UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to today’s breaking news about the closing of News of the World, the Guardian’s Alan Rusbridger could not join us in editing MuckReads.  However, this morning he sent us some of his favorite stories and we will feature some of those.

Today our #MuckReads feature will be guest edited by three journalists who are well-versed in the News of the World phone hacking scandal: Alan Rusbridger (@arusbridger), Editor of the Guardian; Don Van Natta, Jr (@DVNJr), investigative reporter at the New York Times, and Sarah Ellison (@Sarahlellison), Contributing Editor at Vanity Fair.

#MuckReads curates the day's essential accountability stories, discovered and shared by our reporters and editors, and readers. We’ve asked our guest editors to share the most essential and informative reads about the phone hacking scandal. Throughout the day, they will tweet what they think are the most interesting and seminal pieces about the phone hacking scandal. Their recommendations will be shared by us on #MuckReads and @ProPublica.

The Guardian has some background on the scandal, which Slate’s Jack Shafer tweeted “is unspooling like a Brit noir. Murder, political corruption, cops on the take, crooked journalists, dirty detectives"

Full disclosure: Sarah Ellison is the wife of ProPublica senior reporter Jesse Eisinger (@esingerj).