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Christie Thompson

Christie Thompson was an intern at ProPublica. She studied journalism at Northwestern University, and has written for The Nation, The Chicago Reporter and


Share Your Six Words on Race and Education in America

Sixty years after the Supreme Court declared an end to “separate but equal” education, many schools have moved back in time, isolating poor black and Latino students in segregated schools. ProPublica investigates Tuscaloosa schools, among most rapidly resegregating in the country.

Timeline: From Brown v. Board to Segregation Now

Charting the fight for educational equality to the resegregation of U.S. schools.

Roe V. Wade and Some of the Best Reporting on Abortion

Four decades after Roe v. Wade, a range of #MuckReads, #Longreads and explainers on abortion.

Top MuckReads of 2013: NSA Surveillance, Temp Worker Dangers and Civil Forfeiture

ProPublica looks back at some of the great MuckReads of 2013.

Federal Flood Maps Left New York Unprepared for Sandy—and FEMA Knew It

The agency ignored state and city officials' appeals to update the maps with better data until it was too late.

How Bureaucrats Stand in the Way of Releasing Elderly and Ill Prisoners

The Department of Justice has expanded eligibility for compassionate release. But whether that means more inmates are let out early depends on the “compassion” of prison officials.

50 Years After the Community Mental Health Act, the Best Reporting on Mental Health Care Today

How far have we come? Journalists take a hard look at our nation’s system of caring for the mentally ill.

Your Guide to the Latest Efforts to Hold Big Banks Accountable

It’s been an expensive few months for JPMorgan Chase and its fellow financial institutions. Here’s a recap of the most recent settlements, suits and investigations.

Looking Back: Important Coverage of Sandy and its Aftermath

One year after Hurricane Sandy, we've collected the best reporting on the storm.

New York Councilmember, De Blasio Back Closing Harassment Loophole for Unpaid Interns

A judge’s dismissal of sexual harassment case has prompted one New York councilmember to push for unpaid interns to be protected under city’s Human Rights Law.

Key Reads on Gender and Sexuality Discrimination

A roundup of important stories on the fight for sexuality and gender equality in the workplace.

Five Consumer Resources From Our Acetaminophen Investigation

March on Washington Anniversary: Great Reads on Racial Justice

It's been 50 years since the historic March on Washington. Here's some of the best reporting on the ongoing fight for civil rights.

The Best Reporting on Mental Illness in Prisons

More than half of U.S. inmates suffer from a mental health problem. Here’s some of the best deep-dive reporting on the issue.

New York Promised Help for Mentally Ill Inmates – But Still Sticks Many in Solitary

In New York, inmates diagnosed with “serious” disorders should be protected from solitary confinement. But since that policy began, the number of inmates diagnosed with such disorders has dropped.

How Unpaid Interns Aren’t Protected Against Sexual Harassment

It’s not just about a paycheck. Federal laws protecting workers against discrimination and sexual harassment often don’t apply to unpaid interns.

California Hunger Strike Raises Issue of Force-Feeding on U.S. Soil

Guantanamo Bay isn’t the only place the U.S. has force-fed prisoners.

To Cope with Sequester, Justice Department Staffs Unpaid Attorneys

DOJ has defended hiring of unpaid special assistant U.S. attorneys, who do much of the same work as their paid counterparts.

When Is It OK to Not Pay an Intern?

Is your unpaid summer internship illegal? A breakdown of the laws on working for free.

The Best Stories on the Government’s Growing Surveillance

For background on the National Security Agency’s collection of phone and web records, here’s the best reporting on what else the government has been tracking.