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Are State-Sponsored Hackers Targeting Your Gmail?
Help ProPublica figure out who's being targeted by state-sponsored hackers on Gmail and why.
by Megha Rajagopalan
ProPublica, Jun. 8, 2012, 9:45 am

Help ProPublica figure out who's being targeted by state-sponsored hackers on Gmail and why. (Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/GettyImages)

This week Google announced that it would notify Gmail users if they might be the target of a "state-sponsored attack" — an apparent attempt by a government to hack an email account.

If you've received one of Google's warnings, ProPublica wants to hear from you. We plan to analyze your reports to learn who's being targeted and why, and to gain insight into how Google figures this out.

You can share your warning with us by emailing We'll send you back a note asking for more details.

We've already seen reports that journalists, workers at nongovernmental organizations, students, academics and others in the United States and abroad have received Google warnings.

Once we gather a big enough sample of responses, we'll drill into the data and report back.

Don't worry — we won't publish any identifying information about you unless you tell us it's OK. And we won't share your information with any outside parties without first asking for your permission.

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