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For-Profit Colleges Rake in Millions From Post-9/11 G.I. Bill

The University of Phoenix Online tops the list of schools receiving money from the Post 9-/11 G.I. Bill in its first year. Overall, for-profit colleges collected $640 million from the bill. Public colleges and universities received $697 million but the money went to more than twice as many students.

For-Profit Schools Donate to Lawmakers Opposing New Financial Aid Rules

House members seeking to stop proposed regulations on financial aid to for-profit schools have gotten increased donations from the for-profit sector.

For-Profit Colleges Encouraged Fraud And Used Deceptive Marketing, Watchdog Says

An undercover investigation by a government watchdog uncovers unsavory recruiting practices at several for-profit colleges.

Bogus ‘Obama Mom’ Grants Lure Students

Ads promoting "Obama mom" grants are luring students to colleges and universities even though federal education officials say such grants don't exist.

Investigations You Need to Read: Wednesday

Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Caribbean Med School Grads’ Defaults

Students on the island of Dominica, who get federal student loans, are graduating with more debt than those at medical schools in the United States.

Setting the Record Straight on Our Student Default Rate Story

Important points were inaccurate in an article about loans for students at for-profit colleges.

Citing ProPublica Investigation Into University of Phoenix, Congressman Calls for Hearings

A Maryland lawmaker calls for an investigation into the recruiting practices of for-profit schools, citing an investigation by ProPublica and Marketplace.

Real Student Default Rates Much Higher Than Previously Known

As much as half of the money lent to students attending for-profit colleges and universities will never be repaid, an Education Department projection says.

At University of Phoenix, Allegations of Enrollment Abuses Persist

Some students and recruiters describe high-pressure and deceptive tactics to lure people into the nation's largest for-profit school.

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