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Sabrina Shankman

Sabrina Shankman was an intern at ProPublica. A graduate of UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, she has written for the Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press, and was a researcher on PBS/Frontline's "Black Money" documentary. Her work has also appeared in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. Before attending graduate school, she was a crime reporter at the Taunton Daily Gazette in Massachusetts. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism from New York University.

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What Health Care Reform Means for: ‘Young Invincibles’

Reform bills would require young people to have insurance coverage.

Head Scratcher of the Day: Stimulus Projects That Eliminate Jobs

In Colorado, the Haves Get a Little Bit More

Wealthier counties, with projects ready to go, find more stimulus money coming their way.

Thanks for the Tax Credit, But Where Are the Customers?

Some businesses say that a proposed tax credit isn't a big incentive to hire more workers.

Gloves Up! It’s Stimulus, Round 2

Pa. Fines Chesapeake, Schlumberger for Gas Drilling Spill

Two companies are assessed $15,557 each after hydrochloric acid leaks at a hydraulic fracturing site.

Money Left Over, but the U.S. Debt May Swallow It

More Picking at Those Stimulus Job Numbers

What Health Care Reform Means for: Medicaid Recipients

Reform bills would eliminate many disparities in the way states handle Medicaid.

Environmentalists: Revise Gas Drilling Review? Nope – Repeal It!

Jobless Rate Edges Down; White House Credits Stimulus

Unemployment falls to 10 percent, as job losses slow. The White House says it’s the stimulus; a leading Republican says the Democrats are still killing jobs.

Criticism of the Jobs Summit, Even Before It Starts

Many people have ideas about creating jobs, but they don't all have a seat at the table.

A Smackdown Over the CBO’s Stim Report

There remains sharp disagreement about the stimulus's effects on job creation.

What Health Care Reform Means for: Those Already Insured

Money on Top of Money

With one federal grant still waiting to be used up, California's unemployment system gets another.

The Stimulus Giveth, and the Stimulus Taketh Away

Extra federal spending this year is helping food banks respond to a big increase in need.

What Health Care Reform Means for: The Underinsured

For those whose insurance policies carry high deductibles, the reform bills offer a chance to bring down the out-of-pocket costs

Are Minorities Getting Their Share of the Stimulus Dough?

Much stimulus money is going to large, shovel-ready projects, which tends to go to large -- and predominantly white-owned -- construction contractors.

Last Public Hearing on New York’s Gas Drilling Plan Tonight

Cash for Clunkers? Nope—Cash for Caulkers

Home weatherization is seen as a way to create jobs, save people money and help the environment.