Investigations Elsewhere

June 15, 2011

Subject to Approval: An Investigation Into Clinical Drug Trials Abroad

Lucy Kennedy, PBS Need to Know

Tags: Drug Trials, Health Care, Medical, Pharmaceutical Industry

Nuclear Waste Dump is Mired in Inertia

Joel Achenbach and Brian Vastag, Washington Post

Tags: Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Waste

Documents Reveal Details of Alleged Labor Trafficking by KBR Subcontractor

David Isenberg and Nick Schwellenbach, Project on Government Oversight

Tags: Contractors, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, KBR

Dept. of Energy Accused of Burying Reports of Safety Issues at Nuclear Plant

Annette Cary, Tri-City Herald

Tags: Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear Safety, Regulation, Regulators

Courts May Reshape Mortgage Industry

Brady Dennis and Renae Merle, Washington Post

Tags: Courts, Foreclosure, Housing, Mortgages

June 14, 2011

Bank Of America ‘Significantly Hindered’ Federal Investigation

Shahien Nasiripour, Huffington Post

Tags: Bank Fraud, Bank of America, Banks, Foreclosure, Foreclosures

Grand Jury Investigates War Crimes and Torture in Abu Ghraib Death

Adam Zagorin, Time

Tags: Abu Ghraib, CIA, Detainee Deaths, Detainee Detention, Detainees, Torture

Off-label Marketing: How Testosterone Replacement Got Big

Chris Adams, McClatchy

Tags: Drug Marketing, Pharmaceutical Industry, Advertising, Food and Drug Administration, Off-Label Drug Use

Nearly 200 Ex-Lawmakers Work For Lobbying Shops

Ryan J. Reilly, TPM Muckraker

Tags: Lobbyists, Congress, Revolving Door, Ethics

Japanese Nuclear Cleanup Workers Detail Lax Safety Practices at Plant

PHRED DVORAK, Wall St. Journal

Tags: Fukushima Daiichi, Japan, Japanese Nuclear Industry, Japanese Nuclear Plant Disaster, Japanese Radiation Leaks, Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Safety

Some Young Migrants Face Deportation With No Lawyer

Meredith Hoffman, City Limits

Tags: Deportation, Immigrants, Immigration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Immigration Raids, Migrants

June 13, 2011

How Educated Are State Legislators?

Scott Smallwood and Alex Richards, Chronicle of Higher Education

Tags: Education, Higher Education, Lawmakers

Too Big to Fail, or Too Trifling for Oversight?

Eric Dash and Julie Creswell, New York Times

Tags: Financial Reform, Financial reform, Wall Street, Regulators, Financial Regulation

The Hunt for Weapons of Mass Corruption

Joel Millman, Wall Street Journal

Tags: Iraq, Iraq Reconstruction, Iraq, Iraq Reconstruction, Government Audits, Government Waste, Foreign Policy

Texas Inmate at the Nexus of Execution and Abuse

Brandi Grissom, Texas Tribune

Tags: Death Penalty, Death Row, Prisoner Rights, Texas

Report Blasts Management Style of Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman

John M. Broder and Matthew L. Wald, New York Times

Tags: Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Power, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Nuclear Safety

When The Treatment Makes Patients Sick

Carrie Teegardin, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tags: Atlanta, Health Care, Hospital Care, Medical

June 10, 2011

Senate Legislation May Slow, But Quorums Continue

David A. Farenthold, Washington Post

Tags: Congress, Quorum calls, Senate

Internal Watchdog Report Slams U.S. Nuclear Regulator

Stephen Power, Wall Street Journal

Tags: Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Nuclear Safety, Regulators

Loose Standards for Window Blinds Lead to Strangulation Risk for Children

Ellen Gabler, Chicago Tribune

Tags: Consumer protection, Consumer Safety, public safety

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