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In a First, SEC Warns Rating Agency It May Bring Financial Crisis Lawsuit

Regulators Weaken Dodd-Frank Draft Regs, Allow More Risk

Do Regulations Really Kill Jobs Overall? Not So Much


It’s become a mantra on Capitol Hill and a rallying cry for industry groups: Get rid of the job-killing regulations. In recent days, with nearly every one of the GOP presidential candidates repeating that refrain, the political echo chamber has grown even louder. Earlier this month, President Obama also asked the Environmental Protection Agency to back off more stringent ozone regulations, citing the "importance of reducing regulatory burdens" during trying economic times.

But is the claim that regulation kills jobs true?

We asked experts, and most told us that while there is relatively little scholarship on the issue, the evidence so far is that the overall effect on jobs is minimal. Regulations do destroy some jobs, but they also create others. Mostly, they just shift jobs within the economy.

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Once hailed by the Obama administration a key example of its commitment to green tech driving growth and creating jobs, solar company Solyndra has since lost a good deal of its shine. It’s now bankrupt and the target of a federal criminal investigation.

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