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No Forensic Background? No Problem

There are no national standards for forensic experts. This is how I, a journalism grad student, became certified by the American College of Forensic Examiners International, a leading provider of forensic credentials.

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Dr. Gere Unger

May 9, 2012, 8:05 p.m.

Everything But The Truth

Gere Unger, MD, JD.

    The ProPublica article “No Forensic Background, No Problem,” authored by Ms Leah Bartos a graduate of the University of California Berkeley’s graduate program in journalism is a fine example of creative fiction.  A false distorted and slanted story, its fictional value is overshadowed by the terrible disservice it does to attorneys, trial court judges, defendants, victims and those who are called upon to present objective (opinion) testimony within our justice system.  Ms Bartos panders to an uninformed and sensation seeking reader/viewer.

    The American College of Forensic Examiners does not certify anyone as a “expert.” Nor does it train anyone in finger print analysis. After considerable inquiry by the trial judge and questioning by trial attorneys an individual may be granted permission to provide objective testimony to the “fact-finders” (a jury) thus becoming a “trial expert.”  That is the ONLY way anyone can provide “expert testimony.” It is the opinion of the court that an individual by reason of education, specialized experience, or training is allowed via his/her answers to questions to assist a jury in understanding complicated and technical subjects not within the understanding of the average individual. Ms Bartos, and her Frontline compatriots position judges and lawyers as incompetent and capricious relying on “unqualified” individuals to buttress a preconceived decision.

    There is no law against distorting news in the media.  Under the First Amendment authors and broadcasters have the right to present facts and/or deliberately distort the truth.  Even our government agency the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) policy against falsification of the facts does not rise to the level of a “law, rule or regulation,” it is merely agency policy.”

    News Organizations and those media avenues purporting to be factual have undermined the public trust in favor of profit.  It is disappointing that a young journalist,
of a renowned university would act in both an unprofessional and reprehensible manner; distorting truth, disregarding facts and shaping a story to fit an agenda.  Somewhere during her expensive education Ms Bartos University mentors neglected to teach her that her imaginative memory when presented as fact is seen by the law as malevolent intent, and that her writings and productions, (her words) are taken as meaning what the “ordinary” reader or viewer take from the story.

  Free speech may not be dependent upon truth, or popularity of usefulness of the expressed idea.  If publishers, media outlets, reporters and journalists are allowed to lie either by omission, and/or in reckless disregard of the truth, than public enlightenment, the forerunner of justice and the foundation of our democracy, will forever be corrupted, content to languish leaving the public to languish in ignorance.

May 9, 2012, 11:55 p.m.

People who defend ACFEI are simply defending their own short cuts trying to cover up their imminent credentials scandal amongst their colleagues, while gaining bogus fame and stealing referrals. Purchasing such credit card short cuts is nothing short of the clear definition of Inducement Fraud.

Logical and ethical minds can figure this out when they realize that Zoe the house cat owned it same a prison inmate had this certificate mailed to his jail cell ! Google:
Cat Gets Board Certified as a Psychologist

Once the average trusting citizen reads this site, he/she will understand what is going on exactly?
How many house pets or prisoners or even any medical specialist received fake specialty certification from the one and only well respected American board of Medical specialties/ABMS. Among tens of thousands of such legitimate well board specialists not even one received a mail ordered one.

Since when a Con Artist will tell you that he/she is one?

For every Con Artist there people who will take the time skillfully uncover like PBS and Frontline here. However there are people who will defend such a con to make sure that they do not look that misleading or that unethical to the blindly trusting public.

People who bought this ACFEI easy piece of paper, so called certification are unethical enough paying attention to how they look more than who they really are? This ACFEI extremely impressive misleading piece of paper is only an ongoing misleading machine hanging on the practitioner’s walls to mislead the trusting public.

There are legitimate specialty boards out there that are well respected nationwide wide by ALL well respected academic institutions and universities. Not a single well respected university recognizes ACFEI alleged “specialization” including the US Department of Education, FOR A REASON. That should speak volumes.


May 16, 2012, 8:13 a.m.

Marcel Matley and the consequences of his actions:

Marcel Matley is the person who got Dan Rather fired as a news anchor for the CBS Evening News. Marcel Matley was an original member of ACFEI and attended the first meeting. He then plotted with several others to take over the Association. In fact when the very first meeting was opened on the very first day Matley stood up and asked that the group take a vote of confidence on Dr. O’Block, who is the guy who invested his money, time, sweat and some tears to start the organization. Matley was shut down at once by another member and that ended Matley’s trying to take over the ACFEI.

However Matley did get Dan Rather fired a number of years later. Rather was out to get President Bush claiming that he had not served him Texas Guard Military duty. Rather on National Television showed a letter supposedly written by the General over Bush at the time, laying out a list of Bush’s missing meetings etc. Dan Rather went to air with this story and announcing that a Document Examiner (Marcel Matley) had verified that this letter was real.

Well it wasn’t as a few days later a “real” document examiner stated that the letter had been typed on a IBM electric typewriter and that font had not been invented until two years after the date on the letter. The letter was a phony. Dan Rather had asked the opinion of three document examiners. One said, it was not authentic, one said it was inconclusive but Marcel Matley said, ‘oh yes oh yes, its real” Rather on his personal hunt to destroy Bush ran with the story even though Marcel Matley is unqualified on typewriter fonts was the only one to say the phony letter was real.

Matley was then disgraced and lost all credibility and Dan Rather got fired.

Its interesting to look into the life’s of the people who attack ACFEI.

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