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Christopher Flavelle

Christopher Flavelle was an intern at ProPublica. He has written for Newsweek, Slate and The Washington Post, and produced videos for The New York Times' Web site. He is also a contributing writer for The Big Money, Slate's new business and economics site. Before studying at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, Christopher was chief speechwriter to the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and an assistant editor at The Walrus magazine in Toronto. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science from McGill University.

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DHS: No Political Influence in Stimulus Funding Decisions

GOP: Having It Both Ways on Stimulus?

Some Republicans who came out against the stimulus have since sought money for projects at military bases.

Crossing the Border Between Politics and Stimulus Spending

A sparsely used checkpoint on the Canadian border gets beefed up, but a busy crossing in Texas get left out.

No Train From Baton Rouge to Bourbon Street

While We’re At It, Your Fridge Is Also a Piece of Junk

Government rebates expand from fuel-efficient cars to energy-efficient appliances.

California to Feds: These Stimulus Projects Are So, Like, Boring

Critics says more of the recovery money should have been aimed at bigger, long-term goals.

Live Transparent or Die! New Hampshire Sets New Bar by Publishing Stim Contracts

Six Months of Stimulus: What We’ve Learned

Where's the Recovery Act money going and how much good is it doing? Questions with no easy answers.

Stimulus Czar Standoff Ends in Nevada

Despite legislators' objections, Gov. Jim Gibbons creates a new position to oversee the handling of Nevada's stimulus money.

Broadband Stim Dollars, Stymied by Regulations, May Bypass City Dwellers

A federal telecommunications agency working to expand broadband Internet access does not count urban areas among those that are underserved.

Talking With Earl Devaney, Stimulus Watchdog

The head of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board discusses the effort to track where the stimulus money is going.

Behind Push for Stimulus Transparency, a Question Remains: Who Ensures the Numbers Are Right?

Those getting stimulus money will soon start reporting in to, but officials differ on who is responsible for the information's accuracy.

Stim Bucks for Slumlords?

Landlords don't have to keep property up to code to get money from the stimulus package.

Broadband Companies to Feds: Keep Your Stimulus Money

Tussle in Tallahassee: Florida Stands Its Ground on Stimulus Spending Speed

Gov. Charlie Crist defends the way his state is handling its money, despite its place at the bottom of a congressional ranking.

Obama Administration Redacts Contract Details for

The government releases copies of an $18 million contract for building a Web site, but most of the details are blacked out.

In Ohio, Stim Money Builds a Road but Threatens a Downtown

Construction that was delayed because of a lack of funding is now moving ahead, and merchants worry about being passed by.

Cash for Clunkers Causes Car Concerns for Charities

Donated vehicles have been a big revenue source for some nonprofits, which could lose out because of the federal trade-in program.

In Eight Cities, Wait Continues for Stimulus-Led Recovery

New Jobless Numbers Offer Reprieve to Stim Defenders