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Drug Company Agrees to Pay $27.6 Million to Settle Allegations Involving Chicago Psychiatrist

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. was accused of paying Michael Reinstein, a psychiatrist who has figured into two ProPublica investigations, to overprescribe a risky antipsychotic.

Tighter Rules Sought for Anti-Psychotic Drug Use in Illinois Nursing Homes

Health advocates are calling for a crackdown on the unnecessary use of powerful anti-psychotics on the elderly.

Drugmaker Paid Psychiatrist Nearly $500,000 to Promote Antipsychotic, Despite Doubts About Research

The relationship between AstraZeneca and Dr. Michael Reinstein, who has been accused of overmedicating and neglecting patients, brought in millions of dollars for the drug company.

Dr. Reinstein: One Psychiatrist, Many Prescriptions

Medicaid records show huge prescribing numbers, but efforts to stop Dr. Reinstein from getting reimbursement have failed.

In Chicago’s Nursing Homes, a Psychiatrist Delivers High-Risk Meds, Cut-Rate Care

Dr. Michael Reinstein, one of the most prolific providers of psychiatric care in Chicago-area nursing homes and mental health facilities, has compiled a worrisome record, and he is trailed by lawsuits and complaints.