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Help Us Report on The American Red Cross

If you've worked for the Red Cross, or received assistance from the organization, we'd like to talk to you.

Have You Interned in Arts or Entertainment? Rate Your Internship

Help us understand what it’s like to intern in an industry that often doesn’t pay.

What’s It Like to Work in a World of Wage Discrimination?

On this Equal Pay Day, Obama will issue two executive orders to combat pay secrecy. We want to hear from women in the thick of it.

Are You an Internship Coordinator?

Help us understand how internship policies are structured at schools across the U.S. by telling us about your university

What do You Think of Military’s Efforts to ID Remains of Fallen Service Members?

On June 11, 2011, John Eakin filed a formal petition with the Army detailing all the evidence suggesting his cousin Bud could be found. The military has declined to move ahead with the case.

Brandeis, Marquette, Western Washington and Northwestern Students Team Up With Project Intern

We’ve added three new schools, and four new project partners in our effort to collect information on internship programs at schools across the country.

Help Us Investigate Internships for Academic Credit

Students, professors, on-campus reporters and internship coordinators: help us find information on internships at your school

Reporting Recipe: How to Add Information About Internships for Academic Credit At Your School

ProPublica is calculating the cost and quality of internships for credit around the country. And we need your help.

How Expensive Is Your College Internship? We Built an App for That

#ProjectIntern is taking a closer look at the intersection of internships and higher education – and we need your help.

Help Us Calculate the Cost of Unpaid Internships for Academic Credit

A growing number of colleges are offering academic credit for unpaid internships. But at what cost to students?

Message Machine

We've been collecting emails from political campaigns and tracking the variations. Here you can explore those emails.

Did You Buy a Variable Annuity with Lifetime Guarantee Benefit?

ProPublica is looking to interview consumers who purchased variable annuities back when generous guarantees were available.

How Did Scores of Military Units Lose Combat Records in the War on Terror? A Q&A With Peter Sleeth

A Reddit discussion with investigative reporter Peter Sleeth on the problem of missing combat records and the impact on veterans’ benefits and historians.

Your ‘Free the Files’ Election Day Challenge: Liberate Las Vegas

We want a better picture of who’s behind the Vegas ad blitz, which is why we’re declaring an Election Day Challenge here at ProPublica. The mission? To liberate Las Vegas.

What Should Communities Be Doing To Further Fair Housing?

The Fair Housing Act of 1968 banned housing discrimination and mandated that the government “affirmatively further” fair housing. But the law didn’t make it clear. We asked fair housing experts and readers to weigh in on what it means to further fair housing.

Free the Files: Help Reveal Dark Money in the Election

Today, we’re rebooting Free the Files with a new tool to help uncover outside spending in the final days of the campaign.

Your Bailout Questions Answered: A Reddit Chat with Paul Kiel

What's the status of the bailout? Reporter Paul Kiel explains.

Top 13 Questions From Our Q&A on Dark Money in the 2012 Campaign

What's a 501(c)(4)? How do you cover a nonprofit whose address is a PO box? Can we stop the flood of dark money in politics? It's all in here.

How Do You Feel About Smartphone Surveillance? Our Readers Respond

Companies and law enforcement can mine your phone’s data for intimate details. ProPublica readers let us know what they think about it.

Are State-Sponsored Hackers Targeting Your Gmail?

Google announced that it would notify Gmail users if they might be the target of a "state-sponsored attack." Help ProPublica figure out who's being targeted on Gmail and why.

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