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Podcast: Aloha, Mike Webb


Mike Webb, now ProPublica's former vice president of communications, and Dick Tofel, ProPublica's president, dish out cake at Mike's farewell party. (Marian Wang/ProPublica)

For this week’s podcast, we wanted to give a special tribute to our vice president of communications, Mike Webb, as he leaves ProPublica to start a new chapter in Hawaii.

Mike has been with ProPublica for five years – since our second story – and has played a crucial role in our success, from crafting key media partnerships and launching our first public event to managing our ever-hopeful softball team (go, Impact!). He joins us for one last time in the Storage Closet Studio to talk about his favorite ProPublica investigations and the daily life in the ProPublica Comms Department.

You can listen to this podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. For more on Mike and his adventures post-ProPublica, follow him on Twitter: @gmikewebb.

And, because Mike can’t stop promoting ProPublica, here are links to the investigations he mentions in this episode:

sept. 24, 2013

Hurray!!! congratulations.

I did not know ProPublica had chapters around the country. What is the draw that Hawaii has for a Pro Publica to start a chapter there?


ProPublica doesn’t have such chapters—the reference was to a new chapter in Mike’s life

Nancy Winckler-Zuniga

Sep. 25, 2013, 3:20 p.m.

Mike was inspirational I when he spoke to UNF students that were part of Peter Casellas senior seminar journalism class. I speak for all of us in wishing him well.


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