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Krista Kjellman Schmidt

Krista Kjellman Schmidt was deputy editor of news applications at ProPublica. Her work has been honored with the Online News Association’s Gannett Foundation Award for Innovative Investigative Journalism, the Overseas Press Club’s general excellence award for online news coverage, the Online News Association’s general excellence award and an IRE Award. Before joining ProPublica, Krista was an associate producer in the investigative unit of ABC News for almost three years. The Blotter, the investigative unit’s webpage on which she played a key role, was honored with the Online News Association Award for investigative journalism, a George Foster Peabody Award and an IRE Award during that period.


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The December issue of the ProPublica magazine is out with stories of how modern politics really works.

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The November issue of the ProPublica Magazine is out, and the theme is “No Justice.”

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The October issue of ProPublica’s Magazine is out – and it’s a special edition.

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The September issue of ProPublica’s Magazine is out. This month we have the stories of caregivers who have failed their primary responsibility to do no harm.

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The third issue of ProPublica: The Magazine is out. Titled "Dream Denied," this issue includes stories about debt, temp work and other barriers to the American Dream.

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We’re launching ProPublica: The Magazine, a monthly digital publication delivered right to your iPad or iPhone.

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