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Biggest Banks Ensnared as Foreclosure Paperwork Problem Broadens

Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and others have joined GMAC and JPMorgan under the microscope as bank regulators order major servicers to review their foreclosure procedures for robo-signing and flawed documents.

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Linda Venturella

Oct. 20, 2010, 1:30 p.m.

@Tawanda Kanhema: Sorry Tawanda, but either you are drinking the media’s kool-aid or you are a plant put here by the banksters. Everyone did not buy a house they could not afford! Wall Street and the Banksters, let’s just say our government, and cut the crap, created the biggest PONZI SCHEME in history. Guess what Tawanda? Millions of hard working Americans lost their livelyhoods because the entire economy collapsed due to this scheme.Millions of peoople lost their businesses and jobs and are now forced to seek loan modifications from the same scum who caused this whole mess in the first place. OUR OWN FAULTS? REALLY? WHY ARE YOU AT THIS WEBSITE? I sure would not be here if I was not going through this HELL.You are obviously not a struggling homeowner who has been put through this LIVING HELL! If your were you wouldn’ be writing comments like that, you would be feeling the same pain as all of the rest of us and would’t be saying things that are out and out lies . You know what Tawanda, your name sounds like one of those names the mortgage servicers give us homeowner’s everytime we call and are given the runaround and lied to. You know what,  %$#^^% off Tawanda!!!!!And Dano, the same sentiment goes for you.

Charles Pinn

Oct. 20, 2010, 2:07 p.m.

Linda, I am sure you did not read the rest of Tawanda Kanhema’s comment. He says “the buck stops with the lenders”, what do you understand this to mean? Are lenders not banks? If you cant read and understand a one paragraph comment, what are the chances that you can read a contract, let alone a mortgage agreement?

Linda Venturella

Oct. 20, 2010, 3:16 p.m.

1 in 7 homeowner’s are either in distress or are in foreclosure. HMMMMMMM…... Sounds like a lot of people bought homes they could not afford. YEAH RIGHT! The B.S.  of that story that some in the media are trying to portray us as we are the deadbeats.  Oh yeah, the people took advantage of the banks? HA! What about the people who lost their jobs and businesses? My husband and I lost our family business in ‘08. We have been living in our house for 18 years. The powers that be knew the best way to completely control us would be through our wallets. How clever and despicable this is. Obama ,while speaking in someone’s backyard, on his whirlwind propaganda tour a couple of weeks ago, said something that raised my eyebrow. He said milliions of people have lost their homes. Well Pres. Obama, it is more around the 2.5 million people mark. How is it that the leader of the free world, and a highly intelligent and intelectual man who attended some very fine schools , some of the best schools in the world,did not find even his incorrect statistics alarming? We need to wake up and quit whining. It is time to get pro-active this election season. If Rahm Emmanuel considers any crisis to be an opportunity,  or something along those lines,then let’s take this opportunity to find out who our judges and elected officials are who have been aiding and abetting the criminal element here in perpertrating these crimes against us. Marcy Kaptor said in her famous speech, this congress has known about this fraud for a long time and has been stymied.Congress has known about this FRAUDULENT foreclosure scam for years, as well as the judges. The judges are suppose to be the gate keepers and full well knew the banks and mortgage servicing industry have been using fraud to cover up fraud for years.People in the know ( say that most of the fraud is in the origination of the loans.  The whole judicial branch is corrupt. We need to throw these sitting judges and congerssman,Senators and the like out on their ears this election day. We need to call all of them out to explain what they have done for us, the people, instead of themselves, WALL STREET and the BANKSTER robber baron crooks. If they have not been working for the people and they have been working to protect the rich, and for themselves, they need to go. Republican, Democrat, who gives a damn? It is about if they can’t do their jobs right, give someone else a try. We need to start putting a stop to this dictatorship. They are trampling all over our Constitutional Rights and must be stopped. Our futures, and the futures of our children are at stake here. We need to send Washington a clear message: We know what has been done to us here and we are not going to stand for it! We need to start voting out the corruption, no matter how hard this is to find. This all needs to stop now. We need to put our politicians on notice, if you are voted in by we, the people,  You had better show us results or next election you will be voted out, too.

Linda Venturella

Oct. 20, 2010, 3:23 p.m.

@Charles Pinn: The whole premise of her statement was that people bought houses they could not afford. This is absolutely a false statement and right out of the mainstream media,  and the government ‘s false message playbook. And If you are so much smarter than all of the rest of us struggling homeowners here at propublica, may I ask what you are doing here in the first place?

Linda Venturella

Oct. 20, 2010, 3:33 p.m.

@Charles Pinn: Maybe you should stop drinking the kool-aid, Charles and start thinking outside of the box. You are truly brainwashed. You need to deprogram yourself.

Charles Pinn

Oct. 20, 2010, 3:40 p.m.

Linda, are you employed?

Linda Venturella

Oct. 20, 2010, 4:03 p.m.

@Charles Pinn: Believing everything that is being fed to us through the mainstream media is dangerous. That is what caused this whole crisis in the first place.The American people, many alot smarter and alot more educated than you or me are now begining to awaken to the fact that we were all duped.  Have you checked out some websites that are off the beaten path yesterday or today. Many class action lawsuits are being filed as we speak. This isn’t about reading HAMP guidelines. This is about a huge and deceptive scheme being perpertrated by the powers that be. By the way, Charles, BOA is already trying to have motions dismissed in several lawsuits pursuant to them over HAMP by stating: the” Trial Period Plan” is not a binding agreement “because it fails to specify the key terms of the permanent modification.” BOA motion continues, it is “nothing mor than an agreement to agree at some future date.” As you can clearly see Charles a riddle wrapped in a rhyme. My own lawyer told me that these banks/mortgage servicers.are very deceptive . And as far as the Mortgage Agreement goes, we all know now we need an attorney present when we sign thes docs. Too bad none of these motgage notes or clear chain of title are any longer in existance. You see Charles, this is fraud covered up by more fraud.

Linda Venturella

Oct. 20, 2010, 4:06 p.m.

@Charles Pinn: Not that it is any of your business but yes, I am currently employed.What is your point?

Linda Venturella

Oct. 20, 2010, 4:38 p.m.

@Charles Pinn: While we were all lulled into thinking our lives were grand, this government was planning to pull the rug out from underneath all of us. I drank the kool-aid once too. But I know better now. The truth is in the unemployment and under employment statistics that are even being falsely downplayed by the mainstream media. More than half of the once thriving business district, in the very same area where my business once stood is now a ghost town. Spin it however you want, People are pissed off. Now they want to know where all of their 401K money went, pension fund money, college tuitions for their children. Investors want to know where the money is that is owed to them and if they were tricked in to buying toxic unsecuritized,mortgages. What did the banksters do with all of the tax payers money they were given to keep us in our homes . The banksters never intended to help anyone, they only intended to collect money from the treasury to extend and pretend they were going to help us. Why would they help us when they could collect 2-3 times the amount our underwater houses were worth through thie credit default swap insurance scheme.? The whole thing is turning into an everybody is going to sue everbody fiasco if the people who caused this despicable fraudulant crime don’t start manning up. I just don’t think they ever will. So in that case I hope the whole scandal blows up right in their faces. The truth is out there Charles, you just need to go off the beaten path a little bit.


Oct. 25, 2010, 7:47 p.m.

If Linda Venturella says coolaid again I am going to puke… What school did she go to? Only only wonders what she does for a living, besides hyperventilating on public forums.


Nov. 8, 2010, 10:42 a.m.

The banks and the borrowers are at fault.  The banks for being greedy and now playing the victim, and the borrowers for KNOWING they should be putting more down or not taking out a loan when they can’t afford it!  Ultimately it’s the bank’s fault.  They chose to make the bad loan, they should have to eat it!

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