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ProPublica Is Hiring a Web Producer for ProPublica Illinois

ProPublica is looking for a sharp-eyed, detail-oriented web producer to join our new Chicago-based newsroom covering Illinois.

Why you want this job: You’ll be integral to the newest chapter of one of the most exciting news operations in the country. You will be part of a new newsroom that will run independently from, but in close coordination with, our operation in New York. You will work in tandem with reporters, editors, and other designers and developers to put together story packages that are both exemplary pieces of journalism and forward-thinking in terms of design and execution. ProPublica’s Design & Production team values inclusive, user-focused design, a mobile-first approach, and documentation. We do not adhere to the idea of service desks or assembly lines.

A typical day at ProPublica might find you:

  • Coordinating with editors and reporters to keep the story schedule on track and up to date
  • Formatting and posting the latest articles via our CMS
  • Making photo and art selections to accompany what we publish, and coordinating schedules with photographers and illustrators we commission
  • Editing HTML and CSS to implement and refine story layouts and site features

Skills needed:

  • Ability to write clean, effective HTML and CSS
  • Ability to communicate design ideas through writing, whiteboarding, and common design tools such as Sketch
  • Intermediate Photoshop or equivalent
  • A solid design eye

The ideal applicant is highly organized and detail-oriented. She cares deeply about editorial content and making the best selections possible to support the material we report. This is not always a 9-5 job. Story publication times range widely and sometimes require short bursts of late night and weekend work.

We are dedicated to improving our newsroom, in part by better reflecting the people we cover. Therefore, ProPublica is committed to diversity and especially encourages members of underrepresented communities to apply, including women, people of color, LGBTQ people, and people with disabilities.

This is a full-time position based in ProPublica Illinois’ Chicago newsroom, with competitive salary and benefits. To apply, fill out this form. Be sure to include a link to your portfolio or work you feel is most relevant. Have questions? Email

The deadline for applying is March 31.

Contact ProPublica

155 Avenue of the Americas
13th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10013


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