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Interior Secretary Moves to Tighten Rules Over Sale of Wild Horses

In response to a ProPublica investigation questioning the disposition of more than 1,700 wild horses purchased by a Colorado man since 2009, the Bureau of Land Management will make it harder for people to purchase large numbers of horses at once.

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Dec. 12, 2012, 8:29 p.m.

A friend of mine who has closely followed the BLM horse issue worries that this article is not about the “Sales Authority” horses.  Currently BLM restricts the sale of single ‘adoptable’ horses to *4* to any 1
(one) individual (normally TIP trainers).  But ‘Sales Authority’ may be purchased by the truckload (20+ animals)  $10head.  These are the ‘unadoptable’ horses; either ‘3-strikes’ (foals, yearlings up to 4 years old that were not adopted in three adoption events- even if good tempered & adoptable), horses considered to wild to rehome or horses 10+ years of age).  Does anyone have any information
on this?


Dec. 13, 2012, 10:35 a.m.

Both Ken & John Salazar are working overtime in the State of Colorado utilizing corrupt animal control agencies/“humane societies” to launch bogus animal cruelty charges on landowners with water and mineral rights to publically smear and financially cripple them.  The Dept of Ag is behind this and the proof lies within country court records.  The end goal is to position the Ag Dept to slap Ag liens on all.  In other words, stealing the land.  Actually, this is happening all over the country.  Look at the Marsha Parkinson story in Canterbury, MD.  Go to

TC Graves

Dec. 17, 2012, 8:50 p.m.

I’m absolutely sick about what has been going on w/ the BLM.  How does someone get “truck loads and truck loads” of wild horses without anyone asking questions??  How stupid do you think we are?  I’m sure they were all in cahoots.  A friend of mine has a BLM mustang yearling that was being abused by it’s owner and was taken from them.  This poor baby has bad scars on her year old body that NO animal should have.  She has a freeze brand so we know she is a BLM mustang.  WHO keeps track of these horses?? I sure wish I could find out which heard she is from and who is responsible for her condition.  They need to go to jail for what they did to her.  The BLM needs a major overhaul.  A complete start over with all new people.  Maybe people who actually care about the health and welfare of our wild horses.

David Glynn

Dec. 18, 2012, 4:03 a.m.

TC,  Each BLM brand is unique. Take a picture of the brand (summer coat is best) and send (maybe call first) it to Fran Ackley’s office of the BLM in Canon City and see if they can match it. They should be able to search the records to find the horse’s history no mater which facility it came from. Being that it is a yearling it may be easier to trace (fewer brands to search thru. The brand is easily read if you know the code. They know the code. It will tell where and when the horse was gathered. If prison born, it will tell from what prison and when. The brands are unique so that the horses can be traced. This is its purpose.
  On another note, there is an admitted 7% to 8% mortality rate on the long term facilities. Makes one wonder.
One more thing,our local radio station has Salazar on tape comparing wild horses, to pigs, sheep and cattle. Like I’ve said he is no friend of the wild horse.

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