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Whale of a Problem: Regulators Subvert Will of Congress

Congress wrote in protections to prevent banks from disguising proprietary trading. But regulators are weakening the law.

From Big State a Call for Small Banks

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas issues a blistering indictment of our financial system and calls for breaking up the Too Big To Fail banks.

Congress’s Genius Jobs Plan—for Fraudsters, Shills, and Wall St. Analysts

The so-called JOBS Act, which has support from the White House and Republicans, could help stock market scammers get their mojo back.

How to Kill the Volcker Rule: Just Add Fat

Bank lobbyists couldn't kill the Volcker Rule, intended to stop banks from risking taxpayer money on risky speculation. So they're getting Congress and regulators to render it morbidly obese and bedridden.

The SOX Win: How Financial Regulation Can Work

The Sarbanes Oxley law, also known as SOX, cleaned up corporate accounting. It provides hope for how the new financial regulatory law, Dodd-Frank, could work.

From CEO to Candidate, Romney Flip-Flops on Debt

Under Romney, Bain Capital used debt liberally to generate high returns. Now, when the U.S. can borrow at low rates, his own leveraged buyout logic should dictate that the government borrow more -- not less.

Needed: A Cure for a Severe Case of Trialphobia

The Securities and Exchange Commission has been scared to bring big banks to trial for wrongdoing that helped cause the financial crisis. But that strategy fails to hold the big banks accountable and weakens the SEC's negotiating position.

Wall Street Is Already Occupied

A secret confederacy of Occupy Wall Street sympathizers is criticizing the financial industry for becoming a machine to enrich itself, fleecing customers and exacerbating inequality.

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