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Why a Gruesome Pennsylvania Abortion Clinic Had Not Been Inspected for 17 Years


A police car is seen posted outside the the Women's Medical Society in Philadelphia, on Jan. 20, 2011. (Matt Rourke/AP Photo)

While this week's indictment involving a grisly abortion mill in Philadelphia has shocked many, the grand jury's nearly 300-page report also contains a surprising and little-noted revelation: In the mid-1990s, the administration of Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge, a pro-choice Republican, ended regular inspections of abortion clinics—a policy that continued until just last year. 

According to the grand jury report [PDF] released this week by Philadelphia prosecutors, Pennsylvania health officials deliberately chose not to enforce laws to ensure that abortion clinics provide the same level of care as other medical service providers.

The District Attorney’s office this week charged an abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell, with murder and infanticide. Nine other workers at the abortion clinic, the Women’s Medical Society, also face charges. According to the prosecutors, Gosnell and his associates not only broke state law by performing abortions after 24 weeks—they also killed live babies by stabbing them with scissors and cutting their spinal cords. Law enforcement officials found blood-stained furniture, unsterilized instruments and fetal remains scattered about the clinic. At least one woman, a refugee from Nepal, had died under Gosnell’s care after being given repeated injections of a dangerous sedative. Prosecutors said Gosnell made millions from treating and sometimes maiming his patients, who were mostly low-income, minority women.

But perhaps most frightening of all? The atrocities were discovered by accident, as the Philadelphia Inquirer points out. Warnings—from patients and their attorneys, a doctor at a Philadelphia hospital, women’s health groups, pro-choice groups, and even an employee of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health—failed to prompt state and local authorities to investigate or take action against the clinic.

The grand jury report said that one look at the place would have detected the problems, but the Pennsylvania Department of Health hadn’t inspected the place since 1993. Here’s the grand jury report, in surprisingly strong language:

The Pennsylvania Department of Health abruptly decided, for political reasons, to stop inspecting abortion clinics at all. The politics in question were not anti-abortion, but pro. With the change of administration from Governor Casey to Governor Ridge, officials concluded that inspections would be “putting a barrier up to women” seeking abortions.

“Even nail salons in Pennsylvania are monitored more closely for client safety,” the report states. "Without regular inspections, providers like Gosnell continue to operate; unlawful and dangerous third-trimester abortions go undetected; and many women, especially poor women, suffer."

According to the report, the policy change occurred after 1993 when attorneys under the administration of then-governor Tom Ridge "interpreted the same regulations that had permitted annual inspections for years to no longer authorize those inspections." Thereafter, only inspections triggered by complaints were authorized. The report noted that Department of Public Health officials reinstituted regular inspections of abortion clinics in February 2010. Ed Rendell, the Pennsylvania Democrat whose second term as governor ended last week, released a statement saying he was "flabbergasted" when he learned of the department's lax scrutiny of abortion clinics and immediately ordered increased inspections, the Associated Press reported.

Still, the earlier policy had its defenders. According to the grand jury report, when the Department of Health's chief lawyer was asked about it, she responded, "People die."

Given that between 30,000 to 40,000 abortions are performed each year Pennsylvania, it’s unclear how many women have been put at risk in the almost two decades that regulators suspended regular inspections of abortion clinics in Pennsylvania. The grand jury report does note that many organizations perform safe abortion procedures and have high standards of care, but that’s “no thanks to the Pennsylvania Department of Health.”

The state’s Department of Health did not comment on the matter but said it would forward our request on to the governor’s press office. We've also left a message with Tom Ridge's spokeswoman. We’ll update if they respond.

Gregg Wilkins

Jan. 21, 2011, 7:58 p.m.

Please do not listen to this loony. This “Whistleblower” has been negatively portraying Abbott Labratories for the last few months after his employment was terminated due to theft and workplace sexual harassment.

His message of the threat of child exploitation in America rings true, but it is cowardly in how he uses it to push forth his hidden agenda.

Kathleen Sebelius would probably hold a clue for an answer to that question.  I mean, she has experience in covering up bad juju.  She covered for George Tiller and she vetoed laws to make abortions safer and facilities cleaner.

She’s on Obama’s team along with all the other radicals he hangs out with.

When Tiller got executed, rather than accept some of the blame (for keeping him from being dealt with legally, i.e. she covered for him) she was quite vociferous in her blaming Scott Roeder.  I don’t approve of what he did but I can understand how seeing someone get shielded when he was doing bad stuff can end up having far-reaching consequences.

I forget sometimes that not everyone is aware, actually few are, that much of George’s activity violated the law.  He was not the champion of women he was painted to be.  He was a good business person and he had a profitable business that afforded he and his family many luxuries and also afforded him the ability to help Sebelius financially with her campaign funds, hence his invitation to a private party at the governor’s mansion - his staff too.

I dont “buy” abortion period, which is I realize an incendiary statement but I am what I am and I am honest and don’t play word games. 

But the facts are that Tiller broke the law often, “adjusting” the age of the baby (not fetus) so that if it went over the limit he could scale it back a bit and squeeze in under the wire.  He did not have, as he was required to do, an independent physician to verify / review that the regulations were followed regarding whether or not the mother would suffer damage physically if the pregnancy continued.  In stead he had someone of questionable repute whose only job was what she did with Tiller, she had no outside office, everything was handled internally.  She was his rubber-stamp.  A very renowned and respected east coast physician spent a great deal of time reviewing the reasons given by those Tiller performed abortions on.  He was prepared to testify that he found it rare indeed that there was any potential harm other than that the mother, often a teenager, would have had to make life adjustments, i.e. not go to the prom, have to give up football games, etc.  Being disappointed with the circumstances you find yourself in, he pointed out, is not the same as being in physical peril.  He said many people find themselves in positions where changes/adaptations need to be made, life is tough all over but you roll with it.  This is a very close approximation I haven’t checked the tally lately, but about 98% of the abortions Tiller performed were on perfectly healthy babies who posed no threat to the mother’s health and many were into the “viable” stage as is the case in this Pennsylvania case.

I guess its also inconvient to have a baby that survives an abortion when you meant to erase the problem. 

This Pennsylvania case is disgusting for sure, but he’s not the first person who has killed a baby born alive.

Oh, one important detail I left out, the east coast physician was not allowed to testify since he was given a gag order to stifle the “unpleasant truth”.  Sebelius has long arms it seems.  Even her replacement after she was promoted ? to her Secretary of Health and Human Services job had very much the same views and was no friend of those trying to expose the harmful and illegal abortion industry.

Basically she stacked the deck in Tiller’s favor.  Now she is (somewhat ironic, imo) Secretary of “health” and “human” services.  When she vetoed laws to make abortion facilities safer and cleaner she didn’t seem to be all that into safety imo.  And the health of her little victims was in the tank.

@Greg, you don’t make a good case for yourself when you quickly intercede to downplay what Chris Harding has to say.  If there is nothing to his story, let it come out, but to step in and advise everyone to ignore him is exactly the kind of thing that happens in these cover-ups.

Remember, this Pennsylvania case managed to avoid being accountable and thus scrutiny it would seem. 

One of the first weapons used (witness the claims about Obama’s citizenship - they quickly came up with the “CRAZY BIRTHER” label.

Trying to influence others to ignore him, in my opinion, does not put you in a positive light.  It’s also one of the weapons of choice if someone is “singing” too loudly, to come up with some negative thing about him/her whether its that he is a pedophile or a con artist, or whatever. 

If you get caught in a lie, its proved that a common reaction from the liar is to accuse the other person of something thereby hoping to negate/nullify what he/she said.

In fact, psychologists have said that if you think your mate is cheating on you and you confront him/her with it, if his reaction is to get mad and blow up on you, accusing you, then he’s probably guilty.  PROBABLY, no one should be presumed guilty because there are many ways to make somebody look guilty of something.  I could write a book.

@Chris, it doesn’t seem quite fair to me that after all the nefarioius and deadly activities and death suffered at the hands of this man, it doesn’t seem right to me for you to step in and say “oh never mind that, here’s what’s really bad”.

Both scenarios are bad (pedophilia, etc. and illegal/deadly abortions.)

The babies deserve to have their day, they died in silence and it was covered up till now and so it needs to come out.

Aloysius Miller

Jan. 22, 2011, 8:57 a.m.

The pro-abortion crowd found this excusable because this clinic was fulfilling Margaret Sanger’s eugenic vision and it was being carried out by a man and a staff that was so convenient for that vision. “What could have been wrong with that? ” they must have thought.

Where were the “whistleblowers” in this case?  In the huge medical bureaucracy, there were surely hundreds who knew these clinics were operating with no inspections.  Shame on every one of them for not getting this story out and saving countless lives.

This article leaves a lot to be desired. 

It implies that Tom Ridge had some connection with the decision to cease abortion clinic inspections, but, at the same time, claims that it was driven by pro-abortion politics.

If that’s the case, it’s unlikely that Ridge played a part in it at all. This is either poorly-written or intentionally murky.

Despite what some feminists are now saying, that of course killing a baby ouside of the mother is murder, in fact a very large element of the pro-choice movement, including Obama as an IL State Senator, have opposed exactly that.

I see a bright line connecting outlawing parental notification of when a minor has an abortion, with this case—-the “right to choose” overrides even the right to life of the mother.  Anything that might infringe the former, even in the tiniest or most hypothetical way, is to be verboten, even if it risks tha latter.

Craig—the article is an accurate reflection of the grand jury’s report, which is available online:

This is a direct quotation from that report:
nstead, the Pennsylvania Department of Health abruptly decided, for political reasons, to stop inspecting abortion clinics at all. The politics in question were not anti-abortion, but pro. With the change of administration from Governor Casey to Governor Ridge, officials concluded that inspections would be “putting a barrier up to women” seeking abortions

@Marty, call me daft but I’m having trouble understanding your meaning?

Obama is clearly not sympathetic to the situation unborn infants are in.  After all, he struck down the Born Alive infant protection act.

He also said (there are videos on you-tube wherein he says this) that its not fair to the mother after all the trauma to demand that a second / verifying physician be called in.

You know, this is a selfish “me” society we live in and that is ample evidence of the same.

So what if its hard on the mother to get a second opinion.  It’s hard on the baby who is getting killed as well.

Facts are (and please, save me the Rape scenario as that is a miniscule percentage so doesn’t apply to most) you got yourself pregnant, you were “mature” enough to engage in conjugal activity but you want a “get out of jail free card - “its too hard on me”” opt-out from responsibility when the inevitable happens.  Information is readily available moreso than my day and I doubt there are few of us around who don’t know where babies come from.

Life is tough all over, if the mother is “traumatized” with answering the questions of a second-opinion physician - tough shit I say.  i don’t wish bad stuff on anybody, but with all the focus on the mothers right to choose for her own body, we have seen as evidenced here there is precious little consideration to the infants right to choose to live and breathe.  And the infant is the only one in the whole thing that is purely innocent.  It never agreed to anything, it just came about and is in essence in a holding cell while the mother decides if she finds him/her convenient or not.

I’m tired of the selfishness that end up with people having indiscriminate sex (as witnessed by the number of women who have had multiple abortions so are using it as birth control) or sex with ulterior motives, i.e. “maybe he’ll marry me or shack up with me or ask me to move in with him”.  GROW TF up.

This is about the point where someone steps in and tells me I am a self-righteous sanctimonious busybody who ought to mind her own business.  But stories like this demonstrate we need more sanctimonious busybodies of that is the label you care to use.

Obama has a terrible track record, he’s a cold fish when discussing abortion, he doesn’t want the female (she is not a mother) to be upset with too many details, just get the abortion overwith.

“People die.”  Yes, 30 to 40 thousand per year in Pennsylvania alone, according to the article.

A chilling thought is that a mother who has chosen death for her child and who has died in the midst of her evil act with no chance of repentance has gone directly to judgement.

@jeanneb - read the report of the grand jury.  There is a link to download it, its very long several hundred pages.  It gives testimony to the fact that there was ample opportunity to be aware or to investigate and right down the line there was a failure to follow-through as they should have.

The current thinking seems to be that abortion is “private matter” and we should back off and let the professionals handle it.

I disagree obviously.

There will be a $25,000 award going to a whistle blower who worked at an abortion clinic who raised the alarm bell.  That award is from a pro-life charitable organization and is to be given out this weekend if I recall correctly.  I’m glad she finally stepped forward to tell what she knows and save some lives, however her view of herself as a heroine seems to be somewhat in question if you are “rewarded” for coming forward.

Doesn’t anyone do the right thing anymore because its the right thing?  I don’t think she deserves accolades as she is getting paid for coming forward and so the heroine label seems a bit misplaced.

Yes, I can be a self-righteous “busybody” according to some peoples view of me but like I said, if we had more self-righteous busybodies doing the UN-PC thing of being a busybody these things wouldn’t be happening.

The grand jury report is an excellent expose of how we failed, right down the line, one after the other for a decade or more to shut this thing down long ago.

The grand jury in Kansas which was to investigate Tiller finally gave up and said as much in that the authorities (remember Sebelius) did not help or even cooperate in supplying the necessary documents to make their decision and so they gave up, sadly, not because they wanted to but because they had no alternative.

@Craig - forget the article and read the Grand Jury report, it is a tell-all who’s who and leaves little if anything to the imagination.

@Aloysius…. that’s something that more people ought to be aware of.  Margaret Sanger, an avowed racist, felt that someone needed to step in and control the population.  Someone needed to (I wonder who) decide whether or not you were of sufficient class and breeding and quality to procreate.  NOW THAT is a busybody.  By what measure do we decide who is of sufficient caliber to procreate?

Anyway, Margaret Sanger got the ball rolling and Planned Parenthood (which is an awfully friendly sounding name imo considering what it does) was the product/ off-shoot of Margaret Sanger’s work.

Adolph Hitler’s disgusting interest in doing experiments on women, especially twins, of a biological nature and of which few survived was a low-mark for humanity.  And the facts are that some of those same people responsible for the experiments under Hitler’s SS were imported into the United States after the war and we traded secrets about what we knew about eugenics.

As recently as 1970 the United States was conducting involuntary sterilization against those who it deemed (as Margaret Sanger expressed) not fit to be parents.  That’s a slippery slope to go down when you put anyone in charge of deciding who can and who can’t be something based on judgments of character.

A baptist preacher and a factory worker, for example are probably going to have far different ideas about what constitutes a worthwhile and moral person.  Who decides what indecent dress is?  Decisions of morality are dangerous.  Decisions about quality.  Who decides?  The upper class people who view the working class as “grunts” to do the dirty work?

To the commenter, Craig, I believe, who questioned the accuracy of Tom Ridge promoting pro-abortion policies, the truth is that Ridge was a pro-choice, in fact extremely pro-choice governor.  The irony is that he was an otherwise strong conservative from the GOP, while his predecessor, a liberal Democrat on many issues, was adamantly pro-life.  As a conservative pro-life woman, I have much more respect for my former governor and fellow pro-life activist Bob Casey than I do for my also former governor Tom Ridge.

They told me if I voted for John McCain that they would be performing abortions at dirty clinics in what amounted to baby murder and endangerment of desperate mothers.

So I voted Libertarian. It happened anyway.

Chris Harding

Jan. 22, 2011, 1:32 p.m.


Actually, I earned three Vice-President’s awards at Abbott Laboratories, optimized my process, and left the company on my own because of the horrific illegal activity. Also, Abbott Laboratories is currently being investigated for illegal activity, which includes an executives attempt to have a Baltimore-Sun reporter beaten.

It is interesting that “friends of Abbott” like to follow me online and call me “looney” while my work was so appreciated that the CEO personally visited my project.

I always mention whistleblower because sexual trafficking, meth trafficking, murder-for-hire, etc are due to stupid criminals, white collar included, and corruption. In addition, people have attempted to murder me.

As Eugene, Oregon, perpetrators told me. It is all about “marketing”, really.  In my opinion, this “Medical Doctor” engaged in sociopathic murder of babies to make a profit. Sadly, white collar criminals will use criminal networks, meth traffickers, corrupt police, sexual traffickers to murder or attempt to murder others. The same criminals will then “market” the opposite and act as “pillars” who attempt to minimize activity. As I mentioned in my document to the US House and Senate, I volunteer to be interviewed and interrogated by the Reids, take a lie detector test, and undergo PET or Functional MRI for lie detection. In contrast, my sociopathic perpetrators have said they can just “lie” and “market”.

I didn’t say “never mind” this doctors actions. Sadly, many expect others will not read all posts and “take the word” of another. This is a very common method of “marketing” a whistleblower or any other honest person as “looney”. The same can be used on any person who is affected by a “mob”, and an Abbott Laboratories Executive asked to have a “mob” to beat-up a Baltimore-Sun reporter. As mentioned, I have endured and reported both physical and emotional abuse by “friends of Abbott”.

In truth, many children are being trafficked in the USA for sexual labor. Fixated pedophiles prefer “young children”, approximately 7 years old, and many children are disposed of after trafficking and sexual slavery. The FBI estimates that “100,000” kidnapped children are trafficked in the USA for sexual labor and the numbers are growing. The latter suggests some children are being murdered and replaced by pedophiles and traffickers.

In my case, I have been bullied continuously and it does not matter where I live. In addition, corrupt citizens have suggested that meth could be planted on me and their corrupt police could arrest me. In every location, Pleasant Prairie/Kenosha, WI, Chicago, IL, Eugene, Oregon, and Pendleton, Indianapolis and Anderson, Indiana, I have endured corrupt police. Although sexual trafficking is horrific in all locations, it is severe in the Pacific Northwest and one must assume Eugene, Oregon, is a part of the trafficking route.

When considering many “meth traffickers” are transitioning to “sexual trafficking” and perpetrators use children in their disgusting bulling, I would not be surprised to discover that corrupt police know about both.

These people murdered “live” babies according to the article. Sexual traffickers and “secret” pedophiles do the same. Therefore, there is a correlation between my subjects.

Sadly, many “pillars” will use their resources when an “invisible ring” is available.

If you had bothered to read the entire article, you would have read that pro-abortion groups blew the whistle on the conditions at this clinic and it was the state health agency that did nothing about it.

Abortion clinics serve a purpose.  And if a woman chooses to have an abortion that is her business and her doctor’s—NOT YOURS.  I have never seen an anti-abortion supporter adopt a dumpster baby or push for legislation that would help these infants who are abandoned by their mothers.  Once the fetus is born, you don’t care what happens to the child.

You want to lower the abortion rate in this country?  Then make sure that every woman has access to birth control.  The choice of when to conceive should be left to a woman because it is her body and she must raise the child since very few men will take an active role in raising their child.  And if they divorce their wives, they pretty much throw their children out with the bath water and will not even pay child support.

These clinics need to be regulated and regularly inspected to insure the patient’s health.

@Joan…. If you bothered to read what contributors wrote you would see that no one blamed in on anyone other than those who are charged with overseeing these kinds of facilities.

As for whether it is any of my business what anyone does, I suppose you would have said the same thing to those, most obvious example, in the death camps at Treblinka, Auschwitz, etc.  I will always pay attention to what other people are doing when it concerns innocent babies.

And please, save me from your sweeping judgments of divorced fathers, I know of two fathers in particular who want to spend time with their child except the ex-wife views the children as her property so she constantly makes up excuses, ‘forgets’, and when they do finally get to see the children they have to be prepared to here all the negative things she’s been pouring into their heads about how evil their father is.

We all need to care about babies, yours, mine, theirs, whoever. I will always care and I will always pay attention.  DEAL WITH IT.

Why is no one pointing out that Obama supported and endorsed born-alive abortions?

@Chris, yes I made reference to that “trick” as well.  It’s a sure fire giveaway there’s something to hide when the first thing they come out swinging with include, among other accusations, statements about the person being crazy, etc.  It happpens all too often and I hope people will be careful who they choose to believe without any investigation or independent thoughts of their own.

Does anybody remember Senator Eagleton?  He was a very viable, popular guy who was going to make a run at the white house until someone dug up the fact that he’d been treated for depression.

As enlightened as people are or should be since we have access to information about everything on the net, its still the dark ages to some where depression or any other mood disorder that can be embellished on to discredit someone, very sad.

Obama came out opposed to the protection provided in the relatively new Born Alive Bill.  The quotes are all over the net and some videos.  Obama is not interested in the welfare of babies.

“As for whether it is any of my business what anyone does, I suppose you would have said the same thing to those, most obvious example, in the death camps at Treblinka, Auschwitz, etc.”

Are you seriously comparing a woman making a decision of her own free will whether or not to conceive and/or carry out a pregnancy to being imprisoned and subjected to forced medical experimentation and/or execution? Seriously? Agreeing with one in no way means you would “say the same thing” about the other. Serious lapse in logic there.

@Kajsa….sweetie, my logic is in good working order don’t worry about me.

You apparently don’t grasp the use of analogies.  I am not saying anything or the other was worse, I’m saying both were atrocities and no one acted.  In both cases there were people around who had to know what was going on but everyone just minded their own business.

Of course with your limited reasoning power I can see how that flew right over the top.

I love it when trolls and sock puppets replicate themselves, good show!

Why all the Obama references? He was not in office in 1993. Anyway, This is the shit that happens when we let the government take control of everything. This is just another case of governmental bureaucracy bullshit. It just sits a little heavier because it has to deal with a very controversial issue. Funny how this became the typical pro-choice/pro-life argument, as per usual, when it is neither. It’s about big business and money taking precedence over peoples well-being. A recurring theme in every institution…Bernie Madoff, AIG, food processors, insurance companies, ect. ect. Get over your fucking moral agenda and see the real problem.

I don’t have to get over my “f’ing” moral agenda.

And, Miss New Troll with New Name, I’m sorry but I’m not into adjusting my agenda pro or con on anything based on what someone who can’t use the same name more than once or twice,  why not just go by the anonymous “troll” moniker?

I’m not the one who turned this into a personal attack. FYI not changing nothin sugah my attitude is fine but your’s is in the crapper I guess.

Obviously, someone let the ball drop.  The Grand Jury Report does a good job of pointing out all along the way who played a part.  I really admire these people for giving us such an eye-opening case that has already gotten everyone talking about pro - con again.  And that’s a good thing.  It needs to stay on the front burner obviously so things like this stop happening.

Anyone else read the report?  I confess I have a few more pages to go, its not exactly light reading, but knowledge is power.

It looks as though this evil “doctor” might have continued his house of horrors but he got greedy and wanted to use the day time hours for his drug pushing agenda and it was that which brought him down.  Whatever, it is a relief to know that babies will live, no doubt, because his “business” is closed.

This helps dispel the idea that all abortions are these benign things with invisible little “blobs” of tissue - abortion is about babies, sadly, who will never ever be held and loved and comforted.  Such tragically short lives without any comfort or love at all.

Chris Harding

Jan. 24, 2011, 7:58 a.m.

As a quick follow-up to my response to “Gregg”, I would like to supply the following References:

1. Kesselheim, Aaron S., MD, JD, MPH; Studdert, David M., LL.B., Sc.D., MPH; Mello, Michelle M., JD, PhD, M.Phil. Whistle-Blowers’ Experiences in Fraud Litigation against Pharmaceutical Companies. The New England Journal of Medicine[online]. 2010. vol. 362, pp. 1832-1839. Available from: New England Journal of Medicine: [].

2. Harding, Chris. Should an honest whistleblower be forced homeless? Many, including pharmaceutical whistleblowers, are forced homeless. Gather[online]. 2010. Available from: Chris Harding’s Gather Network [] Article.

3. A New York Times article on negligence, OHSA, and workers death:

• Barstow, David. The New York Times. Times Topics. David Barstow. New York Times [online]. 2010. Available from: New York Times, Topics [] People.

• Barstow, David. The New York Times. National. U.S. Rarely Seeks Charges for Deaths in Workplace. New York Times[online]. 2003. Available from: [] Article.

4. Whelan, David. Abbott Stenting scandal sounds like Tenet all over again. Forbes[online]. 2010. Available from: , Forbes.

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6. Jean-Pierre, Kariane. White House Staff: It Gets Better. Whitehouse[online]. 2010. Available from: Whitehouse,

Finally, Please Support Whistleblowers:

As a corporate whistleblower, I have endured evil that includes attempts on my life, and possibly my teenage niece’s life in Eugene, Oregon. In addition, I have endured corrupt police, apartment managers, city officials, hotel managers, etc. I mention the latter to provide a point.

When “bullying” is allowed to propagate, it becomes worse with time. In my case, I have been recorded in my private residences and perpetrators use directional audio to affect me emotionally (1,10,11,12,13). Such technology, when used illegally by sociopathic perpetrators, can cause a person to become angry. In turn, the victim appears bellicose. Similar activity can happen to other whistleblowers. The loss of a career is horrific. If a “well known” superior can endure such hell, a new employee will be fearful of blowing the whistle as well.

As we know, whistleblowing is important for maintaining safe societies. Although some may agree with “punishment”, I disagree. Instead, a proper investigation must be accomplished to determine a whistleblower claim. If the claim is discovered to be true, retaliation is inappropriate. In fact, retaliation is an example of organizational corruption. As such, management should utilize such episodes to educate management and employees. In some situations, management may have to be relocated or fired.

Please support whistleblower and put an end to Mr. Gayl’s experience with emotional abuse as well (9). You may not be aware but emotional abuse is considered worse than physical abuse. In fact, a WHO Multi-National study reports the latter (1). As we know, abuse often leads to suicide.

My personal experience with bullying by Abbott Laboratories and “friends of Abbott” have cause me to strongly consider suicide in the past. Currently, I am living in a hotel because of corruption but this is quite common (2,3,4,5,6,7, 8, 8a,8b,8c,8d, 8e,10,11,12,14). My experiences may be an extreme, but I actually spent one night in ICU and two weeks in a hospital after an attempt was made on my life. Afterwards, I had to spend 6 months in medical recovery but I have not completely regained my previous fitness level.

I left Abbott Laboratories in 2001 and Abbott Laboratories admitted to “harassment” in 2009 after my niece was personally hit by a hit-and-run driver. I am not suggesting the same can happen to Mr. Gayl or other whistleblowers, but I never expected my experiences until I witnessed illegal activity (9,11,13) .

As a soldier, I earned three AAMs, an ARCOM, and multiple Gulf War medals. As a Chemical Engineer, I earned three Vice-President’s awards, a personal visit by the CEO, and I optimized my area of an antibiotic process.

The last thing we need is a return of a feudal system based on sociopaths versus honest people. Sociopaths continue retaliation because they’re evil. Some people are psychopathic and become sociopathic. In some instances, a managers pride may be damaged so retaliation occurs. In these instances, upper management can cause significant changes by making a simple statement.

• Please support whistleblowers. In June, I was asked by US House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to submit documentation of experiences. I have been told that Abbott Laboratories will force the Government to “admit” to an investigation and run me out of money. In Eugene, Oregon, USA, I was told I would be forced homeless and Eric Nielsen would remain “wealthy. I was also told that homeless deserve to die so I contacted Eugene’s City Attorney. Later, two homeless were beaten to death, one was beaten and set on fire to die, and I was told a few more were beaten. Furthermore, my niece was sideswiped after perpetrators told me they would kill my family. In addition, please take about 30 seconds and sign a petition for Mr. Gayl, a man who saved our troops! []

Here are some United States Whistleblower Resources:

• National Whistleblowers Center: [] NWC.
• Government Accountability Project: [] GAP.
• National Security Whistleblowers Coalition: [] NSWBC.

Also, honest police and citizens across the country should know about Directional-Audio (13). Although an excellent product, it can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Furthermore, the technology can be reversed engineered.

Please take a moment to watch the video if nothing else.

The perpetrators use directional audio, which is a very cool technology, but, like any technology, is horrific in the wrong hands. If you do not read my statement, I ask that you watch the following video because drug traffickers and sex-traffickers could be using the device in your area. As you know, any technology can be reversed engineered.

A “worse-case” scenario: Imagine a corrupt police officer. That officer and you prepare for a drug bust. While walking, or running, to that bust, the corrupt officer receives an order without your knowledge. That order could be an “assassination” order for a person in the room by “accidental” means.

Directional Audio-Holosonics video:
• [] Directional Audio

Ellen, thank you. I am happy to see there are some sane people left in the world. You are correct to say that there is always this argument because people don’t pay attention and they hear what they want to hear. The real problem goes unnoticed while the idiots and ideologists take the focus away from the real issues.
Also, for the love of God, people, shut up about Obama. He had nothing to do with this.

Tom Ridge wasn’t governor till 1995 and was out of there by 2001.  This “butcher shop” wasn’t inspected since 1993, for 17 years.  Who were the other “butchers” that subscribe to “Do No Harm”?  Kermit Gosnell is named, but where are the others, their names and pictures.  With all the ways the internet alone has provided to spread the word about perpetrators of all sorts, what’s with all this “off-subject-political-babble”?  What else is like the Women’s Medical Society?  Where was the public since this “butcher” received a MD 45 years ago develop an obstetrics & gynecology and family practice?

None of this would ever be an issue if it were possible to change basic biology.  Men would ‘keep it in their pants’ and stop pressuring girls and women for sex.  Women would not feel the need to use sex as a form of currency in a (still) male dominant world.  It’s the way we’re made.  We still deny the biological imperatives we share with the rest of the mammals on the planet and throw religious and moral spears at it instead of educating our young and preparing them to deal with it.  Even in the year 2011, in one of the most progressive cultures ever, we’re still raising girls to be submissive sexual objects, and teaching our boys to be ‘gladiators’, not responsible adult males.  Throw in some “it’s all about me” consumer mentality, an ‘if it feels good, do it’ drug subculture, 15 Minutes of Fame to every pervert on the planet and, of course PROFIT, and it’s no wonder abortions go on, even in bad places.  It does no good to whine about the politicians.  Even if they get indicted they just go on to lucrative jobs in industries that courted them while in office.  It’s all about family and parenting, education, individual integrity and accountability. Right now women get all the blame and the shame. ( If men were forced to get back-alley vasectomies as a punishment for getting a girl pregnant, how quickly do you think things would change?) What ultimately makes us human is our ability to know ourselves and behave well in spite of it.

Oh, please, Pat, that is a total cop-out.  But its typical of those in favor of abortion.  You do whatever you want and then when it doesn’t work out like you thought you get rid of it.

If you want to play this victimization game to the hilt, let’s try this.  Guys are naturally “ready” and eager for sex.  Girls use this eagerness to lure them into bed.  Then when they get pregnant they have indentured servants for life and even if the guy manages to leave or divorce the female he is stuck paying half his salary for child support while the woman sits home on her duff eating chocolates and trying to lure in the next guy.

In this day and age there is no excuse (sorry it doesn’t wash) for blaming lack of education.  The ACLU and Planned Parenthood have infiltrated all the previously innocent things like Girl Scouts to indoctrinate about sex, not just hetero but all deviations thereto.

But that’s the way our society works, you do what you want and then when you are faced with the consequences you cry “but I’m a victim”.

Murderers do it, they say “but I had a bad childhood”.

All this victimization theory and blaming it on someone else is a sad pathetic picture of what our society has become.  A nation of whining victims.

@Tony…. “shut-up” about Obama?  Not a chance.

Could somebody tell me what whistleblowing and Abbot Laboratories has to do with this?
This is about abortion not how somebody who worked for Abbott Laboratories feels they got a raw deal.

Obviously “Anne” is one of the ‘gladiators.’  And you may be able to read, but you do not comprehend.  Nowhere did I say I was pro-abortion.  You just saw the word ‘abortion’ and jumped up on your right-wing bandwagon and took off.

Wrong, Pat, I saw you making excuses for women who have abortions and blaming men for not “keeping it in their pants” as though women have no responsibility, they are victims, according to you.

People need to stop adopting the cop-out “I’m a victim”, blaming someone else for what happens.

The buck gets passed on down the line until the last guy in line (the baby) is the one who pays the final tab for everyone else’s victimhood.

If you wish to say I am a gladiator, that’s up to you.  I am a defender, a voice for the child, who without people who will stand up for them, have no voice.

Since they are the ones picking up the tab, I find it very unfair that they THE TRUE VICTIMS are voiceless.

I am not into democrat / republican or right-wing or left-wing or any other label currently in vogue.  In fact, I have a hard time remember/figuring out what left and right blah blah is.  But process of deduction here I have figured out that at least in this situation I must be right-wing since I have been so categorized.

If so, I guess the new definition of right-wing is someone who feels that babies are being held accountable for adult transgressions and indiscretions.  Wouldn’t it be convenient if all of our concerns could be dealt with so easily. No matter what business decisions we make, we have that same “fall guy” option.  We appoint someone to bail us out when we, for example, make a poor business decision, we have the fall guy who takes the rap and we get to walk away free and clear.  An economic abortion.  Bought the wrong car, is it a lemon - no problem, give it to the automobile fall guy.  We get to bail on everything?

I’m with you Mikela…I don’t get the connection. 

Anne, I would like to know if you have really done anything to help the victims or do you just get on your soapbox and start preaching every time this subject comes up.  Please fill me in on your successes.

@Carrie, thank you for making my point.

You ask have I done anything to help “the victims”?  Obviously the babies are not the victims in your eyes, its the female who made her choice but now has control over her own body.

That doesn’t sound like a victim to me.  Wow, what a deal, you get to do as you like without consideration for anyone else and then when you shove your responsibility for what you did you say “I’m a victim”.

What a total load of bull.

I am trying to do something for “the victim”.  A/K/A the baby. 

I have made suggestions of alternatives.  If a female finds herself pregnant without means to care for it or desire to - we take all the money we spend on abortionists and we support that female, medical care, a place to live, food, clothing, education if she needs it.  Sounds like a winning proposition to me but so far no takers.  That’s because we want an INSTANT FIX.  To heck with this 9 month thing, I want out NOW.

I’m a fed up with people like you asking people like me where I get off?

I refuse to accept any blame in this if I speak for the one person who can’t.

What have YOU done besides whine “victim, victim”?

The subject of abortion is very, very complex, involving issues such as the social and economic oppression of women. It is clear to me that the people offering their opinion on this message board are not women in poverty.
And the Bible clearly states in Genesis that the soul enters the body with the first breath of air (oxygen)

While the alleged negligence brought to light in this story surely sounds terrible, I must speak out against the author, Marian Wang’s, use of the term “abortion mills.” It is a politically charged, anti-abortion term that is most often used by groups like Operation Rescue, with a clear policy agenda, and is not a term I would expect an objective journalist, no less one from a respected investigative journalism news organization like ProPublica. I would hope that an editor would catch this kind of emotionally charged word choice in future and suggest more objective, unbiased language.

In September 1993, Brenda Pratt Shafer, a registered nurse with thirteen years of experience, was assigned by her nursing agency to an abortion clinic. Since Nurse Shafer considered herself “very pro-choice,” she didn’t think this assignment would be a problem. She was wrong.

This is what Nurse Shafer saw:

“I stood at the doctor’s side and watched him perform a partial-birth abortion on a woman who was six months pregnant. The baby’s heartbeat was clearly visible on the ultrasound screen. The doctor delivered the baby’s body and arms, everything but his little head. The baby’s body was moving. His little fingers were clasping together. He was kicking his feet. The doctor took a pair of scissors and inserted them into the back of the baby’s head, and the baby’s arms jerked out in a flinch, a startle reaction, like a baby does when he thinks that he might fall. Then the doctor opened the scissors up. Then he stuck the high-powered suction tube into the hole and sucked the baby’s brains out. Now the baby was completely limp. I never went back to the clinic. But I am still haunted by the face of that little boy. It was the most perfect, angelic face I have ever seen.

What is this religious mumbo-jumbo about “when the soul enters the bodyWe have the scientific answer to when human life begins.  It is the moment oc conception, when a new, unique individual with his or her unique DNA is in existence.  That individual liofe is in a state of development, as are we all, and in the natural order of things, unless someone of something intervenes,  will actualize into a thinking, speaking, walk-arouind adult, like any of us.

These scientific facts are not something upon which reasonable people could disagree.  Some They might refuse to protect that individual life, they migh raise their hand against it but they cannot deny it’s humanity.

@Lou - I agree with you.  In my mind, it has nothing to do with religion, it just is what it is or it should be because we are humans and these are our children.  how can we treat our children so badly?  I am not really into religion or comfortable with it.  But these babies deserve to be valued and not discarded like trash.

@Anne, I respect your opinion however, I feel that journalists should hold themselves to a higher standard, and not use word choices that are a stronghold for one side of a political battle. There are better ways to describe the situation than that—otherwise the journalist looks as though he/she is a public relations rep for an organization or cause rather than an objective reporter of the news. I think particular care needs to be taken when an issue such as abortion, which is one of the most politically divisive issues in our country, is reported on. We need objective news reports, from objective journalists, now more than ever—and what one writes and the words one chooses is at the crux of the issue.

@db… WELL thank you at least for responding with something other than that I’m either crazy or a guy, I appreciate honest discussion.

What else then would you call this place?  He was a drug pusher by day and an abortionist by night?  What would you replace abortion mill with?

@Anne, no problem—thanks for continuing the discussion.
Regarding the question you posed to me, while I don’t know all the details about this case, and have only read the ProPublica report, based on what I know so far, if it were me writing this article, I would identify the organization in question by name, “Women’s Medical Society,” and I’d find out whatever terms are on record with government officials that describe what type of business they are, be it “medical clinic,” “abortion clinic” or “heathcare clinic,” and stick to that. I wouldn’t qualify it or categorize them by using biased or emotionally charged language. I’d say what they are “charged with” and what they have “allegedly” done. I think journalists should report the facts and use unbiased language to describe those facts. The readers can then make up their mind as to how they would like to interpret or respond to those facts. That’s what journalists, at the heart of it are for: to give us straight facts to inform the public, and that’s it. When journalists engage in bias, then they are no longer serving that important role in our society, instead they muddled the facts. And that’s not fair to the public.
While I agree with your earlier point, that this particular business may have no right to be called a clinic based on what they have allegedly done, I’d leave that for the public to decide, and in the role of journalist, I’d simply stick to the facts, use unbiased word choices, and let others draw their own conclusions and/or judgements. As a consumer of news, I want unfiltered facts so I can draw my own conclusions. I don’t want to be led in a certain direction or given the reporter’s point of view. I know that some may think this is not realistic, but I think journalists and news organizations can do better, and should aim for that higher ground.

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