to.I go to the ER at the Nashville, VA in excruciating pain explain to the nurse what happened she took all the notes and put me in a room to await the doctor. He comes in and I tell him what all was going on and the excruciating pain I am suffering as I continue to taper the dose down knowing I was going to run out and had no doctor to turn to. This doctor tells me and I quote” Well Mr. Belcher you are certainly between a rock and a hard spot aren’t you?” but there is nothing I can do. He’s a fucking doctor what the hell does he get paid to do walk around being a smart ass and telling people what he can’t do, no suggestions, no referrals no nothing just smart ass attitude. Don’t wonder why the suicide rate is so high among Veterans I’m telling it’s the attitude of these SO CALLED DOCTORS. That was the first of July, 2014 on July 17, 2014 I took enough medication they said to kill 4 people I hadn’t drank alcohol in over 12 years the night’s of my overdose my blood alcohol level was .5.
I’m the type of person that drives on no matter what but due to what the VA done to me in 2013 I wrecked and totaled 3 cars, filed for divorce after 37 years of a wonderful marriage and there are many other things it caused in my family I will not go into. This all a direct result of the over prescribing of Psychotropic drugs and then the proper blood work and follow up not be done. I am seeking out legal council now because the VA should be made to pay for the damage they have inflicted upon myself and especially my family.
Now back to the control of Drugs in America who the hell does the Government and the DEA think they are fooling?? The American people aren’t nearly as damn stupid as the Government thinks we are, the only people you are hurting are the law abiding citizens such as myself and all the others that go to licensed doctors Pain Specialist no less just to have them harassed by the damn DEA because they can’t or don’t want to stop the real drug flow into America thus cutting their MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR BUDGETS and their jobs.
What do you think is going to happen to crime, drug store robberies already on the rise. All the damn government is doing is increasing the demand for street drugs, which makes me wonder if the damn government is not behind the whole damn thing to start with.
You know I am really sorry for the attitude this letter sends forth, the language I use in it I am a God fearing man or at least I was until the pain has gotten so bad I fear nothing except life. Death would be a welcome relief thus the suicide I would say attempt but it was no attempt it was done if the damn EMT’S would have minded their own damn business and not mine I would not be sitting here on the verge of tears because I can’t find a doctor to treat me because the last one found a little pot in my system heaven forbid at least GOD put it here I don’t know of to many stills he let sprout from seed.
I have an appointment at the VA Hospital tomorrow I may walk out of that place and I may not only God knows the answer to that one but I will tell you one damn thing someone over there is going to give me some damn answers because I tired of this I DON’T KNOW. That’s one thoing they got right. They Damn Sure Don’t Know and I’m beginning to wonder if any of you politicians know shit from plain ole apple butter.
Sign Me damn tired of paying taxes to a bunch of ass-wipes who could care less rather I live or die’
Russell Belcher
Spring Hill, TN

charmaine falcon

Oct. 19, 4:45 p.m.

from horrible withdrawals, i spent 8 days in a hospital where they took all meds. were taken away form me.  for six days i lived on ice water where my body was in such bad shape, i couldn’t even hold a glass and nobody would help me.  the place is called springbrook hospital in travelers rest, s.c. when i finally got out, i saw my primary dr. and she refused to put me back on my pain meds.  ever again!  i live near greenville s c and i wish someone could help me get my meds. even though, i have abused them once.

Still Standing

Oct. 21, 1:25 p.m.

I DON’T *WANT* my free cancer screenings.  SERIOUSLY.  CONSTANT PAIN FROM “AUTOIMMUNE” (AKA LYME DISEASE in my case PROVEN BY DNA PCR TEST, AND OTHER SUBCLINICAL infections THAT AFFECT PATIENTS COMPROMISED BY LYME (LIKE HUMAN PARVOVIRUS B 19) gave me a deteriorating skeletal system (joints, ligaments, AND muscles), with constant pain when I try to walk more than a moment, and THIS is on the days when the headaches are suppressed long enough to try walking.  MOST DAYS I am LUCKY TO HAVE A FEW SHORT STRETCHES -WALKING AROUND IN MY HOUSE.  NO OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES, FEW TRIPS OUT AT ALL.  I DON’T FEAR CANCER.  I WISH FOR CANCER!  AT LEAST THEN…MAYBE THEN…I COULD HAVE SOME PAIN RELIEF BEFORE I DIE.  I am a complex patient who easily qualifies for palliative care.  If I can’t get humane treatment, I swear I will apologize to everyone and step onto the tracks. There are endless examples of the USA hating its citizenry, and this is just one of the cruelest.  SO many of us are too weak and ill to fight/protest, much less get out or have friends or ways to abuse our medications.  Morons~ why in HELL would we EVER take ‘‘too much’’ on any day, when it means tomorrow would hurt even worse??  I have great respect and a very judicious approach to the only thing that makes life bearable, if only in short stints.  I KNOW there are ways to PROVE the presence of pain, so they don’t have to pretend they can’t tell. Google ‘‘Test that shines light on pain Sweden”.  They WANT us to suffer, or perhaps buy more high profit, poorly tested patented “off label” drugs, or the insanely profitable, and often dangerous surgeries, & implanted replacement parts, most of which promise nothing, and can leave a patient worse off than ever.

Kacy Dakota

Oct. 22, 8:55 a.m.

First I exist in the most discriminating State in the US , New Hampshire Hates disabled people,
The gun HO surgeons changes my diagnosis, used MY body to reconstruct the SPINE using METAL. They also HATE children with birth defects They are scapegoated, and spend their days in cement rooms in seclusion, after they are teacher bullied. Well I stepped up and was steeped on by this corrupt State called NH, they stole my child and took all that sustains human life from a MOTHER trying to protect her child. I survived or my GOAST is writing this.  After research the discovery was the drug NEXIUM caused osteoporosis and birth defects. The “secret was withheld for 10 years. I despise LIARS.  I just walked on a doctor that put me into having TIS’s ( mini strokes and shock from being 10 minutes late for my appointment. I have PROOF of doctors falsifying the “mandated urine tests”  not to treat Severe intractable PAIN patients, I HAVE a article from another site that says exactly what this kind of PAIN feels like and does to the BODY , forget the mind and spirit ( for those that have one), yes IT CAN kill you, This is serious and it MUST be addressed.  The next time you are denied medication, tell them to cut their finger off, and them you will pull on the remainder of it and ask them what pain level you are in.  Barbaric and unpardonable behavior doctors using medication as a weapon of control. That sick.  I am a former EE, I owned operated a all breed grooming salon, and became a certified vet tech and master pet/show groomer. my 1st born autistic ( I question this) I question everything. Was so connected to the animals I walked away from competing in shows, I didn’t like how the beautiful animals were treated. My ex husband was furious. That’s why he’s my ex . I trained pets and service animals. I got a bone disease. The punishment loose all that you worked so hard for, get divorced, end up with nothing in the streets. after you nearly died from the 1 day surgery that was suppose to fix yr. foot you fractured so bad trying to keep up at work, Overbooked but the hired workers called in sick. After recovering from that disaster. Your ex is USING YOUR CHILD AS A HOSTAGE. and didn’t want him in the 1st place, he drinks like a fish, tells the best lies,. and “pretends to be something he not a “decent human being. I recovered from that too. I met someone else and at 42 the test came back +  . After being pushed down 15 stairs, I was broken but the baby was fine, I HEARD that before. MY beautiful girl was born w amniotic band syndrome a mild case , it affects her feet and her fingers, she was fine until she started school in Keene , NH. She walked at 3 needed surgeries and castings to repair the damage of the ABS. lost her grand ma at 41/2. at 5 was forced into kindergarten I said too much info at the meeting I said she was NOT socially or emotionally ready. They used that information and flew with it. The answer was she was academically ready, that all that matters you are disAbled what do you know. I have flat back syndrome, walk like a ape , that’s not acceptable here. It could have been PREVENTED.I am a ADA special needs advocate and have my psychology degree ( but I’m retarded) my child is at or above average in intelligence but she retarded   too . The discrimination and constant abuses by authority have caused both of us to have PTSD and anxiety. talking to the doctors, case mgrs., teachers, as so called professionals is like talking to a pile of rocks, making formal complaints only makes a bad situation worse. No good deed goes without punishment, again my child I love and tried to protect was used as collateral damage, and every tool that sustains human life was stolen from me. by the corrupted. The Mom with the metal spine 53 the daughter 10 with the deformed fingers and the   son with the angry and crushed spirit 24.Hostages from the state of New Hampshire.I cant write anymore now too much PAIN.

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