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Drive-by Scanning: Officials Expand Use and Dose of Radiation for Security Screening

From prisons to borders to the streets of New York, law enforcement officials are using X-ray scanners on people more often and with higher doses of radiation.

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Feb. 2, 2012, 11:28 p.m.

(redacted for resubmission for publication)

There are no ‘terrorists’, Al Qaeda are simply mercenaries hired and trained to fight by Mossad and the CIA, and whatever ‘security measures’ the US or any other government takes to ‘protect’ you from ‘Al Qaeda’, are simply measures taken to cripple you so you won’t be able to fight back when this truth becomes more obvious, and the sheeple actually begin to want to defend themselves against all the physical violence being done to them, like 9-11, another Mossad/CIA false flag op. See ‘911missinglinks’ for the definitive truth on the identity of the perps. It is precisely for the reason of defending the real perps of 9/11 against that eventuality that these absurdly punitive measures of so-called ‘security’ are being enforced.

Remember the ‘Samson Option’. Israel says they have nuclear missiles aimed at cities all over Europe, which they curiously and insanely regard as ‘hostile’, this being the preferred choice of target of the Israeli Air Force. Israel routinely calls the USA ‘anti-semitic’ too. Does anything strike you a being a little odd about that? Like what the hell are we fighting for Israel for? If you want to do something to protect your security, address the issue of the Samson Option every day to your media and to all others till that threat is properly deat with. Demand that it be the topmost issue from amongst all others until those Israeli nukes are confiscated. That is the only threat the whole world faces.
During an interview with Alan Hart, the then Israeli premier Golda Meir twice stated that Israel was pepared to destroy the whole world with nuclear weapons if Israel ever faced military defeat. She and others use this obscene blackmail, justifying it with the thought that we were all only ever created just to serve them, and that if we ever fail in this duty, then we are all to be quite justifiably punished by extermination. This is your security issue above all others.


Feb. 3, 2012, 10:07 a.m.

mothman 777 ‘s theory is one of the more entertaining hypotheses to emerge in this thread.  He conflates many disparate phenomena to support his Africa-centric rant.  But that is the usual distinguishing characteristic of conspiracy theorists. ” Confirmation bias ” is one of the descriptors applied in semantic analysis.

One assumes that, to sustain the purity of his vision, mothman refuses to benefit from any science or technology to emerge from his arch-Satanic target, Israel, or perhaps even to believe that such exists.  So, pace


among many other sources, on-line or off, detailing these advances.

One assumes also that mothman would refuse to have his child given a new kidney/liver/heart/other body part, by an Israeli surgeon.

Nor would he allow himself to be rescued from a raging river or a potentially-lethal fire by an Israel.

Consistency in all things, mothman 777. To thine own self be true…


Feb. 7, 2012, 2:33 a.m.

@ Hypatia
On July 4, 1934 a Jewish man named Leo Szilard filed a patent application for the atomic bomb in England. Since then, every single type of nuclear weapon device known to man without exception has been invented by Jews. (I would be interested if you can name one exception, but I haven’t found one yet). I think they just killed the entire planet but haven’t quite realized that yet, hence the persistent overkill. The rubbish stories about how valuable Israeli technology is to the world are to say the least quite mad. They have one of the largest biological and chemical warfare research groups in the entire world, developing gene-specific weapons to kill off all those nasty races of goyim.  DU circulating the planet is already enough to kill the entire population several times over, but slowly and very distressingly, and again and again for the next 4,500,000 million years, so I think the population will be on an exponentially downward spiral, including progressively compounding genetic defects. Falluja in Iraq has only one third as many pregnancies as it had before DU bombing, and only one percent of those births is either alive or free from genetic defect. So yeah, thanks a lot Israel. You killed us all in your insane power rush. But what a buzz eh?

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