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February 22, 2012 Archives

Revelations on NYPD Surveillance of Muslims Contradict Bloomberg Claims

Last summer, New York Mayor Bloomberg said the police department focuses on threats, not religion. A new report suggests otherwise.

New York Court Affirms Towns’ Powers to Ban Fracking

New York communities gain new authority to determine who can frack in their town.

How to Kill the Volcker Rule: Just Add Fat

The Oranto Deal, Explained

A series of small bribes -- less than $120,000 in total -- was allegedly paid so the Liberian legislature would grant two small firms the right to develop or sell concessions to large oil companies. One of those small firms, Oranto Petroleum Limited, sold three concessions to Chevron.

Follow the Money: Payment Trail Reveals Challenges of Ridding Liberia of Corruption

Chevron is investing millions in Liberia, which could help boost the economy of this impoverished African country. But the oil concessions it purchased are marred by allegations of bribery.

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