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Corporations Couldn’t Wait to ‘Check the Box’ on Huge Tax Break

The ‘check-the-box’ rule, meant to cut red tape for companies, has inadvertently allowed them to avoid billions of dollars in taxes each year, and the government keeps balking at closing the loophole.

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Oct. 5, 2011, 2:28 p.m.

I realize you don’t want to be judged by your words or actions, but “What is that, if not a demand that the status quo of active wealth redistribution - flood up, without trickle down - demonstrated quite ably by the Mother Jones data be continued?” and your more recent “you propose to let the rapists off the hook.”

That’s an accusation of advocating flat taxation, is it not?  I’d ask what you meant by that if not, but (a) it’ll just be another five pages of how I back the rich and powerful and (b) another irrelevant rant about how “the Right” (a conveniently undefined term, I can’t help notice) always makes unfounded accusations and tries to divide people.  Before writing (b), look in the mirror.

You’ll get the last word, here, so take your time crafting your five consecutive responses of varying accusations.  And I apologize to you, the ProPublica staff, and other readers for bothering to try to have a rational discussion with you and more for failing.


Oct. 9, 2011, 1:56 a.m.

lolll…I was reviewing my comments, and was forced to acknowledge that their truth or lucidity doesn’t mean diddly-squat.

I can’t afford to buy a Representative or a Senator…so whether I’m right..whether I’m a patriot…whether I’m god’s last chance on earth…

None of it matters.  The Congress and the SCOTUS are both corrupt…I think that invalidates this form of government.

Sorry about your luck.

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