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Discussion: Is Assisted Living Putting Profits Above Care?

Assisted living in America is a growing, multibillion-dollar industry. Nearly 750,000 people live in facilities across the U.S. But is it safe?

Our new investigation with FRONTLINE went behind closed doors and found a world where profits appear to be trumping quality care. We found several instances of understaffed facilities, and direct mandates from management to prioritize sales over healthcare.

And though nursing homes have federal regulations, assisted living facilities are loosely monitored; states are responsible for setting and enforcing the rules. 

Should the government revamp oversight for these facilities? Are some facilities better than others? What factors should you evaluate when choosing a facility for your parents? What questions do you have about assisted living or your loved ones?

Today at 2 pm ET, join ProPublica reporter A.C. Thompson and the film’s producer, Carl Byker, for a live chat on these questions and more. Cheryl Morgan and Eric Boice, who were both in the film, will also join the chat, and Next Avenue senior editor Richard Eisenberg will be asking questions.

Feel free to leave your questions below in advance, and come back at 2 pm today for the live discussion. A transcript will be available after the chat. 

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