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February 02, 2012 Archives

Freddie Mac’s Regulator Says Trades Were Shut Down Because They Were “Risky”

In a letter to Senator Robert Casey, the Federal Housing Finance Agency said it halted mortgage giant Freddie Mac’s controversial trades because they required specialized risk management.

Why Fannie and Freddie Are Hesitating to Help Homeowners

We explain Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae's role in the housing market, and why it seems as if their actions often go against the interests of homeowners.

Timeline: A History of Red Cross Blood Penalties

The FDA was empowered to impose fines on the Red Cross under a federal court order in 2003. Since then, it has levied over $46 million in penalties for unsafe blood handling and distributing.

$10 Million Fine on Red Cross Highlights Its Troubled History of Blood Services

The nation’s largest supplier of blood has been hit with yet another big fine for longstanding problems with its blood services.

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