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Nicole Collins Bronzan

Nicole Collins Bronzan

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Nicole Collins Bronzan is the director of communications at ProPublica. Before her career in PR, she was an assistant Metro editor at the New York Times, handling everything from breaking news to investigative series to online-only features. In her most recent post, as communications director of Freedom to Marry, she led the charge to elevate compelling stories in the fight for marriage equality through story and op-ed placements, events and partnerships.


ProPublica Named Finalist for 13 ONA Awards

Podcast: Why Settlements Don’t Fix Wrongful Convictions

Senior Editor Joe Sexton talks about Jabbar Collins’s $10 million settlement with New York City and the long road to an end to prosecutorial misconduct.

ProPublica Hires Seattle Times’s Hannah Birch as Web Producer

A copy-desk veteran joins the team to bolster new focus on design.

Robert Faturechi of LA Times to Cover Campaign Finance for ProPublica

Podcast: What to Look for in Federal Release of Payments From Big Pharma

Senior reporter Charles Ornstein on the significance of the data due to be made public next month under the Physician Payment Sunshine Act.

Podcast: ‘No Credit? Need Credit?’ It’ll Cost You

Reporter Paul Kiel talks about the ways installment-loan lenders skirt the law to get customers on the payment treadmill – and then into court.

Podcast: Glaser, Cuomo, and the Refusals That Made the Story

Justin Elliott on how his conflicts-of-interest investigation was aided, not hindered, by the state’s denial of his Freedom of Information request and a source’s Twitter attacks.

Podcast: Mapping the NSA’s Spying

Julia Angwin talks about the challenges of tracking the ever-changing surveillance landscape. Among them: limited information and semantic games.

ProPublica News Applications Desk Receives Data Journalism Award

The Global Editors Network recognized ProPublica one of eight Data Journalism Awards, announced today in Barcelona.

MuckReads Podcast: The Peril of Whistleblowing on Wall St.

William D. Cohan joins Jake Bernstein to talk about financial regulation in the face of a big-bank culture of self-preservation above all.

‘Prescribers’ Project Wins Health Data Liberators Award

Honors for a project that uncovered a lack of federal oversight that was allowing risky prescribing and billions of dollars in waste and fraud.

Podcast: Mental Illness and Parenting

Seth Freed Wessler talks about state laws, based on stigma and outdated science, that actually harm the families they’re meant to protect.

Podcast: A Bailout Botched by Centrists

As Obama’s proxy, former Treasury Secretary Geithner shows us how an unwillingness to make sweeping change cost the administration a chance to reshape the financial landscape.

ProPublica Wins 4 Awards from Deadline Club

Honoring reporting on prescribing habits in Medicare, assisted living dangers, government failings in flood preparation, and temp workers in America.

Podcast: The Evolution of Anti-Doping

Reporter David Epstein on the Tyson Gay case, which shows investigators expanding their sights as drug tests prove not to be the cure-all.

ProPublica Article on HIV Wins GLAAD Media Award

An exploration of the history and repercussions of state laws that criminalize sex without the disclosure of HIV status takes home the outstanding digital journalism award.

Cezary Podkul of Reuters to Cover Finance for ProPublica

Podkul has been at Reuters since 2011, most recently covering biofuel markets and before that investigating markets ranging from credit default swaps to electricity trading.

Podcast: Dysfunction and Accountability in Health Care

Reporter Charles Ornstein talks with David Goldhill, author of "Catastrophic Care: Why Everything We Think We Know about Health Care Is Wrong," about excess, poor oversight, and how new data may help spur change.

Segregation Now: ProPublica to Present Student Photos on Race in Education

A companion to Nikole Hannah-Jones's segregation reporting, “Grandchildren of Brown: Student Photos on Race in Tuscaloosa, 60 Years Later" coincides with the 60th anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education ruling.

David Sleight to Join ProPublica as Design Director

A longtime designer and developer to heighten attention to design amid an expansion.
Nicole Collins Bronzan

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