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MuckReads Podcast 1: AP’s Matt Apuzzo on NYPD Surveillance of Muslims


New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

For the past few months, ProPublica has been curating the day’s must-read accountability stories in a feature we call MuckReads. The project has taken off with numerous suggestions pouring in each week from journalists and readers alike, so we wanted to take things to the next level with an in-depth podcast offering a behind-the-scenes look at howinvestigative reporters nabbed the story.

Often in investigative reporting, the process can be just as interesting as the final published piece. We put this theory to the test in our first ever MuckReads podcast featuring ProPublica’s managing editor Stephen Engelberg and the AP’s Matt Apuzzo. We were honored to have the duo on board to discuss the AP’s recent Goldsmith Prize-winning investigation on the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslims, which you can read here.

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It’s OK to kill them in their homeland. Just don’t spy on them here.

Emmett, some of us are actually opposed to both.

Perhaps we should take a page from the WW2 internment of American citizens of Japanese ancestry but amazingly;even though we were at war with the Germans,none were interned! I hope that someone doesn’t actually support this idea! The vast majority of members of the Islamic faith are more devout than most Christians and there are as many violent Christians as there are Muslims.(Clinic bombers,doctor killers,veteran haters;etc)

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