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What ProPublica Is Covering This Year

We are digging deep into the most pressing issues of our country — and we want your help.

Lucas Waldron and Nadia Sussman in ProPublica’s New York newsroom. (Claudio Papapietro, special to ProPublica)

We cover many things at ProPublica, from the border, to health, to police abuse. But all of our work is ultimately about one thing: holding the powerful to account. We do it through rigorous, precise journalism. It takes time, but it all starts with listening.

That’s why we’re laying out what we’re covering. If you have tips, documents or data on any of these issues, contact us.

Business and Industry

Patricia Callahan: “I investigate hidden hazards in our homes, on our roads and in our workplaces. Send me tips about defective products and other dangers that businesses and regulators have failed to correct.”

Jeff Ernsthausen: “I use code and stats to expose systemic injustices caused by business practices and government policy.”

Michael Grabell: “I write about how business decisions affect workers and consumers around the world. If you have information, I’m listening.”

Daniela Porat: “I cover business for ProPublica. Send me tips about consumer product safety.“

Anjali Tsui: “I’m following the money. Help me hold corporations and special interests accountable.”

Big Tech

James Bandler: “I am a business writer reporting on the role of Big Tech in defense and intelligence contracting. I’m also looking at private espionage and the resource extraction industry. Whistleblowers and industry hands of all stripes are welcome to talk to me.”

Renee Dudley: “I cover tech and its intersection with business, politics and criminal justice.”

Jack Gillum: “I cover the intersection of technology and civil rights, with a focus on secretive algorithms and criminal justice. Help me find the black boxes used to control our daily lives.“

Jeff Kao: “I am a data scientist covering the impacts of machine-assisted decision-making at scale and using data analysis to find stories hidden in plain sight. Tell me about artificial intelligence and surveillance technologies you see deployed in the wild and interesting datasets that might contain evidence of fraud or misconduct.”

Ava Kofman: “I cover technology, with a focus on privacy and criminal justice. This year, I’m curious about how automated systems might be transforming your workplace.”

Health Care

Marshall Allen: “I’m continuing my series, the Health Insurance Hustle. Americans pay insurance companies to make sure their medical needs are covered — and at a cost they can afford. But games, side deals and hidden incentives often result in higher costs, delays in care or denials of treatment.”

Caroline Chen: “I cover health care. I want to hear from patients, doctors, industry insiders and lobbyists.”

Sophie Chou: “I use statistics and data science to investigate abuses of power. Send me tips about algorithms behaving badly, the health care industry and more.”

Adriana Gallardo: “I’m an engagement reporter. In 2019, talk to me about reproductive technology and family planning.”

Nina Martin: “This year I’ll be focusing on issues facing low-income pregnant women, new mothers and babies — and how the policy choices we make end up affecting all Americans, especially women.”

Civil Rights and Criminal Justice

Ken Armstrong: “I write a lot about the law. But I’m open to anything. Pitch me. Bonus points for stories in the hinterlands.”

Rachel Glickhouse: “ProPublica and Documenting Hate media partners will continue to report on hate crimes and bias incidents in the United States.”

Claire Perlman: “This year, I’m looking at all the issues people with disabilities face in housing, transportation, education and every other part of life.”

Jess Ramirez: “I’m covering marginalized communities and the issues they face. I’m looking into the lack of accessibility for people with disabilities. I’m also interested in the rights of adoptees.”

Topher Sanders: “In 2019, I plan to write about criminal justice and civil rights.”


Dan Golden: “I want to hear your best ideas about higher education and espionage/national security.”

Lena Groeger: “I turn complicated ideas into visual stories using data and design. This year, I’ll be covering inequality in schools and beyond.”

Annie Waldman: “I’m digging into civil rights issues in education, for-profit colleges, student debt and academic conflicts. Have ideas, tips or documents? Contact me.”


Jessica Huseman: “I cover elections and the way they work. Tell me who is making voting harder or less secure.“


Lisa Song: “I cover climate change. This year I’m looking at carbon emissions and efforts to curb them.”

Talia Buford: “I’m digging into environmental justice issues in New Jersey. Got ideas, tips or documents? Let’s talk.“

Government and Federal Agencies

Heather Vogell: “I’m writing about President Trump’s business entanglements in the United States and abroad.”

Isaac Arnsdorf: “I’m investigating how the administration is delivering on Trump’s promises to veterans, farmers and workers.”

Jesse Eisinger: “I’m interested in Trump administration’s approach to the rule of law, to corporate enforcement and regulations, taxes, and the Internal Revenue Service.”

Justin Elliott: “I’m covering the Trump tax law — how it was crafted and its effects on people and companies.”

Peter Elkind: “I’m covering Trump, particularly the intersection of politics and money.”

Robert Faturechi: “I will be reporting on the military and national security. Get in touch and tell me what we should be digging into.”

Hannah Fresques: “I use statistics to uncover abuses in government and industry. Share data with me on consumer finance, criminal justice and more.”

Paul Kiel: “I’m continuing my coverage of the IRS. Send me tips about all things taxes.”

Ian MacDougall: “This year, I’m reporting on the world of consulting firms, especially where it intersects with government agencies. Talk to me if you’ve worked for a consultancy in the last few years — or for a company or government agency that’s worked with one recently.”

Jake Pearson: “I’m reporting on the business interests of officials inside and around the Trump administration.”

Derek Willis: “I’m covering the institution of Congress and how lawmakers do their jobs. I want to hear your ideas about how to better understand your elected representatives.”

Eric Umansky: “I help steer our administration coverage and our ‘Trump, Inc.’ podcast with WNYC. Is there something in that realm we should know? Reach out.“


Hannah Dreier: “I cover immigration. I’m digging into mental health care in detention centers.”

Ginger Thompson: “I plan to write about what’s actually happening at the border — on both sides.”

Local Reporting Network

Beena Raghavendran: “I’m a reporter thinking about how to connect our journalism to local communities around the nation. How do you want to be engaged with news in your city? And if you’re a local journalist or newsroom who’s thinking about this, too, we should talk.”

Alex Mierjeski: “I work on accountability stories in communities across the country with the Local Reporting Network. Tell me about the untold stories in your neighborhood.”

Setareh Baig: “I do visual storytelling using design and code for 14 local newsrooms across the country to uncover abuses of power in their communities.”


Hannah Birch: “Are you at the intersection of editorial, code, design, product and revenue? Let’s talk about innovating in journalism.”

Jess Ramirez

Jess Ramirez is an engagement reporting fellow for the Scripps Howard Journalism Fellowship.

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