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"If you complain too much, they won’t take you to work anymore." — In Chicago, immigrant labor brokers known as raiteros have helped create a system where temp agencies and their corporate clients benefit from cheap, just-in-time labor as workers’ pay falls well below the minimum wage. Read our latest investigation, Taken for a Ride.

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The Timeline of Magnetar’s Deals: 

From the middle of 2006 to the summer of 2007, Magnetar helped to create and invested in at least 28 subprime mezzanine CDOs, or collaterized debt obligations, deals it often bet against while also pushing for riskier assets to go inside them. The black circles below represent the amount in dollars of their identified deals by month while the blue circles represent the total amount in dollars of the same type of subprime CDOs issued during that time.

Magnetar declines to specify which CDOs it invested in but ProPublica identified 26 of them, 24 of which are subprime mezzanine CDOs.