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ProPublica Illinois Hires Vignesh Ramachandran as Web Producer (7/11/2017)

Steve Mills to Join ProPublica Illinois as Deputy Editor (7/6/2017)

Peter Elkind and Nick Varchaver to Join ProPublica Staff (7/6/2017)

Reporter Ken Armstrong to Join ProPublica (6/23/2017)

ProPublica Illinois Announces More Hires (6/19/2017)

ProPublica Illinois Announces Additional News Hires (6/7/2017)

ProPublica Hires Reporter Hannah Dreier to Cover Immigration (6/5/2017)

ProPublica Illinois Builds News Staff with Three Noted Journalists (5/22/2017)

ProPublica Hires Reporter Isaac Arnsdorf to Cover the Trump Administration (5/2/2017)

ProPublica, New York Daily News Win Pulitzer Gold Medal (4/10/2017)

ProPublica, CPJ Host ‘Dateline-Saigon’ Screening & Talk on Holding Government Accountable (4/7/2017)

ProPublica Illinois Partners with “Beyond Caring” Play on Chicago Temp Workers (3/29/2017)

Reporter Pamela Colloff to Write Jointly for ProPublica and The New York Times Magazine (3/13/2017)

ProPublica Launches Health Care API with Data from Major Investigations (3/10/2017)

Alexandra Zayas to Join ProPublica as Senior Editor (3/6/2017)

Talia Buford to Cover Disparities in Environmental Impacts for ProPublica (2/23/2017)

Louise Kiernan Named Editor-in-Chief of ProPublica Illinois (2/21/2017)

Lisa Song to Cover the Environment for ProPublica (2/8/2017)

ProPublica and Coalition of News Organizations Launch ‘Documenting Hate’ (1/17/2017)

Peter Gosselin to Join ProPublica to Investigate Aging Issues (1/3/2017)

ProPublica Announces Paul Sagan as New Board Chairman

ProPublica to Expand with State-Based ‘ProPublica Illinois’ Unit (12/7/2016)

Andrew Revkin to Join ProPublica as Senior Reporter on Climate Change (11/14/2016)

ProPublica to Take Over Several Sunlight Foundation Projects (11/1/2016)

ProPublica to Co-Host NYC Premiere of “Finding Oscar” at DOC NYC Film Festival (10/31/2016)

ProPublica Expands Its Data Sales Business, Announces New Partnerships With Investigative Reporters and Editors and New York Daily News (10/7/2016)

Daniel Golden to Join ProPublica as Senior Editor (9/19/2016)

ProPublica and Coalition of News Organizations Launch “Electionland” (9/8/2016)

ProPublica, Virginian-Pilot Convening Asks: Has Agent Orange Hurt the Children of Vietnam Vets? (6/7/2016)

ProPublica, University of Virginia to Host Talk about Reporting on Rape (4/7/2016)

ProPublica to Host Washington, D.C. Forum on Nation’s Broken Patient Safety System (2/29/2016)

ProPublica Will Run Campaign Finance API with Updates in Real Time (1/28/2016)

ProPublica to Host Talk with VICE News Journalist Jason Leopold at Rutgers University (11/18/2015)

Rob Weychert to Join ProPublica as Editorial Experience Designer (11/12/2015)

Newseum to Host Talk with ProPublica and PBS Frontline Reporters on New ‘Terror in Little Saigon’ Investigation on Slain American Journalists (11/06/2015)

Forums at Washington Univ. & New America to Focus on ProPublica’s “Color of Debt,” Policy Solutions (10/29/2015)

Celeste LeCompte Named ProPublica’s Director of Business Development (10/13/2015)

Annie Waldman to Cover Education for ProPublica (10/9/2015)

Adam Harris to Join ProPublica as Assistant Social Editor (9/22/2015)

ProPublica Hires Ragan Rhyne as Vice President, Development (9/21/2015)

Cynthia Gordy Named as ProPublica’s Marketing Director (8/5/2015)

Derek Willis to Join ProPublica’s Politics Team (7/8/2015)

ProPublica, New York Times to Host Talk on Role of Data in Reporting on Race (6/17/2015)

Topher Sanders to Cover Racial Inequality for ProPublica (5/27/2015)

Slate’s Alec MacGillis to Cover Politics for ProPublica (4/8/2015)

Editing Veteran Larry Roberts to Join ProPublica (11/5/2014)

ProPublica Hires Jennifer Stahl as Research Editor (10/31/2014)

WDET’s Terry Parris Jr. to Become ProPublica’s New Community Editor (9/17/2014)

ProPublica, the Lens Launch Multimedia Project on Coastal Loss in Louisiana (8/28/2014)

ProPublica Hires Seattle Times’s Hannah Birch as Web Producer (8/13/2014)

Robert Faturechi of LA Times to Cover Campaign Finance for ProPublica (8/06/2014)

ProPublica and Obsidian HDS, the Developer of PharmaShine, to Cooperate on Dollars for Docs Data (6/23/2014)

Cezary Podkul of Reuters to Cover Finance for ProPublica (5/01/2014)

ProPublica Presents Student Photos on Resegregation of Schools (4/28/2014)

David Sleight to Join ProPublica as Design Director (4/24/2014)

ProPublica Hires New York Times Reporter Ginger Thompson (4/09/2014)

ProPublica Wins MacArthur Foundation Award (2/20/2014)

ProPublica Hires Reporters Ryan Gabrielson and Heather Vogell (2/12/2014)

ProPublica Hires Senior Reporter to Investigate Privacy Issues (11/26/2013)

ProPublica Files Motion to Release Court Rulings Authorizing NSA Phone Surveillance (11/12/2013)

Nicole Collins Bronzan Named As ProPublica’s New Director of Communications (8/20/2013)

ProPublica Hires Three New Investigative Reporters (8/12/2013)

Joe Sexton Appointed Senior Editor at ProPublica (1/24/2013)

Robin Fields Appointed To Succeed Engelberg as ProPublica’s Managing Editor; Eric Umansky To Become Assistant Managing Editor (12/18/2012)

ProPublica to Expand News Applications Work With Knight Foundation Support (7/18/2012)

ProPublica Announces Management Succession Plan Effective January 2013; Steiger to Become Executive Chairman; Engelberg Named Editor-in-Chief, Tofel President; Pair to Serve as Co-CEO’s (5/14/2012)

ProPublica and Digital First Media to Cooperate on News Applications (3/21/2012)

ProPublica Welcomes Justin Elliott to its Newsroom (2/3/2012)

ProPublica Hires Social Media Producer (1/12/2012)

Oregonian Reporter Joins ProPublica’s Newsroom (12/16/2011)

ProPublica Names Daniel Victor as New Social Media Editor (10/18/2011)

Mark Schoofs Joins ProPublica as Senior Editor (7/25/2011)

ProPublica Launches #MuckReads, a New Way to Share Investigative Stories (3/16/2011)

ProPublica Hires New Reporter to Join Its Newsroom (3/8/2011)

ProPublica Adds Two Reporters and a Blogger to Its Investigative Newsroom (6/7/2010)

ProPublica Seeks Two More Reporters and a Blogger (9/30/2009)

Sunlight Foundation and ProPublica Create New Foreign Lobbying Influence Tracker (8/18/2009)

Jesse Eisinger Joins ProPublica’s Reporting Team (7/9/2009)

New ProPublica Reporting Network Will Recruit Citizen Journalists for Investigative Reporting (5/20/2009)

ProPublica Announces Investigative Governance Prize Winners (5/19/2009)

ProPublica Announces New Bailout Resource Site With Database, Blog and More (4/15/2009)

The Washington Post and ProPublica Examine Timothy Geithner’s Oversight of the New York Fed (4/3/2009)

ProPublica Adds Amanda Michel to Its Newsroom (3/5/2009)

ProPublica Announces New ‘ChangeTracker’ Tool To Reveal Updates and Changes to Government Web Sites (2/19/2009)

WNYC Radio, The Takeaway and ProPublica Announce ‘ShovelWatch’ (2/6/2009)

ProPublica Announces New Prizes for Investigative Governance (11/17/2008)

ProPublica Complete Initial Staffing (9/2/2008)

ProPublica Announces More Staff Additions (7/10/2008)

More Top Reporters Joining ProPublica (6/5/2008)

ProPublica Announces Additional News Hires (4/16/2008)

Noted Reporters and Web Technologist Join New Investigative Team (2/19/2008)

ProPublica Appoints Journalism Advisory Board (2/11/2008)

Stephen Engelberg Named Managing Editor of ProPublica (12/6/2007)

ProPublica Announces the Formation of a Non-Profit, Investigative Newsroom (10/15/2007)

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