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Christopher Flavelle

Christopher Flavelle was an intern at ProPublica. He has written for Newsweek, Slate and The Washington Post, and produced videos for The New York Times' Web site. He is also a contributing writer for The Big Money, Slate's new business and economics site. Before studying at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, Christopher was chief speechwriter to the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and an assistant editor at The Walrus magazine in Toronto. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science from McGill University.

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For One Agency’s Stim Dollars, Even the Size of the Pie Was a Mystery

Stimulus Jobs—or ‘Jobs’—in Minnesota, and Trouble Brewing in Jersey

A congressman from Minnesota says the stimulus is working there, and offers some employment numbers as evidence.

Stimulus Progress Bar

How fast and where is stimulus money being spent?

Just 12 Percent of Stimulus Money Has Been Spent

The stimulus's critics and its defenders both point to all the money that remains to be spent.

What Our Terms Mean

The Stimulus Debate Gets Kinky

Some want more money for small businesses, and less for a certain movie house in San Francisco.

State and Local Gov’t Spending Up, Along With Spending on Lobbyists

The stimulus has become an important revenue source for governments that have been cutting their budgets.

Those Stimulus Job Numbers from Congress? Not So Solid

NYC Protests Funding Exclusion for Police; Feds Relent

The NYPD, left out of a program to help pay for officers, will now get $35 million.

Questions Spread About Stimulus Job Numbers

A job is a job, Oregon says, even if it's just for the week.

After Sarah Palin, Alaska Looks Again at Stimulus Dollars

The former governor vetoed acceptance of money from the Energy Department, leaving Alaska as the only state not approved for the program.

Tracking Highway Stimulus Jobs Is No Easy Job

Education Dept. Threatens to Bar Some States From Extra Stim Dollars

Skeptical Now, Americans See Hope on Stimulus Horizon

Bill Gates Offers Stimulus Advice

Reheated ‘Pork’ and Trains From Spain

Stim Cities

How effective has the stimulus been in eight cities?

Tracking the Stimulus, Where It Counts

Disappearance of Privacy Board From White House Web Site Raises Questions

An oversight panel to protect civil liberties, recommended by the 9/11 Commission, has been adrift since its creation in 2004.

Our Stim Cities Survey Participants