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Globalizing Occupy Wall Street: From Chile to Israel, Protests Erupt

A closer look at protests in five countries—including the tent occupations that prefigured Occupy Wall Street.

Protesters demonstrate at the Puerta del Sol square in Madrid, on Oct. 15, 2011, during a worldwide demonstration sparked by anger against corporations and government cutbacks. (Photo by DANI POZO/AFP/Getty Images)

At first glance, the synchronized protests that took place in more than 900 cities around the globe on Oct. 15 seemed to indicate that Occupy Wall Street had achieved a kind of worldwide resonance.

But the truth is more complex. Many of the protests elsewhere grew out of movements that pre-date Occupy Wall Street and out of frustrations that, though similar in some ways, are also specific to their countries.

Here’s a look at the origins, demands and affects of five of these global protests, as well as the criticism they’ve faced.

In Chile, Students Protesting for Free Education Occupy Schools

The Santiago protest in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street took place during a week of ongoing national demonstrations. Since May, Chilean students have been staging protests demanding that the government make education free to all.

Secondary school students have occupied their schools, sleeping on the floor and holding their own classes. Last week, protesting students occupied Chile’s senate building in Santiago. Hundreds of thousands of people have participated in marches over the past six months. At times, the protests have become violent, with police using tear gas and water cannons on the protesters, and “masked assailants” setting fire to a city bus.

Opinion polls show more than 80 percent of Chile’s citizens support the protesting students, who also have the backing of labor unions and teachers. Government officials, including the president, have resisted the demands, saying the government cannot afford to pay for education for all students.

In Israel, a Summer Protest Against Rent Prices, Cost of Living

Protesters in Tel Aviv returned Oct. 15 to Rothschild Boulevard, the site of a summer occupation that prefigured the Occupy Wall Street movement.

During those demonstrations, which began July 14, hundreds of people set up tents along the most prestigious street in Tel Aviv’s financial district to protest the high cost of rent. Government ministers mocked the protesters, calling them “sushi-eaters” and “nargila [hookah] smokers with guitars.”

But over two months, demonstrations against Israel’s high cost of living brought out a record-breaking numbers of participants. A march on Sept. 3 drew 450,000 people, or roughly six percent of Israel’s population. In response, Israel’s prime minister proposed reforms, and, when they were rejected as insufficient, assembled a task force to consider ways to improve the standard of living for Israel’s middle class.

Tel Aviv’s tent city was dismantled earlier this month.

In Spain, High Youth Unemployment Rate Sparks Tent Occupations

The idea for a global day of protest on Oct. 15 was originally proposed by participants in Spain’s 15-M or “Los Indignados” movement.

The “indignados” movement began in May, when hundreds of protesters set up tents in Madrid’s historic Puerta del Sol, and others gathered elsewhere to protest Spain’s extremely high unemployment. Overall, unemployment was at more than 20 percent, and youth unemployment was at nearly 50 percent. On Oct. 15, tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.

Like the Wall Street protesters, protesters in Spain faced criticism for having no clear demands and using the protest as an excuse for a big party. Madrid’s tent city, which largely disbanded in June, was leaderless and had a legal advice tent, a library, a kitchen set up to prepare donated food. It also had a general assembly where participants made decisions through consensus on issues such as how to deal with police or complaints from neighbors. Some neighboring merchants were not enthused about the occupation, but, as in New York, the 24-hour pizzeria didn’t seem to mind.

In the UK, Occupation Follows Protests on Education Cuts, Riots Over Police Brutality

Over the past year, the UK has seen major student protests over rising school fees, as well as violent riots and looting this August after a young black man from a low-income neighborhood was killed by the police.

In comparison with the roughly 50,000 protesters who turned out last November to demonstrate against tuition increases, the Occupy London Stock Exchange movement is small: an estimated 600 people are camped out by St. Paul’s Cathedral, and a smaller cluster have gathered near London’s Royal Bank of Scotland and JP Morgan buildings. (At times, an estimated 2,000 protesters have gathered at the encampment. There also have been smaller protests in other cities across the UK.)

The encampment has prompted the closure of St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is reported to be considering legal action to dislodge the protesters.

Like those in New York, the Occupy London protesters have been criticized—by the Mayor of London, among others—for not having a clear set of demands. A Guardian reporter who spent a few days at the encampment reported that “a few of the key facilitators in last winter’s student protests haven’t come down” because “they’re not sure it’s radical enough.”

But the reporter, Patrick Kingsley, concluded that the lack of demands may be part of the point: “If anything, the camp itself is their demand, and their solution: the stab at an alternative society that at least aims to operate without hierarchy, and with full, participatory democracy. And to be fair, in its small way, it kind of works,” he wrote.

In Germany, a Country Less Burdened by the Financial Crisis, Protest May Reflect Fears for the Future

In Frankfurt, Europe’s financial center, roughly a hundred protesters are currently camped out in front of the European Central Bank, and at least 4,000 more took to the streets again last weekend to protest the banking system. (Smaller numbers protested in Berlin.)

The protests, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, have been greeted with some bewilderment by commentators. While the American protests have focused on the nation’s increasing inequality and wealth disparity, Germany “has one of the most equitable distributions of family income in the world,” according to Foreign Policy magazine. German youth are not saddled with student loan debt, the Wall Street Journal points out, and have a very low unemployment rate of 9.7 percent.

Trying to explain the reason for protests in a country “largely unscathed by the global financial crisis,” German newspapers suggested that there was “bitter disappointment” that state bailouts of banks did not result in reforms to the financial system, or that the protests were forward-looking, sparked by “young people who are afraid that the debt crisis is robbing them of their future."

It’s the “we want, what we want when we want it and don’t want to pay for it” movement … sure to be a hit with the taxpayers in these prosperous economic times.

Watching this movement develop here - which coincidentally is about the same timeframe the Tea Party formed after the ‘08 election - my sense is this is a grass roots reaction by people who believe they are disenfranchised and their issues will not be addressed via the gopvernment.  This could be a reaction to the 2010 election which rendered the national government dysfunctional, ultimately leading to a downgrade of U.S. Treasury bonds.  Many protesters here talk about other issues like student loan debt - reportedly about $1.5 trillion and rising - the lack of job opportunities, “bought” government, an outdated and unfair tax structure, freeloading companies that live off corporate welfare, etc.

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 25, 2011, 1:58 p.m.

Some occupiers assert major corporations are corruptly stealing resources from the average citizens of the world.

The Bush and Obama administrations have repeatedly failed to prosecute anyone for these crimes.

I filed evidence and a request for a Special Prosecutor in Federal Court that can be seen by pasting :

A brief summary of the evidence includes :

(1) Wachovia Bank laundered $378 billion for Mexican drug cartels that are responsible for 35,000 murders. No one was prosecuted !!

(2) Bank of America, American Express Bank International and Western Union also laundered drug money and no one was prosecuted.

(3) AIG, JP Morgan Chase, MetLife, Prudential, Unum, rigged huge bids and no one was prosecuted!!

In 2006 the Securities Exchange Commission wrote :

“AIG will pay in excess of $1.6 billion to resolve claims related to improper accounting, bid rigging and practices involving workers’ compensation funds.”

No one was charged with a crime for this huge bid rigging !! Two years later AIG received $182 Billion to bail them out !!

While huge bids were being rigged injured workers lives are being destroyed.

WFAA-TV wrote :

“a remarkable number of Texans committed suicide because they could no longer endure the pain caused by their injuries and they had been repeatedly turned down for worker’s comp care.”

(4) AIG received a Second Non Prosecution agreement for Aiding & Abetting Securities Fraud !!

(5)  JP Morgan also received a non prosecution agreement for bid rigging in 32 States on July 6, 2011.

(6) AND JP Morgan received another agreement from the SEC. Here are quotes from ProPublica :

“The $154 million settlement the Securities and Exchange Commission wrested from JPMorgan Chase involved only one of more than two dozen mortgage securities deals that the hedge fund Magnetar helped create.

(7) Prudential paid $600 Million in Securities Fraud Fines

(8) Here are more AIG and Prudential Fraud Agreements

Here are quotes from an article seen at Risk.Net :

“The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has reached a $12.2 million settlement with reinsurance firm General Re over charges of involvement with accounting frauds at insurers American International Group (AIG) and Prudential Financial.

(9) Prudential Insurance, Unum Insurance, and MetLife also committed similar bid rigging violations regarding health care plans and have received multiple Non Prosecution agreements !!

(10) Multiple Insurance companies caused Mass Suicides, Deaths and Endangerment in Five Different Types of Insurance as They Ignore Multiple Sclerosis, Brain lesions, and Cardiac Conditions of Many Patients.

I pray all average citizens including the occupiers will be able to help restore justice and Democracy in the U.S. and world. Unless more average citizens get involved there is little hope for justice.

I sometimes get attacked for posting evidence and writing that I pray God will help us. In case that happens I will say :

(a) The evidence linked above has been filed in federal Court

(b) The focus should be on the evidence of numerous corporations repeatedly committing dangerous crimes including Wachovia Bank laundering $378 billion for Mexican drug cartels that are responsible for 35,000 murders. No one is being prosecuted !!

(c) I really don’t know how to respond to anyone who attacks me while ignoring the overwhelming evidence of so many lives being destroyed because the U.S. government protects dangerous and deadly corporate crimes. I’m certain some of the attackers are working for the corporate criminals.

I try to respect others opinions including their spiritual beliefs, and I hope people will respect my belief that since so many laws are being turned upside down, I believe we should still seek justice because God wants us to do that; and at the same time I believe God is our only hope.

The insurance companies destruction of Lives and Laws is so severe Professor’s wrote articles including these quotes from Joseph Belth, Professor Emeritus for Indiana University :

“They’ve turned Erisa on its head,”  “It was supposed to protect employees, and it’s being used to protect insurers.”

I hope someone who is on a Federal or Local Grand Jury will see the evidence I’ve posted and seek indictments of the major corporations who repeatedly commit crimes, and seek indictments of the Government officials from both parties who protect the corporate crimes.

The Presidents and DOJ’s of both political parties pretend that fines equal to a small percentage of the profits of the crimes are all that is needed. The corporations keep committing the crimes and the only hope of justice is for citizens who are members of Grand Juries to seek the indictments as law allows them to do.

The question is a straw man. Anyone living in the USA, and not of the 1%, understands that OWS is simply calling for ‘justice’. Justice in employment, housing, healthcare, childrens’ nutrition, and education.

OWS is also demanding justice in the criminal justice system. If a hungry person shoplifts a loaf of bread, he or she is locked up. Not one of the purpetrators of the banking meltdown has been prosecuted.

The movement is off the ground. It’s too late to try and diminish its efficacy and credibility by pretending ignorance.

It is startling just how little class consciousness there is in the US. What links all these protests? C’mon now, think about it. Ready? The answer is capitalism.  Every grievance listed above is endemic to capitalism.

But I certainly didn’t expect a website founded by “ex” Wall Street Journal folk to acknowledge such a reality.

Dave, I don’t think these problems are necessarily endemic to capitalism, unless we define capitalism to exclude rule of law.  Nobody honestly stands against someone putting in work or having a great idea and making more money from their surroundings.

The objection, as I see it, is to the abuse of capitalism.  We have “markets” where the rule of law doesn’t exist.  We have “free markets” that some participants are allowed to manipulate.  We have rules that ban meaningful competition to protect the incumbent megacorporations.  The list goes on and on, and that’s the problem—the business world is entirely divorced from our reality, except when the amoral business holds its hand out to claim more of our time, labor, or resources.

That’s what Frank is talking about, and if it’s not what the protestors are, it’s certainly what they think they are.

The people who ‘want, want, want’ a handout from the taxpayers, as you say, are also taxpayers.

In fact, if you paid any taxes last year, you paid more than GE, Exxon Mobil, Bank of America, Citigroup, and several others combined. Some of those even got a rebate from the U.S. government. It’s about the deck being stacked against ordinary people who work hard but, because of structural inequalities, can’t get beyond living hand- to- mouth. Nobody is asking for a handout, they’re asking for a level playing field.

On 10/17 Real Clear Politics posted an item excerpted from ‘Mother Jones’ stating that Occupy Wall Street was in fact organized by a Canadian group or publication called “Adbusters.” If this is so, then it is not so spontaneous as claimed. Watching the evening news in New York, it is very clear that it has become the backdrop for the politico/economic agendas of all kinds of groups attracted by heavy media presence.

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 25, 2011, 3:45 p.m. was listed as a sponsor on the Occupy Wall Street homepage. They removed the sponsors from the home page one day after mentioned the sponsors.

I have not confirmed the following, but I have read that primarily supports Democrats including President Obama.

If you look at all the Non Prosecution agreements listed in my first comment above and look at the website I linked you will see huge contributions these corporations gave to Obama. They probably gave Bush big money too when he was in office.

I believe Republican Party leaders who are owned by corporations have done their best to take over and/or benefit from parts or all of the Tea Party. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn is an example in Tennessee.

I hope and pray the Occupy movement will not let Obama and the Democratic Party benefit from the Occupy efforts. Obama is also owned by corporations. There is no other way to explain his allowing Wachovia to launder $378 billion for the murderous cartels and then prosecute no one at Wachovia ass een in my first comment.

Average citizens on Grand Juries can seek indictments, and massive indictments of Corporate criminals and the Government leaders who protect them is the only thing that will stop the overthrowing of the U.S. and world governments, as seen at :

Most of you over analyze and over complicate the situation. What unites the 99% is that people are simply sick to death of the corporate takeover of every aspect of their lives—health, food, education, politics, you name it. Money and profit over humanity, and no one held accountable for all the related criminality. A revolution has been a long time coming.

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 25, 2011, 5:02 p.m.

Senator Bernie Sanders recently wrote this about the Federal Reserve :

“The most powerful entity in the United States is riddled with conflicts of interest,”

Now we need to see many indictments !!

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 25, 2011, 5:10 p.m.

Hi Susan,

I like your succinct summary. That would be a great title for many related Grand Jury indictments.

Through representing myself Pro Se I have learned that specific evidence must be presented on all counts, and what I have posted above and linked is a small percentage of what’s available.

(While I was having surgeries and biopsies I filed a complaint that led to the conviction of Tennessee State Senator John Ford. He received a 13 year prison sentence in Federal Court.)

I post evidence here because I pray individual citizens on Grand Juries will seek indictments since the Feds are protecting the crimes.

I hope Susan and many commenters like her will be on a Grand Jury someday soon. You will probably need to keep the DOJ and U.S. Attorneys from blocking any attempts to indict everyone “accountable for all the related criminality”.

Until then many citizens will keep seeking justice, and many like myself will also be praying that God will bring justice and relief from the heartless people who have stolen control of the U.S. and world governments.

I wrote about today’s events long ago.
They were then, in the forms of thoughts only.
Attached excerpts you may like to read:
After close and refined observation of my Canadian or “good and bad parts of our AmeriCanda” (although at present, unofficially both are of the similar economic, cultural conditions and values etc., may become a proposed joint-name for a borderless piece of land of North America…...........
am writing about all the above and following ‘highly beneficial to the public (and ensuing global public) interests’ with a very sincere intention of helping everybody including myself by my accidental discoveries of how a “breaking new form of governance” can rapidly and easily make the world a much safer and better peaceful place by only the generosity of the Crown. The change is quickly possible by the Above Crown only because any other actual head of governments among all of the governments of the world is in comparison, either less strong or more unstable. And the weaknesses of the fake-benevolent power holders in the name of governance are noticeable in the upcoming uprisings of many countries (A to Z; e.g.: recent Egypt) which are slowly, at these globally current developing stages of communication, generating enough awareness for the ensuing ‘more than ever transparency seeking global public’.

I am once again attempting to clear confusion, if there is any for anyone, by affirming that it is not a topic of bloody revolution but an possible easy and peaceful method of finding solutions, in advance, for inevitable conflicts between ‘old styled governance in the disguise of the public representatives’ and ensuing ‘new informed global public’ by removing destructive mentalities, first from our Canadian Government, then USA and eventually from the rest of the world to transform the planet earth into one peaceful ‘Humanitarian-Global-Village’: where there won’t be built nuclear and all types of mankind-killing weapons anymore and anywhere in any part or piece of a land or country of this world; internationally or nationally official lies won’t continue to be legalized and majority of public, in general sense (of currently ‘developed countries’ and future-‘one Global Village’) do not have to lie, in imbalanced manners, on a daily basis regarding almost all matters concerning commonplaces. Good governance will, surely and nevertheless, still be needed but more desperately for the reformed new ‘ones’ and my personal opinion is: the Crown of Canada can become better than anyone, therefore, why look for better? Just recognize humanly greed to make it an open secret for both the gainers and the observers and at the same time let it be balanced and tolerated. Instead of dreaming of importing something of unknown back ground, ‘keep the familiar old Crown without risk’ and just for the purpose of maintaining royal luxuries, provide it with enough Canadian minerals and oil fields (a few capitalist shrewd human will always, in any given time, be in the possession of these), in an open secret manner, and it will survive and protect self and all of ours AmeriCanda. Others with much more of resources or minerals and oil fields (or religious earnings) etc. shall inevitably be in serious troubles with ensuing “new global public with improved ‘belief system(s)’ inside their brains” and may perish forever from the (‘old-styled-systems’-generated in a ‘self-destructive default vicious cycle’ and simultaneously based on it) collective blind beliefs of limited numbered groups of human beings.


Please be informed that all the material, semi-material and unnatural things on this planet are nothing but products of human creativities of mortal minds. Making of primary laws by wise individuals {including the ones made by human in the name (fraudulently) of Omni-powerful: Creator} were necessary to achieve control over and maintain balance, in the positive direction, of personal interests and activities of uncivilized populations of the past. At this current century, We (Canada-America and the developed west) are either heading towards imbalanced-state of extremity or somehow being misdirected by human negativities or greed of money, powers etc. and the rest of the rapidly-developing world(3rd) will soon follow the same trend unless we (ours AmeriCanda) do something great soon
to maintain our greatness and moreover, for the sake of our own recognition as the greatest of all. If we fail to avail the opportunity soonest by modernizing our, once-secret and now open, methods (avoiding all kinds of hidden dishonesties) of governance to establish better than what is being copied by or we have taught the ‘Third world’, then we may either have to compromise our leading status or let our flag become only a permanent symbol of lost glory.

Claudia Richner

Oct. 25, 2011, 6:29 p.m.

Need more reality?  Read Retirement Heist by Ellen E. Schultz
an investigative reporter for The Wall Street Journal.

You can’t run the government like a business.  Economics say slash services, cut workers, intimidate unions, slash benefits, lower minimum wage, temp work, outsource.  Americans want our tax dollars to go to keep going into good things (not the wars) we want our tax dollars to keep going to where its always gone- education, health and food programs for the indigent and elderly and the unemployment programs that helped shield people from an economy struggling to replace vanishing jobs. People are struggling to find full time decent paying jobs and skipping meals is becoming more and more part of middle class existence.  The government and their corporate sponsors need to show a little compassion and awareness for what their policies have caused. Starvation and desperation is what austerity cuts look like.

Fabulous!  Yes, the unrest around the world is because 1% of the global population controls 40% of global wealth, just as in America.  Too few greedy people handling too much money with virtually no regualtion.  This must change before protests prove dangerous to those who think they are entitled to run the world at the expense of the rest of us.

Anyone who is delusional enough to think this is a “we dont want to pay for entitlements” movement is both delusional and probably too old to realize that they benefited from educational investments that older generations have systematically deprived from our generation to the benefit of the Boomers.

The singular theme throughout these protests is dissatisfaction with the distribution of benefits towards those who already benefit the most. Students are protesting the higher cost of education, the lower availability of government support for education, and the higher cost of living, along with the lack of available jobs upon graduation (this applies to engineers and english majors, not just “loafers” as some have characterized.)

The Boomer generation, sitting fat and happy on degrees paid for by opulent government support in the 1950s-1970s, critique the younger protesters as lazy, forgetting that the vast majority of that generation spent a good part of the college years occupying administration buildings rather than spending time in the class room…all at a time when a degree in History could actually get you a job that paid a salary and offered a pension.

That same generation has systematically shifted government distribution of capital towards itself. Boomers have forced government to cut costs on education locally and nationally in America to the benefit of increasing and maintaining costly and antiquated medical support for retired persons. They have cut taxes on themselves to the detriment of future generations for the sake of themselves, now, to such an extent that they have literally destabilized our national economic well-being and risked the full faith and credit of the US government.

These protests are about one thing: a desire to return to the status quo that led our parents generation to accumulate a reasonably stable living, without fear of summary termination, without worry of obsolescence at the hands of software or off-shoring, and with a reasonable expectation that, sometime around the last decade of our lives, we might actually be able to enjoy the fruits of a half-century of labor without having it swallowed by corrupt banks or politically inept decision-makers in our halls of government. It isn’t too much to ask that 1% of our country pay a fair share to make sure that the rest of the country get a fair chance to make a start at a decent living.

The organizations and publications that are pushing this are either left of center or far left.  It’s the same old coalition that protests the Iraq war etc.  The new nitch is organized labor.

If you’re not sure about what the ‘Global Occupy Movement’ stands for, methinks this guy is pretty clear:

“Wall Street Isn’t Winning – It’s Cheating.”

Susan hits the nail on the head: The Occupy movement is the exercise of frustration over human beings having been made subservient to legal entities in our representative government. 

We have moved from “We The People” to “Political Funding Is King.” 

To change this,, sign this petition suggesting an amendment to make “We The People” the stated and primary beneficiaries of our Constitution and its Amendments:

J. Fisher your comments are painfully innacurate and divisive. If you collected all the Baby Boomers you’d find few of them included in the one percent. By definition, most are part of the 99% and they are a significant portion of the structurally unemployed because they were the auto workers, electricians and even office workers whose jobs have gone away.

Further, a lot of us Baby Boomers are unable to camp out, but we are in significant numbers supporting OWS in other ways.

I at first thought you might be a plant from the other side sewing seeds of doubt and mistrust. I don’t think those tactics will work as well any longer. We’ve been well educated by the ‘right’, by the neo-cons, and the Republicans, over the last 30 years to the tactics they have used so well to eploit the sytem by dividing the people.

If you are part of this growing movement to Justice, I ask, respectfully, that you revisit some of your ideas. If you are a spy from the other side, we’ll keep an eye on you.

Barry, I hope your health issues are over and you’re feeling well.

Peter Broderson

Oct. 25, 2011, 8:42 p.m.

In the New Scientist a study of over 30 million International corporations where controlled by a mere 150 Super Corporations. Of 37 major US Banks, 4 Super Banks have controlling interest in all the rest. We have the 7 Super Energy Companies, 7 Super Food Companies. This is World Monopoly. They the 1% feel they control the earth and all its people and its resources. If this was the game Monopoly they are the winners no matter how unfairly they played the game.

Life is not a game! There are almost 7 millions of us in the 1%. We all have to be born, grow up, deal with health problems, become educated about the world around us, and try to find a way to make a living, all the while also trying to understand this magical experience we call life.

All Countries have there 1% and all countries have their own Multinational Corporations. If these sources were properly TAXED,  there would be all the money needed to rebuild our aging infrastructure, offer free or low cost public education, as well as a Universal Health Care System. This is what a “Peoples Before Profits” world would look like! }

Very well said, Peter. And exactly.

The Native Americans say the “real war” is between those who are plundering the planet without remorse and the rest of us. I concur.

Very well said, Peter. And exactly. The Native Americans say the “real war” is between those who are plundering the planet without remorse and the rest of us. I concur.

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

If you are puzzled about the protests in Germany, all you have to do is to look at the EU situation.  Economic globalization was supposed to float everyone’s boat; that is to raise the quality of life in the poorer nations.  Instead globalization threatens to lower the tide in Germany, as the ECB bailouts the PIIGS.

Who wouldn’t be upset?

Now, the U.S. Federal Reserve is allowing transfer of nearly $1 trillion of credit default swaps from Merrill Lynch to Bank of America, so that the counterparties will be covered by FDIC insurance.  Anyone smell another bailout by the U.S. government?  Perhaps ProPublica should alert its readers.


Because of today’s developed information tech. the public in every corner of the globe is able to keep pace with my fellow Canadians and Americans by learning “previously never ever discovered matters of‘invisible power (which is a positive thing and surely not negative like IMSs do)” and all knowledgeable relative questions and answers about it: what, where, when, how, why etc.” and thus help establish and prevail ‘ensuing world leading the possible very best and honest system of self-governance’ by ‘better learned and developed global public’, unlike the ones of the past, most of who had lived their lives at the mercy of terror-causing humans but cunning rulers of human populations; in the similar ways as still can be observed in the deep forests or jungles of animals that are intellectually below human (the best of all animals created by original and genuine mysterious power beyond all human understandings) and of course far below the developed (or yet to be more developed in the time ahead) human races of present time.} 

Based on just common sense, public discussions can generate awareness in the same way or more as the Noble-Prize winners of this century can do or the so called or thought powerful but fake religious leaders of the old (time) have done with bouncing lies in the past. [Recently, I became very shocked when (and after) watching a Nobel-prize winner: banker Mr. Yunus of Bangladesh, on Canadian TV, telling smooth lies on practical facts of banking policy(ies), actual impacts of average interest rate and human lives in Bangladesh where I (was born and) came from.]...........

Ultimately, this movement is about the growing disparity of income and opportunity between a small elite monied class which wields undue influence over social and government policy and the middle class.  In essence it is a crisis over democracy itself.  Whose interests does the government really represent?

Great story, but you have omitted rallies and protests in Greece.

Frank, I sympathize with your position, but in broad strokes and in the general case, Fisher is unfortunately right.  It’s the existence of the Baby Boomer generation that turned Social Security from a safety net into a reward and turned pensions into 401(k)s.  While it’s wrong to blame individuals of the age group (just like it’d be stupid to blame individual teenagers for the current market shift from ownership to subscription, even though their demographic is the reason for the change), it has been the driving force of (or at least the excuse for) political and social change in many ways, and has been very destructive.

I take Frank’s point to be that the policy direction needs to change—that we shouldn’t be pushing safety nets into private hands to prop up the stock market and stop treating seventy-year-olds like burdens—rather than that there’s something wrong with people of certain birth years.

Peter, the problem goes well beyond just money.  When you only have a handful of companies at the top (and if you can lay your hands on the original paper New Scientist refers to, by all means do, it’s a great read), but also authority over media messages, food formulations, the technologies that live or die, and more generally the culture that we have access to.  That’s just as much of a worry.

As to who might be supporting the movement, I think the lack of public leadership implies that they’re not listening to any funding—there’s no “face” in the media, or even a consistent mission statement.  I could be wrong, but money tends to concentrate, and those concentrations tend to be more visible.  Whether you believe the claims, Climate Change is big business, for example, and you see it in how Al Gore is the centerpiece.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone trying to subvert it (there will surely be loser politicians in 2012 rebranding themselves as “99% candidates,” just like the Tea Partiers lost their voice to extremist Republicans), or even that my interpretation is right, but it’s the way I’d bet.

Looking for better coverage of the protests?  I’ve been on the ground floor of this entire thing by reading the Militant, Truthout and the American Communist Party(yes it still exists).

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 26, 2011, 11:32 a.m.

I thought about something Susan wrote :

“Money and profit over humanity, and no one held accountable for all the related criminality. A revolution has been a long time coming.”

I greatly appreciate Susan’s thoughts.

Please consider this; I believe any efforts to correct the criminality is not a revolution. I believe our government has been overthrown and the only legal way to get it back is through massive grand jury indictments that are initiated by average citizens who are on Grand Juries.

The Justice For All Act of 2004 is another option. I will be filing some of those in the future regarding all the evidence seen at my links posted in comments above. Any citizen can file them in Federal Court.

The first one I file will probably be regarding Obama and Bush’s DOL and DOJ doing nothing after seeing proof that Multiple Insurance companies caused Mass Suicides, Deaths and Endangerment in Five Different Types of Insurance as They Ignore Multiple Sclerosis, Brain lesions, and Cardiac Conditions of Many Patients.

Every American who wants to see how far the corporate murderers will go should review the Judges quotes seen at :

Then they should review see how Obama and Bush ahve protected these crimes in five different types of insurance as seen at :

There were arrests in California and Georgia yesterday.

I’m concerned that some people who are innocently expressing their thoughts and/or frustration online or in person may be arrested for inciting a riot.

That’s why I believe it is important and accurate to say that our government has been overthrown and the only legal way to get it back is through massive grand jury indictments that are initiated by average citizens who are on local or Federal Grand Juries.

I do respect Susan and anyone who believes this is a revolution. I am concerned that many will be hurt and martial law may be imposed legally or illegally. It is encouraging to see that so many people are aware and will hopefully get involved with legal action. I have seen the U.S. and world governments enable the corporate destruction off so many lives seeking the best relationship with God and seeking justice on earth has become my top priority.

(Thank you to Frank for your best wishes regarding my health)

I really hope someone will get the evidence I’ve compiled to a Grand Jury. Please be sure to add Goldman Sach’s and all the other corporations that have received Non Prosecution agreements as listed by ProPublica and others.

We are witnessing huge treasons and insurrection against the laws of the U.S., and so many lives are being destroyed. As Susan wrote :

“Money and profit over humanity, and no one held accountable for all the related criminality”

J. Fisher:  As a “Boomer” myself, I resent your comments that seem to blame all of us for the problems of today.  I got my college degree, and I paid for it (in fact, I’m STILL paying for it through my ridiculous student loan).  I work full time at the age of 66 and can’t even THINK about retiring any time in the near future.  I would LOVE to retire and give a younger person my job, but economics the way they stand is preventing that totally.  The Boomers had NOTHING to do with the problems of today…our past administrations had EVERYTHING to do with what’s happening to us.  Most Boomers are NOT sitting on their silk couches drinking mimosas and watching their 52” flat screens, trust me on that one!!

As for the “Occupy” group….I’m with them 100%.  This is an “I’m pissed and I’m not going to take it anymore” thing!  I couldn’t agree with them more!  Too many of our politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike are owned by big banking, big oil, big pharma, etc.  We have the best government that money can buy.  They no longer HAVE to listen to their constituents—to heck with us!  They know that to hang on to their jobs….they have to pay the piper (or the corporations that hand them the big money disquised as “lobbyists.”  It sickens me, and it sickens my friends also!  There is NO equality in our government any more—NO democracy in any way, shape, or form.  And…again, to blame the boomers for this is ridiculous!!  We aren’t the ones who want, want, want…we’ve learned to live with what we have.  You don’t see us standing in long lines waiting to get the newest IPhone, etc.  Most of us are perfectly happy with our simple little cell phone and our home office internet, etc.  So, your comment is totally out of line and stupid!!

How naieve to think that protests and demonstrations “just happen”.  They’re made to look that way for effect.  Spontaneity is a myth. Example.  Radical groups in Palestine and other locations have, within the last year,  taken classes and have listened to paid consultants from the U.S. on the subject of non violent protest and civil disobedience.  When was the last time anyone had their neck sliced open by a radical Isamic group? This is now passe’.  In this country, the radical Left has been taking a back seat to the Tea Party.  They needed to break out of their hole.  Hence, the Occupiers!

Two new wrinkles to the Occupiers.  They are now engaging in anti-Jewish rhetoric and civil-disobedience ie. failure to follow police orders, disperse etc. . The major media, especially CNBC is still in their court.

Economists Agree:

“The Only Way to Save the Economy: Break Up the Giant, Insolvent Banks”

Barry Ritholtz - The Big Picture (They commited Fraud, Fraud, and More Fraud)

Rock and roll, Barry Schmittou! Your evidence summary really gets to what I see as the core of Occupy. It also gets to the heart of God, who hates, hates, and hates such corrupt practices. So I think you’re doing God’s work; don’t ever back down!

Inigo Antolin

Oct. 27, 2011, 8:11 a.m.

Please, stop that thing that Spanish protests did not have proposals. You link the article to the Economist. I sent to this magazine a document in English with the proposals of the Economy Group 15m in Madrid. They never replied.

James B Storer

Oct. 27, 2011, 10:03 a.m.

Susan:  Wonderful, clear comments.  You are a gem.

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 27, 2011, 11:37 a.m.

Thank you very much J Paul Sank !! Your mention of God and your encouragement means a lot to me.

I pray you will provide the evidence to your family and friends and church groups because I recently saw where many of the most successful actions for justice have a foundation in the church.

Many very intelligent people believe the corruption that is occurring is random.

I respect everyone’s right to their beliefs, at the same time I pray that everyone will consider the following :

Ephesians 6:12 mentions the powers and principalities and wickedness in high places that we are fighting in this world.

I believe that’s the only way to explain how identical, intricately planned complex crimes (that are destroying many and endangering every life on earth) are occurring in almost every country in the world.
Now they are not even trying to hide the crimes, and the Government almost never prosecutes tremendous corporate crimes !!

Examples of Powers and Principalities :

In addition to the 32 Non Prosecution Agreements in 2010, numerous reports seen on and many more news sources indicate the following :

(1) Multiple corporate leaders made huge commissions by allowing loans that were certain to fail

(2) They bundled these faulty loans and fraudulently resold them as top rated A+ loans

(3) At the same time they placed financial bets that these bundles would fail.

(4) This played a huge part in the U.S. and global financial collapse, and hundreds of millions of lives are being destroyed because of this.


If a man or woman shoplifted $10 worth of food to feed their hungry children they would be prosecuted almost every time, but Wachovia laundered $378 billion for mass murdering cartels, and no one was prosecuted by Obama.

More evidence of powers and principalities :

AIG paid $1.6 billion in fines/payoffs to the Bush administration for rigging huge bids to increase workers comp policy sales. No one was prosecuted, and this occurred during the time that WFAA-TV wrote :

“a remarkable number of Texans committed suicide because they could no longer endure the pain caused by their injuries and they had been repeatedly turned down for worker’s comp care.”

The DOL has seen all my evidence, but they will not lift one finger to stop the obvious identical crimes that are destroying many lives in five types of insurance as seen in my first comment above.

Evidence of powers and principalities continues :

ProPublica wrote this about DBA War Zone insurance :

Labor officials can recommend cases for prosecution to the Justice Department–but have only done so once in the past two decades, according to Labor officials.”

“CNA withheld portions of the investigators’ findings when it submitted the claims to the Labor Department, court records show.”

The insurance companies destruction of Lives and Laws is so severe Professor’s wrote articles including these quotes from Joseph Belth, Professor Emeritus for Indiana University :

“They’ve turned Erisa on its head,”  “It was supposed to protect employees, and it’s being used to protect insurers.”

Every American who wants to see how far the corporate murderers will go should review the Judges quotes seen at :

Then they should review see how Obama and Bush have protected these crimes in five different types of insurance as seen at :

Then please review the evidence and a request for a Special Prosecutor in Federal Court that can be seen by pasting :

Here are some Bible quotes that I hope everyone seeking justice including the Occupiers will consider and hopefully follow. I recently found these when I google searched “Bible quotes on justice” to be sure I am trying to following the right path :

Romans 12:15-18

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with one another. Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly. Never be wise in your own sight. Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all. If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.

Isaiah 1:17

Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.

Jeremiah 22:3

Thus says the Lord: Do justice and righteousness, and deliver from the hand of the oppressor him who has been robbed. And do no wrong or violence to the resident alien, the fatherless, and the widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place.

Thank you again for witnessing for God J Paul Sank, I pray God continues to bless you and yours !!

As mentioned I pray you will provide the evidence to your family and friends and church groups because I recently saw where many of the most successful actions for justice have a foundation in the church.

You betcha, Barry! Last night I already sent the first summary to my neighborhood Occupy. Now I’m sending the second, and I’m packaging the first summary together with the second, hoping I can get my local church——on board. YES!

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 27, 2011, 2:29 p.m.

Thank you J Paul !! My contact info is below.


(You or someone you know will be on a Federal Grand Jury soon)


Twelve year old San Diego Boy kidnapped in Mexico, he was forced to execute four people, he decapitated them !!

Please paste

(Remember Wachovia laundered $378 Billion for the cartels. Obama prosecuted no one !

One profound statement is a United Nations quote from England’s Guardian Observer News:

“At the height of the 2008 banking crisis, Antonio Maria Costa, then head of the United Nations office on drugs and crime, said he had evidence to suggest the proceeds from drugs and crime were “the only liquid investment capital” available to banks on the brink of collapse. “Inter-bank loans were funded by money that originated from the drugs trade,” he said. “There were signs that some banks were rescued that way.”

I have so much evidence. Please remember I filed a complaint that led to the Federal conviction of State Senator John Ford in 2007

Here’s a quote from WSMV TV about Ford’s initial indictment in 2006 :

“Schmittou’s ethics complaint is what led the state to turn the case over to the attorney general’s office and ultimately to a federal grand jury ending in today’s indictment.”

I have had surgery on both eyes, and it is very difficult to respond via email, but J Paul if you would like to contact me in person please email barryschmittou @

That is my secondary email address, I try to remember to check it every day or two.

My goal is to get indictments by local of Federal Grand juries. I have tons of evidence, but right eye cancer removal plus left eye surgery make me unable to discuss it much (especially typing ).

As time allows I will try to work with people who are taking action like J Paul Sank is doing.

I do appreciate people who discuss the problems but my vision causes me to only have time to seek action.

The Justice For All Act of 2004 is another option. Any citizen can file them in Federal Court.

Additionally, citizens can request an appearance before Grand Juries in some states including Tennessee. I appeared before the Davidson County Grand Jury in 2004.

( It takes repeated efforts !! )

Within one minute I knew the Grand Jury foreman would not seek justice. They refused to investigate.

A year later I added evidence from the Memphis Commercial Appeal, and I filed a Senate ethics complaint that caused State Wide headlines and TV coverage and led to the indictment and conviction of Ford.

The Senate considered the violation to be a technicality, but the media coverage caused citizen outrage regarding Ford illegally pocketing $888,000 from the State’s Health Care program.

Citizens assertively complaining to legislators is what caused my complaint to move forward !!

There is so much evidence of so many crimes it is easily overwhelming !!

The best combination of evidence I have is seen at :

Obama and the U.S. Attorney General received certified copies of that Court filing, and Obama’s DOL and DOJ Directors received emails with the filing.

There is additional evidence (some overlapping) about Wachovia’s $378 billion laundering seen at

The most succint website I have shows Judges quotes that prove doctors paid by MetLife ignore life threatening medical conditions.

Obama’s DOL Directors in Washington read that evidence and sent me a letter that said stopping violations is their top priority, but they took no action even though they are very aware that doctors’ paid by MetLife ignored :

(a) Ms. Jacquelyn Addis’s Multiple Sclerosis,

(b) A foot that new mother Joanne Vick broke in five places,

(c) Cardiac conditions of many patients,

(d) And repeatedly endangered psychological patients to the point that U.S. District Judge Richard Enslen wrote :

“Metlife and its henchmen should appreciate that such conduct may itself precipitate the suicide death of a person who has placed implicit trust in their organization. This record is an open indictment of MetLife’s practices and treatment of the mentally-ill and long-term disability benefits.”

** These quotes are seen by pasting :

You can see how Multiple Insurance Companies Endanger Lives in Five Different Types of Insurance by pasting :

A Grand Jury can also reach me by contacting the U.S. Attorney Jerry Martin in Nashville. He and Obama received certified copies of my Court filing that is seen at :

You or someone you know will be on a Federal Grand Jury soon. please don’t forget that Wachovia laundered $378 billion for murderous drug cartels and no one was prosecuted. I have volumes of evidence compiled !!

Thank you again J Paul !! God bless you !!

What people should be advocating is the separation of state and businesses.

I believe in this for the same reason I believe in the separation of church and state.

We know what happens when church and state mingle, now we know what happens when you mingle businesses and state.

Wake up. Businesses are buying politicians because they’re allowed to. What if they weren’t allowed to? Where would that change have to start? At the government level, not on Wall Street.

J Paul Sank

Oct. 27, 2011, 6 p.m.

Well said, Luke! “Separation of state and business”, oh yes, I love it. It resonates even more when I think of my readings about the bizarre situation that occurred when the Church hopped into bed with Constantine. So many problems have flowed from that, which is why I prefer to study Bible interpretations that were written *before* that time, and anything after that time I’m more prone to question.

“Separation of state and business”, yes! Considering how hyper-zealous people get about church-state separation, I’d dearly love to see the same zeal applied in the name of your principle enshrined.

Luke, you are the Thomas Jefferson of the 21st century!

What we are experiencing in this country is the consolidation of power.  Fewer and fewer big players, and hazy lines between these players. It’s beyond scary.  The players are the giant corporations, unions, giant banks and the giant federal government. I agree with Luke about the need to separate government from business.  Likewise unions.  We also need to cut the size of the federal government by eliminating unnecessary departments. How much money does the IRS cost to operate?  How much money does the Department of Education cost to operate? Airport Security?  So many of these departments began as political plums and grew into MINI-STATES.

This is incredible. As a 63 year old man I am encouraged and excited to see so many young people involved in this movement.

Some of my offbeat but relevant comments:

What is facilitating peaceful global atmosphere for guaranteed but slow Cosmic-transition (automatic) to take place, abolishing permanently and forever by honest but open ‘tit for tat’: means the acts, perpetrators or mentalities of barbarian style: Somalian pirates, creating global public awareness by the only effective powerful tool of Western electronic Medias, through portable cheap digital devices, about the importance of learning how to discover human qualities in own individual and collective minds (to be used for humanity on this planet: the Earth without any kind of religious help of any of the religions) such as: forgiveness, tolerance, unselfishness, patience, generosity {e.g.: for changing the out of date: blasphemous laws that promote violence, killings (recently, one-the only Christian public leader of a piece of land in Pakistan became a victim: targeted after motivated by trivial non-sense beliefs of some negative dogmas or taboos and has been killed in the similar king-style: suppression of the past: when one could face ridiculously harsh sentences like death penalty for simply expressing one’s artistic talents or own feelings love or hatred for present or past or future political or religious leaders with ferocious or questionably elusive personal characters etc. And such non-sense administration of laws are still in practice even in the higher courts of the civilized West)} joy of co-existence or sharing etc.. Probably that is why, recently in a Canadian TV broadcast, for the public interest, it has been clearly shown that an American female physician, for her personal safety, went into hiding in the mountains of the south after having close contacts with a mentally dangerous and unfailingly determined group of American individuals which, she believed, connected by name with: Vanderbilt University of USA,  to have access to the World Health Organization’s Vaccination program and have planned a massive slow dying or ‘soft killings’ of globally spread undesirable mankind, except its own race only through an easy, possible and undetectable method of contaminated injections. Such things explain why ‘to be gradually borderless’ ensuing ‘public of better wisdom’ in a liberated happy global atmosphere of one mixed culture, would inevitably feel uncomfortable about any type of gathering of voluntarily isolated groups of individuals wearing distinctive identical outfits or hair-coverings such as: bonnet, toque, turban, pieces of cloths to hide forehead, chin, beard etc.. For generating awareness only the good heads of the Western Governments have the power to use the highly effect electronic Medias in the appropriate direction.

A well communicated member of the modern day Public can easily understand why it is deplorable when the IAHs or the governing heads of the West, which e.g.: advised or planned crackdown on violent protesters (Imported young men? Whatever it is but adoption of violence by either side is never supportable by any wise and sane minds because any government negativity may only beget multiple negativities of suppressed public anger in both short and long terms and to be honest, the Police could have removed or dispersed the crowd of violators by more honest means) of recent G-20 summit in Toronto (Which could also be held quietly and pleasantly in a remote country-side with enough safety-protections), under what kind of logical explanations, should encourage the protesters of overseas to be sentimentally violent against any of the governments of foreign lands with or without manipulating the powers of Medias? Global public is already suspicious from recent crackdowns in the West and would immediately lose its faith, if it finds out any clue of dishonest means or exaggerations of Medias and then, there won’t be much of a good outcome to personally benefit the invisible original planners. It inevitably happens all the time because there is another Highest Justice of Omni-powerful: the Creator of Cosmos. And the silent punishments take places on very personal levels that can be known by none publicly. When nothing happens after death, then, who cares among the all present at the bed-side of a dying bad leader or adviser about how the soul or living body functions of the dying person (who planned and/or participated in the killings of many human souls that were unwilling to perish) was feeling at the time of death!

Dave, I almost agree, but I don’t think the size itself really matters except to the extent that inertia sets in and makes it hard to stop things.  The real problem is an institutional lack of responsiveness.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are statements, for example, that the government fails to listen to the people at its own peril.  It guarantees that people can stand up for what they believe in, call the government out when it’s wrong, and fight the government when it’s very wrong.  Copyright threats are being used to stifle political speech (see the “Free Bieber” campaign, which is surprisingly funny).

Like anti-trust suits, it’s not the size, per se, that matters, it’s the use of that size to exploit us to “feed the machine” rather than use it to protect us from exploitation.  And that happens because those in power don’t fear our opposition.

Great roundup. Regarding the Chilean demonstrations, however, I think it’s important to highlight that occupation of schools has been a common feature of the protests since May. At one point, secondary and university students had occupied more than 200 schools nationwide. (See my article for the Americas Society here:ñera_Takes_on_Education_Reform/)

While the Occupy movement has certainly resonated worldwide, it’s also true that one of the most unique features of the U.S. protests is not their size and influence, but that they took so long to arrive. Massive protest movements are common occurrences throughout Latin America, and much of the rest of the world.

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