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Podcast: The Poison Beneath Us


(Abrahm Lustgarten/ProPublica)

In his new series, ProPublica's Abrahm Lustgarten has been investigating injection wells — disposal sites thousands of feet beneath the earth's surface — where industries ranging from agriculture to pharmaceuticals to gas drilling have been dumping their trillions of gallons of toxic waste.

Federal officials and geologists have long insisted that injection wells pose a minimal risk, but Abrahm's review of well records and case histories have found that structural problems are common and the EPA's oversight lax. He joins the podcast this week to explain why injection wells are a much bigger issue than fracking, the problems he faced with the EPA while reporting, as well as possible solutions to this growing problem.

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so, tell us upfront what is the most emminent danger, the worst case scenario and WHAT to do about it? buy a distiller, boil water, store in sterilized glass containers? What to do about it other than just read how bad it is. We need to know nationwide and world wide NOW.
Contaminated water also poisons your kidneys, your dogs/pets/ skin and living environment. Say what to do about it, what are the warning signs, no need for that woman to buy water, if she can boil it or get a water filter/softner for her home. COME on, this is essential for life, no one needs to suffer from this in these times.  Step up. Post signs, city protests, petitions, This is life threatening.
Do you know people in Colorado were requested, not mandatory, to limit water use? Response, : they didn’t care, though there are major fires throughout the state! Who the hell do they think they are? They should be fined for using water even if requested to limit voluntarily. Make it mandatory, we need all resources for water, clean water, and there is an expected huge fish kill in lakes, streams from the run off sludge, fish kill affects all animals and humans. This is out of control. Pure evil water/hearts!

The worst case scenario is that the casing and tubing will leak and everything that is supposed to be pumped thousands of feet underground ends up in the underground water supply. All the wells tapping that reservoir will be polluted with whatever was pumped into it. Once it gets there, I don’t know how you get it out. You can’t drink it, you can’t pump it dry, and if you try to pump it out, where do you put it? If your farm or city depend on that water, you’re hosed.

We live right next to the hole shooting match. We are sick all the time from the BTEX that is pumped in the air 24/7. Over the last 1 1/2 years. If you look at the Cancer Rates in this area they are off the charts and rising. Wellston Oklahoma

Standley Lake in Arvada/Wheat Ridge , Colorado is contaminated with plutonium sediment and there are pondcretes with it mixed in. Saw Rocky Flats site on the news for the first time yesterday, as a boundary line. bet they are watching that closely. Who cares, the Supreme Court denied compensation to those still suffering with plutonium exposure, Daily Camera-Boulder news /Denver Post inside front page. 22 year court battle ruled in favor of the workers, but a “federal law” denied the compensation due to claims more than the liability insurance coverage. Guess they should get out of the Pu businesses?  The Saudi’s supplied us with water, desalination plants and imported water during the PG1. We had Evian water, every type of bottled water, to wash, bath, drink , unlimited. So, why is California out of touch, sounds like the sugar cane field workers in S. America who work the crops in austere conditions/heat suffer and die from kidney damage! No reason for this battle with evil entities and corruption.
The lakes in Colorado have “liners” as if that is supposed to mean something? I’d move, I’m almost ready to move away from Colorado and out of the US, too.

I believe that our governement officials, massive different department heads and the unethical corporations are calling it “population control” and “real profits”!

Rocky Flats Plutonium weapons site is on an earthquake zone.
Arvada water allows some water from the creek into the city water and denver’s water. Charcoal filtering, bleach, if used according to instructions and reverse osmosis (salt)no elec needed, can reduce toxins, boiling water. Population control my butt, this is greed and speed by these corrupt companies. For those who are sick, move and sue them, property condemned. no epa, or any other regulators will help you file lengthy court filings and you could be dead and they still won’t pay.  report it, photo it,document it, that is your forensics trail. Tell everyone, you don’t have any gad orders. TELL, SHOW, DEMAND actions. the common junk drug for constipation, PEG 3350 clearly states DO NOT USE IF KIDNEY PROBLEMS< THE VA covered up the label . guess who got notified this am? Schering Plough, and soon the fda and DORA and all the other serial killers. Read The Treatment by Martha Stephens, radiation experiments in Cincinatti city hosp basements, to the agonizing deaths, not so long ago 70-80’s and 90’s. in conjunction with the pentagon…. damn them. liars.


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