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This post is part of our ongoing look at patient safety.

In August, we launched an app that makes it easy to search the hundreds of thousands of nursing home inspection reports the government posts online. The reports rank problems at nursing homes nationwide on a scale from A to L, with L being the most severe. 

Today, we updated the app to include an additional 9,570 reports. That brings the total to 144,172, and we plan to update the tool as the government adds additional reports. This time around, we also included a link to information about how consumers can file a complaint about a home with state regulators.

For our reporter Charles Ornstein’s full post describing the update, click here

This article is part of an ongoing investigation:
Patient Safety

Patient Safety: Exploring Quality of Care in the U.S.

More than 1 million patients suffer harm each year while being treated in the U.S. health care system. Even more receive substandard care or costly overtreatment.

The Story So Far

Too many patients suffer harm instead of healing in U.S. medicine. That’s why ProPublica’s reporters have investigated everything from deadly dialysis centers and dangerous hospitals to the failure of state boards to discipline incompetent nurses.

This page allows patients, providers and readers to join the patient safety conversation. Our goal is to find out why so many patients are suffering harm and highlight the best ways to solve the problem. Here you’ll find regular updates, and places to share your stories, views or expertise.

Read all of our posts on patient safety, and find out how to get involved.

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