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Secret Docs Show Foreclosure Watchdog Doesn’t Bark or Bite

Documents obtained by ProPublica suggest the government coddled mortgage servicers in its flagship foreclosure prevention program despite frequent and serious errors.

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Barry Schmittou

Oct. 5, 2011, 10:17 a.m.

It gives me hope to see that so many see the evil Obama enables.

If you know anyone who is voting for Obama please tell them the following that is seen in my first comment on this story :

Wachovia Bank laundered $378 billion for Mexican drug cartels that are responsible for 35,000 murders. No one was prosecuted by Obama !! Wachovia was fined 110 million which is only one third of one percent of the money they laundered !!

(Wachovia gave Obama and other candidates $1.3 million in contributions in 2008. Wells Fargo bought Wachovia and they also gave huge contributions during this time period)

My first comment also has a bullet point list of felonies that Obama has allowed multiple corporations to commit repeatedly. There’s a link to my website that has multiple links to DOJ documents that prove these felons, who give huge contributions to Obama, are never charged with a crime. The fines they pay are a small percentage of the profits they made from the crime. 

If anyone ever gets on a local or federal grand jury please contact me because I have massive evidence that should get Obama and Bush indicted. The local D.A.‘s and Federal DOJ will probably try to block you, but as things continue to get worse we have to try everything legally possible. I also plan to keep praying a lot.

I’ve had cancer burned from one eye and orbital surgery on the other so there are many mortgage felonies that have been committed by Obama and Bush’s contributors that I have not yet added to the list in my first comment.

As you are aware Goldman Sach’s and many more have engaged in the following intricate organized crimes and no one was prosecuted :
Numerous reports seen on, PBS’s Bill Moyers Show, PBS’s Now, and a report written by Joe Nocera, indicate the following :

(1) Multiple businesses bundled loans that were certain to fail

(2) Then resold the bundled loans as being top rated A+ loans

(3) At the same time they placed financial bets that these bundles would fail.

(4) They reaped huge profits from everything just mentioned!!

(5) This played a huge part in the U.S. and global financial collapse, and hundreds of millions of lives are being destroyed because of this

The White House and Obama’s top DOJ and DOL Directors received a copy of my motion that has evidence of mortgage crimes and Wachovia laundering $378 billion for murderous drug dealers that I’ve posted at

You can see the verification by going to the USPS website and enter tracking number 7010 2780 0001 9636 5029

Obama’s Directors have sent me letters from Washington saying that stopping violations is their “top priority”, but they have done nothing !!

The Court denied my request to appoint a Special prosecutor that is seen on the website, but if anyone of you are ever on a local or Federal Grand Jury please contact me because the evidence I posted in my first comment and the associated websites is a small percentage of what I have.

If there is ever justice in the U.S. Obama and Bush and many members of their administrations will be going to prison for enabling corporate crimes and treason.

The $378 billion that was laundered is more than the U.S. spends on the Afghanistan war in 3 years. Wachovia’s laundering made all that money legitimate for mass murderers who disembowel women and hang them from bridges because they write blogs trying to stop the murders ! There were 35 bodies dumped on the road in front of a Mexican mall last week as gunmen threatened the terrified motorists who sped by.

Obama and all those responsible for no one at Wachovia being prosecuted should go to prison for a very long time.


Oct. 5, 2011, 10:29 a.m.

Hi Maureen. I wasn’t aware of your recent development. If you can prove there is a break in the chain of title or some dirt on the trust your loan is in, you can use that to help the bank change it’s mind.  Come on back over to beingmiddleclass dot org.  I miss reading your posts.  We’ll see what we can do to help you.


Oct. 5, 2011, 10:31 a.m.

I was and still am a Obama supporter HOWEVER I do acknowledge some of the shortcomings of his administration.  I feel compelled to mention to all of the Obama haters that he inherited this mess from the previous administration.  He is not to blame for the economy collapsing - has this escaped our attention?
I know people look for a scapegoat to blame but surely the person elected into the middle of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression shouldn’t be it.
Find a new and the CORRECT target!  The list is too long!!!  But there are definitely some more deserving ones.

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 5, 2011, 11:18 a.m.

@Will Harper .... people like you are very frustrating because you are like an immature vexatious little child who wants to point fingers at who did what to who first.  I am no fan of George Bush but Bush was yesterday and there is nothing to be done about it.

The IMMEDIATE problem is Obama.  The harm he does is present, ongoing and imo escalating in severity.

If you want to play such childish games its up to you of course but I hope everyone with any intelligence sees beyond your facade you’ve built in your mind to explain away Obama’s flagrant violation of the Constitution, the laws and the will of the people in the United Slates TODAY.

However childish your excuse making and finger pointing, this is not a child’s games.  Peoples lives are at stake starting with our young men and women in harm’s way on foreign soil in the land of infidels who stone and behead people to this day but it does not trouble people like Obama and the other chess players because frankly, its no skin off his back.

Also at stake, I believe, is our very freedom.  It seems like not so long ago I was a child myself attending grade school where every day we started out our classes with a pledge of allegiance to the flag.

Today, we have Obama singing the praises of Islam, telling us about the many advances we have in our world that we can thank Islam for.  Whatever advances they made pale in comparison to the fate of the people unfortunate enough to live in places like Iran where last I heard there is a Christian pastor who faces immediate if not already accomplished execution for his Christian faith.  It seems his parents chose Islam as their faith and this man chose another way which, according to Islam is his death sentence.

Obama has bowed to Saudi leaders at the same time he proudly states that he will wear no American flag pin on his lapel.  Apparently his allegiance, as regards faith, is given to Islam.  His speeches are littered with references to what the Quran says.

It has nothing to do with either of the Presidents Bush that Obama has given the nod of approval to the New Black Panthers whose overt and avowed hatred of white people and their intention and desire to kill “crackers” and “some cracker babies” is easily evidenced.  Eric Holder, whom I consider the devil/Obama’s handmaid, has declared that white people haven’t suffered “enough” to warrant his pursuing any who give such hateful speeches as we hear from the NBP.  At the same time, a new terrorist watch list exists which contains the names of many of our service people, our policemen, firemen, etc. who belong to a group called Oathkeepers who have vowed allegiance to the Constitution just as Obama did on the day he was elected however their pledges were not lies like those of Obama.  The Oathkeepers have promised that they will not do things like disarm the American people on one man’s word (such as the one man who, frighteningly, ordered the execution of an American citizen just a few days ago.  To be sure it seems that citizen was a very evil person but it is a slippery slope we go down when we start executing people without benefit of any possible defense.

Obama seems intent on doing things his own way and in such a way that he surely knows offends and is directly opposing the will of a great majoritpy of U.S. citizens.  He has refused to defend our borders and sues states that attempt to do the job that he is not.

He accuses people like the Oath Keepers of being capable of hate crimes and so he has spies to watch these people and has attempted to induce others to “rat” on anyone they observe buying such unusual products as MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) which on one hand our government encourages us to have on hand in case of calamity but on the other hand would make into some sort of suspicious activity so that it be reported.  He attempts to turn us one against the other while he pursues his apparently hateful vendetta to avenge the dreams of his father that were never realized because his visa and education being financed in the U.S. at such institutions as Harvard were curtailed when it became apparent that he was more interested in engaging in sexual activity indiscriminately just as he did with Obama’s mother.

I cannot begin to list the evils this man is responsible for and the facts that prove he makes no secret of his contempt for our country and our traditions.

You do us all a grave disservice with your attempts to place blame upon us who have our eyes open when it is you who is adding to / allowing the oppression of the American people.

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 5, 2011, 11:25 a.m.

@Will Harper
You do us all a grave disservice with your attempts to place blame upon us who have our eyes open when it is you who is adding to / allowing the oppression of the American people.

We have enjoyed many years of relative peace since the World Wars in which my father served that have allowed us to forget what it means to be faced with extermination but a madman such as Adolph Hitler and so people like you are proud of your “open-minded” bend over and take it attitude.  You are forgetting how you came by the freedoms you have apparently.  We owe our freedoms to our ancestors who not so long ago died in places like Normandy in defense of this country and in my opinion you disgrace the memory of all of them in your foolish endeavor to defend the indefensible true infidel, Hussein Obama, an imposter and a traitor who should be deposed forthwith if our Congress or Senators had the balls to do so but they don’t.  We have been sold a pack of lies by them and by the media and so your addition to list of fools and/or liars who defend him is just one more sad mockery of what this country used to be and will be not much longer unless those of us with our eyes open are not to late to change the dangerous direction this country has gone in and sees the precipice from which we are about to fall into the true abyss of Hell on earth in a socialist world ruled by people like Obama.

You should be ashamed but you haven’t the common sense to do so.


Oct. 5, 2011, 1:30 p.m.

Well it was just too darn hard to keep track of the foreclosures, with all those numbers and everything.

In other news, the trillion-dollar bailouts of the banks went without a hitch.

As my friend, Ed, says, there’s “evil in the machine”.  The two corporate-funded parties have gamed every aspect of the system against people who work for a living.  No wonder we’re occupying Wall Street and other corporate strongholds!

The Green Party doesn’t accept corporate money, and represents CITIZENS’ interests.  Your Green vote sends a message to the corporate politicians that WE THE PEOPLE are fed up with the corruption, and a system gamed against us.

This message is sent even if the Green you vote for doesn’t win.  a mere 5% of the vote will get the Green Party matching Federal funds.


Erick & Mikel

Oct. 5, 2011, 3:50 p.m.

Serioulsy, this shouldn’t be a place to talk your trash about our current president.  Take the time to thank Paul for his hard work.  Be grateful for those few left who are willing to take a stand. 

I see a few of you have way too much time on your hands based on how much and how often you write.

The rage you convery in your wrtitings isn’t helping you or anyone else.

Anger only begets anger. 

Find some peace.

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 5, 2011, 5:21 p.m.

Erik and Mikel,

You wrote “Be grateful for those few left who are willing to take a stand”

I am making a desperate stand by posting evidence that has been reviewed by multiple Directors of the Obama administration who then refused to take action. (More about that seen four paragraphs below)

Additionally, Wachovia Bank laundered $378 billion for Mexican drug cartels that are responsible for 35,000 murders. No one was prosecuted by Obama !! Wachovia was fined 110 million which is only one third of one percent of the money they laundered !!

(Wachovia gave Obama and other candidates $1.3 million in contributions in 2008. Wells Fargo bought Wachovia and they also gave huge contributions during this time period)

My first comment on this ProPublica article about “Watchdogs” has a bullet point list of felonies that Obama’s DOJ and SEC Watchdogs have allowed multiple corporations to commit repeatedly.

You can also see links to the actual Non Prosecution Agreements by pasting

I have also taken a stand by filing a motion in Federal Court regarding the money laundering. Here is part of the title that includes additional deadly crimes Obama’s Directors are protecting :

“Warning President Obama of Mass Suicides, Deaths and Endangerment in Five Different Types of Insurance Caused By Obama’s Campaign Contributors at Multiple Insurance Companies That Ignore Multiple Sclerosis, Brain lesions, Cardiac Conditions of Many Patients, and Cause So Many Suicides of Injured Workers WFAA – TV in Dallas Texas Wrote :

“a remarkable number of Texans committed suicide because they could no longer endure the pain caused by their injuries and they had been repeatedly turned down for worker’s comp care.”

During the time period of the Texas workers suicides AIG rigged huge bids to increase sales of Workers Comp policies. The Bush Administration did not prosecute the bid rigging and Obama’s DOL and DOJ will not investigate the suicides or prosecute or even stop any of these crimes !!
This ProPublica article is titled “Secret Docs Show Foreclosure Watchdog Doesn’t Bark or Bite”

I have made a stand

Erik and Mikel, I am making a stand (as your comment said we should do) by proving the Obama and Bush administrations have other watchdog groups that are actually protecting the criminals instead of enforcing the laws. I also pray a lot because I am certain the U.S. Government and constitution have been overthrown by both parties of the U.S. Government, and Obama and Bush are both treasonous traitors.

I have had cancer surgery on one eye and orbital surgery on the other eye and the research I’ve done has been extremely difficult and damaging to my health,  but I am trying to stop Obama and the Dems and the Repubs from destroying many more lives.

I have received thank yous from injured Americans and contractors I’ve helped. I filed a complaint on State Senator John Ford that led to his conviction for illegally taking $800,000 from Tennessee’s health care program during a time when 300,00 were losing their benefits due to lack of funding.

This is life or death for thousands of people, I know the evidence, and use cut and paste a LOT !!

Erik and Mikel, I have used my full name and told the truth without rage, which is doing pretty well considering the fact that the corporate crimes that Obama and Bush have protec ted destroyed my life and many more as evidenced at and

If you want to support Obama’s protection of Wachovia’s laundering of $378 BILLION of murderous Mexican Drug money (and all the other corporate crimes Obama is protecting) I believe you should be more tolerant of others who take a stand but do not support Obama (or Bush)


Oct. 5, 2011, 5:58 p.m.

AdriAnne- I’m sorry but I found out the deadline for program you were talking about for Hardest Hit States (EHLP) had a Sep. 15th, 2011 date to file. Please contact Legal Aid or NeighborWorks.
Barry-I know where you’re coming from and understand. I believe they were referring about another person who posted. Even so I wouldn’t let their statement deter you and what you are standing up for. God bless you brother!

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 5, 2011, 8:45 p.m.

Barry, please excuse my not commenting before to the stressful events you have recently undergone and no doubt still are concerned with and obviously hampered by.  My life is not very organized, sad to say and that is no one’s fault but mine truthfully but please do take care of yourself first and foremost.  You owe it to yourself, each of us does ultimately, for if we do not do that then we can be of no benefit to ourselves, our families or anyone else.  Your dedication and commitment are admirable.  Of course I know very little beyond what I’ve read but I sense and appreciate your commitment despite your personal struggles.  You obviously have spent a lot of time staying current and/or ahead of the rest of us and have much valuable knowledge to share.

I face my own personal health challenges but currently nothing as formidable as your own situation.  Please don’t neglect yourself, not that I have any or all answers, just from one human to another.  Sometimes these struggles and trying times where we fight a very visible but distant and remote enemy wear on us socially and emotionally, I know they certainly have affected so many of us negatively.  I have not known anyone who availed themselves of an end of life solution as you have but I know it has to be devastating and increases the sense of frustration and helplessness dealing with such a mammoth and overgrown bully as our government has turned into as a whole and also individually by too current-day politicians.  Time was I would have said “our politicians” and sometimes I still do.  However, in my more tranquil moments I must realize that these legislators and even Obama do not serve you and I as they promised, their loyalties lie elsewhere.

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 5, 2011, 9:52 p.m.

Erik and Mikel sound to me like a couple of sock puppets, someone not hjonest enough come here as who they are so instead the sneak in under cover of darkness to take cheap shots at others.

And, oh yes, to lecture those still able to see the truth, admonishing us for having survived thus far.

Whoever you are, arrogant would seem to be one of your more prominent “talents”.  Arrogance would seem to keep you unaware that not everyone considers what communication passes here is not universally accepted as you seem to think as “trash talk”.

May I suggest that if anyone wastes our time with trash talk it would be you, whoever/whatever you are.

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 5, 2011, 10:53 p.m.

Gloria, Sorry, I thought I responded to you earlier but apparently it never posted.  Anyway, thanks for your suggestions.  I wonder if the dog counts if it is a “cumulative” total.  I have 4 dogs ranging from 2 pounds to 17 pounds, probably 36 pounds total - somehow I don’t think its quite the same.

Yes, bankruptcy is a lot harder to do now.  I have found out that I do meet the means test fortunately or unfortunately depending how you look at it.  That is one of the things that I guess make it possible for me to consider walking away.  that’s something i would never have dreamed I’d consider but things have changed a lot.  Economy, my neighborhood, etc.

It sounds as though you’ve found a few things that work for you but like all of us still have your share of the burden to carry.

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 6, 2011, 8:28 a.m.

Thank you very much Anne in K.C. !! I greatly appreciate your kindness and compassion !!

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 6, 2011, 10 a.m.

I commented earlier on the entries posted by “Erick and Mikel” however I must be one of those he/they/it refers to as “having too much time on their hands” as I read again the message they left.  I suppose it doesn’t real matter their true identity however since I have so much time on my hands I have a greater opportunity to be amazed and disgusted by those who come here as imposters.  Maybe they are emulating their mentor/leader, the greatest imposter of our day since he inhabits the White House illegally as a traitor, Barrack Hussein Obama.

I wonder why they take the time they do to comment on such peons as might be found here and it occurs to me that the reason for doing so might be that they are more uncomfortable than they care to admit by the growing restlessness among the serfs and plebes hereabout.  Perhaps when they lay down at night (do snakes actually lay down?) and close their eyes the few shreds of conscience they have remaining trouble them and maybe they even envision themselves being dealt with as harshly as other cruel traitors and dictators were.  One that comes to mind, for example that Romanian couple Mr. and Mrs. Nicolae Ceausescu who met such an unseemly end once “their people” said “enough”.  I’m sure that they never contemplated such an end while they were enjoying the wealth and largesse they enjoyed during their lives but that is what happens once people are pushed too far for too long.  We in the United States have not yet experienced depravity on the scale of that such as happened in Romania but at the speed and audacity with which such things escalate I can see there is apparently no depth too low to sink once leaders give themselves over totally to their feelings of entitlement.  We hear so much about how those of us who are entitlement-minded drain society (like those of us who believed and contributed to Social Security) yet it occurs to me the most heinous of entitlements is that apparently felt by the elite and powerful now sadly (but temporarily) in control in our government.

Yes, maybe I have too much time on my hands when I recall the fate of those kinds of people but I guess it helps in a way to realize that eventually the great and powerful are subject to answering for their misdeeds like any other criminal.  History has well shown the eventual fate of tyrants like that, none of us can forget good old Saddam can we, it wasn’t so long ago he was brought to answer as well.

Anyway, are Erick and Mikel some sort of bobsy twins or did I miss something?  Could they be fashion designers?  It has a vaguely familiar ring “Erick and Mikel”.  It sounds rather like someone grown too big for their britches perhaps, naughty children in need of a correction?  It does seem that no matter how haughty or aristocratic people are that in the end they all are subject to retribution and death the same as any of the commoners they despise so.

Well, I guess I’ve wasted enough time thinking about those two or however many they are.  Don’t begrudge me my entertainment, we all need some especially the kind that helps us persevere rather than give up don’t you think?

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 6, 2011, 10:08 a.m.

Barry - it sounds as though there are a few of us who should be thanking you for your work and perseverance in exposing the scandalous and illegal behavior that is so prevalent in DC these days.  So please don’t thank me, I like to think I haven’t totally lost the manners I grew up with and that I still do have a good heart and character.  I don’t spend enough time as i ought to reminding myself that there are still some good people about who persevere in spite of adversity, thank you for reminding me.  I do hope your troubles abate and you find moments of peace and serenity.


Oct. 6, 2011, 11:08 a.m.

Do you know what the definition of selfish is?  Selfish is appreciating Obama’s presence in the White House where he attracts the hate and vitriol of those who, without such a convenient target, would undoubtedly turn that hate and vitriol upon somebody else.

And that somebody else might be me.  So I think you for indulging my selfishness, Mr. President.

Of course, it would do everybody good to consider the fact that there isn’t a government agency in America that can fulfill the desires of any American President unless that agency has the funding to do it - and further recall that defunding government agencies to ensure that they cannot do what the President wants - what the American people need - is a favorite tactic of the Republicans.

Those who have been blasted by the mortgage-backed securities pyramid scam that Bush and the Republicans launched (see - and read it, for Pete’s sake - ) would do well to forget about this hamstrung President’s relative inability to accomplish anything and focus on removing those who both created this situation and block all efforts to repair the destruction they inflicted:  The Republicans.

Know thine enemy.


Oct. 6, 2011, 3:38 p.m.

Can anybody do anything right anymore. This government is a fiasco and where would you start to fix it. We are so deeply embedded in fraud and it will never end as long as there is money to be made. The HAMP program was thrown out there in a desparete move to make brownie points. The banks were never equipped to handle the load and frankly they don’t care, thats not there business. Sell the homes back to the owners at a price they can afford instead of a short sale and displacing them. We don’t need anymore inventory, the market would stabilize and the housing market would rebound and therego the economy. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to fix this.


Oct. 6, 2011, 7:06 p.m.

Dial 1-888-995-HOPE and you are sure to get help, in the way of being transferred to one of the many nonprofit HUD approved credit counseling agencies.  Here in CT there are 44 agencies.  Wonder how effective this service has been? Was it money well spent?

Jenny CC

Oct. 6, 2011, 8:11 p.m.

Dear Gloria,
New World Order was in Bush’s speeches… and Obama is NOT NWO.  NWO is a few, elite, very rich people owning and controlling the world with the leaders as their puppets.  How will they gain that control? By getting countries to deregulate so they can get such a strong foothold into the economy that there is nothing left the people can do against them but bow down.  They will be able to buy government and stop any politician who wants to do good for the 99%.  They will also take their people to wars that the elite few profit big-time from as they rob other counties of their resources.  The New World Order are NOT about spreading the wealth.  Middle class and working class people should only be so grateful if they were!!!  IF the NWO was about sharing the wealth, we would not be here upset about losing our homes and having no hope in the future.  We would be given some of that wealth.  Regulation would be in practice and violators would be punished in order to protect people like us.  But Reagan and the Bushes made sure that rich get to enjoy that wealth (and do not fool yourself into thinking you are among the rich unless you are making 8 or more figures a year) and no one else does.  The rich have enjoyed tax breaks and did not create a surplus of jobs for us.  Instead, they had record bonuses and profits for themselves.  Did that get put back into society?  Not as much as what could be.  And they CAN afford a couple of more percent in taxes when they make thousands of percent higher in wages.  End those tax breaks… that is not socialism, that is smart democracy to save the middle class and keep us from the Aristocracies and the Kings we left behind in England when we came here and stole from the native Americans and then acted like it was our manifest destiny. 

You are against Obama who tried to change things but was met with so much opposition and political blackmail that he could not do what he wanted to do.  Republicans can only say, “No,” to anything that will help.  What have the Republicans done for you lately?  They have bashed Obama and brainwashed you into believing that he is the anti-christ so you will continue to back those who want to destroy every program which benefits the majority of society so that the rich can get richer.  “Spending,” is not bad word when it is done correctly.  George Bush handing out the first stimulus so that those companies who ran their companies into the ground and messed up the whole country while doing so could give themselves big bonuses and have money go missing was not as smart as Obama’s stimulus which saved the motor industry and is being paid back and is being tracked.  MONEY BEING PUT OT USE, NOT JUST IN THE POCKETS OF THE COMPANIES AND BEING TRACKED AND PAID BACK.  Americans should demand that Wall Street now bails US out and the criminals that ran those companies should be in jail.  Republicans keep blaming Obama, and what have they done?  Obama stepped into what Bush put into motion, and the Republicans are so angry that they only want to get him out.  All THEY have done the last 4 years is fight Obama at every turn.  They don’t care about you and me.  They care about the super top 1% who buy them and really rule us.  They have not worked to help us at all.  They say the words, “Jobs Jobs Jobs,” but then they want to cut everything that helps America and allows the middle class to be what it is.  Without the middle class, we will be peasants and kings… slums and warlords. 

You say you cannot afford food, well the Republicans will tell you to work harder.  they will tell you that is YOUR fault, too bad.  They even made fun of OBama for being a community activist when those are the people who organize to help people in their communities when government cannot.  Keep letting the rich have tax breaks so they can have that 300 million dollar bonus and pretend to give you jobs that they don’t really give you.  republicans will tell you it’s too bad and then they will make sure there is no free clinic for you to go to when your insurance company wants to charge you $700 or deny treatment. Too bad if your kids wanted to go to college or get sick. They will make sure you cannot collect unemployment benefits while you look for better work.  “Work harder,” but who cares that you are a wage earner and your salary will not increase, you can only work so many hours a day, you will pay more in taxes than the CEO who makes 500 million, and your benefits will be cut and you will have to pay for everything that becomes privatized.  and watch out when everything becomes privatized because they will charge whatever they want and play games just like the mortgage brokers in the housing boom who handed out loans to people who could not really afford them and were allowed to do so to and allowed to sell those loans to other companies/banks without even telling you.

Jenny CC

Oct. 6, 2011, 8:12 p.m.

THe hope for an upward-mobile society is going away, but that is not Obama’s doing.  It is the top 1%, the REAL New World Order.  Gee, how sad it would be to tax the poor little billionaires and millionaires just a tiny bit more to “spread the wealth.”  How gross that we American citizens want to be in a healthy, prosperous society that we would ask them to “spread the wealth.”  How selfish and rude.. why should those kind, considerate rich have to make 259 million instead of 260 million?  Oh my gosh we won’t have any jobs!!! I guess the surplus of jobs and revenue and wealthy rich people under Clinton was a myth?  That didn’t happen?  How dare we tell the rich that their party-time tax break is over and they have to go back to being as rich and well-off as they were under Clinton.  We should be happy getting kicked out of our homes and told to “work harder”  so that we never have to “share the wealth.”  AS IF Obama is going to take it ALL away from the rich and hand it to the lazy bums who chose to sit at home mooching off of their parents.  please.

Yes, more needs to be done to act on regulation, and yes, Obama needs to step up and make it happen and not take no for an answer.  But there is process in politics, otherwise we would have a dictator.  Action needs to be taken against the people who got us here and continue to commit fraud.  Consequences need to be enforced.  Everyone who got us here got away scott-free, and now Obama takes the blame.  that is ridiculous.
It is time to join the 99% who are protesting Wall Street, the criminal institution that put us here.  You want you house?  You want a future? Stop Wall Street from ruling us in any way they please while they play with our money and lives.  Remember when banks used to pay good interest on your savings and you didn’t HAVE to invest to build up a savings and retirement?  They OWN us and are trying to own us in every way from our retirement funds to our savings to our homes and health care.  They want to privatize everything.  SOME social programs are needed, and SOME spreading of the wealth is all that will keep us from becoming a third world country.  It is not class warfare to demand the rich stop getting all the breaks in this country.  It is class warFAIR.  Think about it.

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 6, 2011, 8:44 p.m.

@Jenny…. if I were suggestible where Obama is concerned I might actually feel sorry for him after listening to you play the violin music for the poor guy.  Lucky for me, I have my head on straight and not buying into any of the “expecteds” that I am supposed to do to be PC nowadays.

It’s really borders in ridiculous that obama be thought of in any way at all as having been victimized because he has enjoyed an unprecedented and prolonged period of “he can do no wrong” and anyone who doesn’t buy into his thing is a racist.

Whereas most politicians are pounced on within seconds of one of the media finding out a good juicy bit of gossip, real or not.  Obama has been given the green light so many times I’ve lost track.  As far as no one liking his actions there are some who do, probably you are one of those.  Not me.    I am opposed to everything that he is.  I have problems with someone being elected to the highest office in the land and then once safely enthroned sets about doing as he damn well pleases.  Not happy with the immigration problem?  Doesn’t bother Obama, he wants them to stay and so they stay (and come here ILLEGALLY and STAY because Obama has opened to floodgates.  Once this info get disseminated there willl be more here on a free ride.

Despite all the outrage over Holder and Obama letting the New Black Panther party off without so much as a warning for their voter intimidation and their obvious hate crimes even while he accuses others of hate crimes which make them worth watching lest they step out of line.

He has appointed a pervert as “safe school czar” and another wild-eyed radical to the Supreme Court. 

So as not to ruin my even I’m not going to “go there” to explain his many wrongdoings, either you see/acknowledge his clear intentions or you don’t.

Wonder who will be the next person of questionable repute he favors and what will be the cause?

It’s been an exhausting and tryin gday other wise I’d stay and blah blah with you about it but as it is -  I am officlaly chillin

Jenny CC

Oct. 6, 2011, 9:16 p.m.

How is “anne in KC” giving your true identity? I would think YOU are hiding in the darkness or whatever you said. YOu are on a forum about mortgage crimes and have to bash a fellow sufferers because they still try to have faith in a president who is a hell of a lot smarter than the one before him and suggest that this is not the place to bash.  I’d rather have faith that some day, when the Republicans stop blocking him and when America finally realizes that Wall Street and the top 1% who are hoarding the wealth and controlling everything behind the scenes, Obama will be able to get things done that help all of us.  Erik and Mikel would be “sock puppets” if they came on here saying that the mortgage companies are heroes and don’t deserve to be punished.  I did not infer that at all, and believe you may be inferring the wrong message, too.  So instead of bashing, why not ask for clarification and engage in discussion and ask about their plight?

You sound so paranoid of Barrack “Hussein” (does that name scare you? Y0u keep using his middle name as if you fear he is some sort of plant to hand the country over to the the muslims.  I’d rather buy into the conspiracy theory that Bush was hand-in-hand with Bin Laden in order to invade Iraq, but I digress.  oh, and newsflash—muslim population is multiplying faster than any other.  better start making your christian babies… or what faith should they be??  start growing those vegetables and get your guns they are coming for YOU, your house and your taxes).

So you don’t like Obama, but were you a fan of the C average, drunk, fraternity boy who took us to Iran under the disguise of Weapons of Mass Destruction to get the oil?  Bush is the guy who said we were going to go after the terrorists so we could stay safe and then turned right around while our men were in Afghanistan fighting and is on tape saying “I don’t know where Bin Ladin is, and I don’t care.”  He left men fighting in Afghanistan NOT CARING and took us into Iraq and wreaked havoc over there while his buddies (Hallibuton) made billions.  And why?? We know why—oil.  If McCain got into office, we would probably be in Iran right now.  YOu are concerned over our men who are fighting?  The war-criminal named Bush is scarier to me than Barrack Hussein.

Concentration of wealth among a few always leads to corruption.  If we keep allowing Wall Street to have that concentration of wealth, we will never have a politician who will be able to do any good.  they will ALL be puppets as they seem to be now.  They will continue to take your homes, take your money, work you to the bone, tax you… sounds like historic times that we should have grown out of.  Stand up to wall street who allowed this mortgage crisis to steal our homes.  Don’t let us go back to peasants working the king’s land.  Oh heck, you’d rather keep fearing Obama (“Hussein”).

Saying that Bush was yesterday and Obama is today so therefore he is the problem is also silly because the tides of history are constantly rolling. Obama stepped into what was already set in motion and anyone will have a hell of a hard time doing anything about that single-handedly.  It is history that creates great men (Read some Tolstoy).  And we SHOULD be proud of those who take a stand as Erik and Mikel state.  We should be proud of those who are sitting on Wall Street right now saying they are tired of their homes being taken… tired of being broke while the rich control whether or not they can get back up on their feet.  You want to hide on your land with your dogs while you read forums and preach nonsense… well, I admire those who go sit and say, “NO more. DO something!  Enforce the regulations! Spread the wealth! Take the country to where it needs to be with a flourishing middle class and jobs for the workers.” 

Also, you seem to forget that we have NOT had peaceful years since the World Wars.  You forget the Korean War or Vietnam?  Daddy Bush’s first war against Iraq? The Cold War? Do I need to list all the other military actions that took place that we were involved in?  I can name some worse dictators than you did, and guess what?  We will have our own Mubarek, Quadaffi, Kim Jong II, etc and it will be hiding behind the name, “Wall Street.” 

I’m glad you find calling people who have lost their homes, “Bopsy twins,” to be entertaining because then you will be entertained by me calling you the deplorable, brainwashed fools of our society. YOu will be entertained by ME bashing back at you.  hehe, fun, right?  How sad that we can’t help each other here. 

Keep it up, Paul… keep writing articles to keep people aware.  They will still fear Hussein Obama and bash those who lose their homes because they need entertainment, but someday America will not be so lost.

Jenny CC

Oct. 6, 2011, 9:51 p.m.

YOu are against everything Obama is?
well, I personally am happy that health insurance companies no longer are allowed to deny health care to those with pre-existing conditions.
I am happy that unemployment benefits got extended at a time when we are suffering massive unemployed rates and the Republicans wanted to END those benefits.  and what would have happened if they did end them?  more chaos.  More loss of homes and declining of neighborhoods.  YOu want us to be in slums like India? Like the favelas in Brazil?
Hey, I’m not going to say Obama is perfect, and I have never heard that “he can do no wrong” unless some paranoid Republican was spouting fear rhetoric on Fox news… but I wonder why you bash people on here who are suffering due to larger forces than Obama and forces that have been causing the decline of this country since before Obama. 

What are you saying when you say he does as he damn well pleases?  The Republicans have become the party of, “NO.”  If he did as he damn well pleased, health care would have been much more reformed. He couldn’t even get people he wanted approved into office.

Not all illegals are here on a free ride.  And they have been coming here in floods for YEARS !! I have been hearing complaints about them since the 80’s.  Hey—I say anyone who is not a direct, pure. bloodline descendant of the native americans has to go back to where ever they can figure out is homeland of the majority of their ancestry. 
Otherwise, where do you draw the line?  Yes, the borders are a problem, but it is not so cut and dry, and not all of them are here mooching.  Immigration is what makes America that “melting pot” it likes to be.  YOu say they mooch, I say many of them know more about our history than most Americans.  YOu cannot generalize about them, the issue is too complex.  Also, 70% of the jobs that citizens do not want are taken by the illegals.  they break their backs all day in the fields with the pesticides for pennies.  No overtime, no retirement, no benefits, no holiday pay, no rules for break time, etc.  They slaughter animals and clean up body parts in the slaughterhouses.  Get mad at those who hire them, including the millionaire Meg Whitman who ran for office with illegals working in her household.  The rich don’t want to pay you and me, so the illegals take the jobs we do not want to do. It is a complex issue and you need to look further than Obama.  Get mad at Wall Street or else we will all be cramming 10 families into one 2 bedroom house like they do and we will be competing with them for the $1/hour jobs.

Kris Carlton

Oct. 6, 2011, 10:02 p.m.

After 6 denials from Chase, I just tried again. I got 4 months behind earlier this year, but I’ve been able to make my payments, just not the 4 behind. On Oct. 1 I sent my full payment thru BillPay, got to Chase on Oct. 4, and now my bank says Chase refused the payment. Chase says that the payment was due on the 1st, so it was late, now I’m 5 months behind, and they can only accept 3 full payments. If I don’t get the mod, I guess I’m done, if they won’t accept my payment each month, I’ll get deeper each month. Anyone heard of this? I was never told about this, and I’m not sure that it isn’t fabricated. I’m 65, retired, on SS, what a shame, for all of us.

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 6, 2011, 10:08 p.m.

Oh geez Miss Jenny, where to start.  You could be fun.  You remind me of Don Knotts in the Ghost and Mr. Chicken or even as Barney Fife, really hyped up and hopping all over the place making no sense.  I needed some comedic relief so thank you for supplying it.

I don’t have ALL DAY to answer/respond to each and every silly sentence you’ve gotten so worked up in so I’ll just select a few of the top of my head.

First of all your point about Anne in K.C. and hiding my identity escapes me.  Let me assure you there are plenty of Anne’s in K.C., in fact there are two K.C.s so it gets even better.  And frankly, I’m not all that worked up about my anonymity.  You seem to be but not sure why.

I don’ think I was “bashing” fellow sufferers.  I’m selective about who I bash and the “bopsy” twins as you called them seemed like a good place to start.  And I think if you want to chastise someone for bashing you might start with your bopsy twins who told the rest of us that IN THEIR OPINION we have too much time on our hands.  Gee whiz, I wonder who appointed them timekeeper?  Here’s a newsflash for you - people can spend their time however they choose and it doesn’t matter at all if the bopsy twins approve or not.  In fact, I rather like the fact that they don’t and that your knickers seem all bunched up too.

Obama smart?  Maybe smart as in crooked smart but no, he’s not smart, just arrogant mainly.  He’s a shell, a front man - a whore sort of bought and paid for to do “their bidding”.  Who are they?  They are whoever financed his campaign, a relative unknown idiot who can’t keep straight what his religion is among other things.

Lucky for me I have a mind of my own and I’m not a sucker like you seem to be.  While you’re doing your hopping up and down war dance (maybe brought on by your knotted knickers) I have very clear vision unlike the apparently brain-dead morons who blindly follow along without seeing a thing.  They are like cattle on their way down the chute to “destiny” mooing and bleating and totally unaware that in about 30 seconds they will be hamburger.  That goes for you too Jenny.


Oct. 7, 2011, 12:08 a.m.

@Kris Carlton-Have you worked with MHA to facilitate your mod with Chase? I know some people who can help. You are welcome to call me if you prefer. Please keep in mind that I am in Hawaii and the difference in time. My phone # is 8083158336. Please don’t give up on this…especially if you have been trying to attain for an extended time. In any event good luck and God bless.

Mary Ann

Oct. 7, 2011, 1:08 a.m.

Need to get private money (or at least corporate money) out of political campaigns. A third party to force the Republicans and Democrats to consider more than their own interests would be a great help also. Right now, both parties bow down to corporate interests because they pay to finance the campaigns, not the average citizen.


Oct. 7, 2011, 2:33 a.m.

Wow. Come here about mortgages and get all this.  Anne in KC, I agree that calling someone who lost their home a,“bopsy twin,” is in fact rude.  Why did you take offense to a simple statement that we people on here have time on our hands.  We DO.  Spend it as you want, who cares,  and let people make a point that we are on here when we could be out there with those who are protesting the REAL villains.  WALL STREET.
“They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process despite not having the original mortgage.”  Just listen to this link and see who the real enemy is.  Stop bashing fellow forum members.  You share the same plight.  Spend your time the way you want to, but appreciate those who are out protesting the real criminals.  It goes deeper than the president.  MUCH DEEPER.  Direct your anger at the right people.  Everyone should listen to this link!

I feel sorry for you, Anne in KC.  But I understand you must be angry.  Just realize that you cannot hear tone when you read a post.  You chose to attack people when they may have meant no insult to you.  I see no offense in their statements, but I do see offense in yours.  Being an outsider reading you, you are the one who doesn’t make sense and sounds like an idiot. You are the one all over the place contradicting yourself.  Obama’s intelligence could dance circles around you.  I suppose you were president of the Harvard Law Review, too.  Congratulations.  Miss Smarty Pants is so smart she takes offense to someone saying you have time on your hands to be on the computer.  Aren’t we all looking for ways to stop the mortgage crisis?  Isn’t that why we are all on the computer, using our time as we chose?  Who cares, let it go.  I mourn for the dumbing down of America.  Now you can bash me, too, because we all know you have the time and you are offended that we know that.

But anyway, go listen to this link.

Good luck to everyone fighting for their homes and fighting the real criminals who have seized our country and are breaking the middle class.  It has been going on for 10 years and more !!! Time to stop it. 

(Reagan never should have closed the mental institutions)

Emile Zola

Oct. 8, 2011, 12:28 p.m.

Whoa! And how is this news worthy?  The Obama administration is more appearances than deeds.  From Guantanamo to health care, it has been compromise after compromise and at the end, the poor and the middle class are sent up the creek w/o a paddle, while billionaires, millionaires swim in billions of dollars given to them courtesy of uncle Sam, but when there is a need for disaster relief, children, health care, etc, we are broke.  I think that Obama is just another Trojan horse sent by the radical right to destroy whatever is left of the spineless left.
There was a time, LBJ comes to mind, where democratic presidents were there to counter balance the radical right and we have to remember that in those times, republicans were not as looney as they are now, thanks to those racist to the core:  Tea partiers.  I think that America, the beautiful is no more.  Now all is corruption, war crimes and class warfare, where billionaires, millionaires want to bring back slavery and this time is not just for blacks only, but we are all in a heap of trouble and nobody out there to help us.  The only help that misery has is and a lot of them:  Our Father, hollowed be Thy Name…..

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 8, 2011, 2 p.m.

Unless I miss my guess (but it doesn’t really matter anyway) Jenny has been taken over by Kristen.  Kristen has that same way of misunderstanding, i.e. failure to read and absorb what I wrote.

The errors are too numerous to point out and I have other things to do but i shall try one or two.

First of all “bopsy twins” as Jenny put it is hardly a slanderous accusations.  I said bobsy twins for several reasons, one being few people come here and somebody and somebody.  Of course there is nothing stopping me from making my posts from Anne and the Queen Mum but I didn’t.

As far as RUDE goes, any rudeness from me directed toward THE TWO whoever’s was brought about by their arrogant statement that we who come here have too much time on our hands (according to them) and then TELLING US we needed to find gratitude in our hearts for dear old Obama.  Excuse me, but you have to be brain dead or have your head up someone’s hind quarters to miss all the crooked stuff Obama is pulling.  That doesn’t even touch on his disrespect for and violation of the Constitution or his refusing to honor the flag at the same time he bows to a Saudi prince.  Exactly who is obama supposed to be serving?  We, THE PEOPLE, pay his salary which i suppose is miniscule compared to whatever the elite have him under contract for.  But he did swear to defend the Constitution and since then he has done nothing but trash it.

I can see you, Kristen, are either a shill or else you have your brain on numbskull power if you think Obama is intelligent.  I don’t pretend to be a genius but the last thing I worry about is Obama drawing circles around me.  What i worry more about is that he refuses to defend our borders and is intent on stopping the states from doing the job the feds should be doing.  At a time when we are told that we may lose the Social Security we paid into and which would be solid had it not been “borrowed from” (and the debt apparently forgotten) by various and sundry parties just “temporarily” while they used it to fund some pork barrel b.s. projects, the fact that he now opens the floodgates promising all these illegal aliens (I refuse to call them “undocumented” - they are what they are which is illegal) free food, free health care, free schooling, free free free which means that I’m paying for their health care when I can’t afford my own.

I have every right to be indignant, outraged and insulted and i do because unlike you I’m not stupid.  I have a brain that for the time being at least is functioning quite well.  I do not have blinders on, i do not share the desire to be PC in payment for my alleged part in slavery.

You really need to take a look in the mirror Jenny/Kristen.  And do something to get your brain working again, the way things are going you will need all your wits about you unless you are one of “them” come here in disguise.

If you are offended by my words, I can’t help the fact that the truth apparently troubles you.  So I guess you’ll just have to find a way to deal with that.

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 8, 2011, 2:10 p.m.

I stand by my statement that we have had relative peace here in the U.S. for some time.  No, we have not been conflict free but there has been no World War and during this time many of our parents were able to buy homes, find good jobs - the American Dream.

The American Dream is gone byebye.  No one can find a job and homes have been foreclosed on.

So yes, comparatively speaking for a time we did have some good years here in this country.  The fact they are quickly becoming nothing but a memory is sad indeed.


Oct. 8, 2011, 3:05 p.m.

Counter-productive to rage against Obama unless you have a viable alternative.

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 8, 2011, 8:30 p.m.


As to my tirade against Obama, I have a very viable alternative.  Our Congress/Senators could grow some cajones and impeach the sob traitor.

It’s legal, possible, righteous, all that’s missing are the cajones.

Let me ask you, if you had a terrible disease that would kill you unless you got treatment and the doctor/hospital you were being treated by said “well, Mr IBS2U there are a few things we could do but we don’t want to”.  We have the skill, the know-how, the equipment, the facilities, the experience, but the surgeons don’t want to.

Would you just walk away and say “okay, well it was just a thought of mine, silly me?”


Oct. 8, 2011, 10:13 p.m.

It annoys me when I am ‘expected’ to respond in a specific manner…I am more accustomed to analyzing the evidence….parsing it…turning it over to see if it artificially stinks…

The American right is America’s greatest enemy.  Anybody who points at Obama is either a fool or a collaborator.


Oct. 8, 2011, 10:25 p.m.

Hey…I call upon the ASA.

We ran from blood….we died, quietly.

It is time to protect America.

We either tell what we know, or we see America become..the USSR.

Did we stop that, diiddy-bops?  Will we permit that, <i>tdy in an inimical<i> nation?

You owe me, ASA…red, for the blood we didn’t demand credit for…

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 8, 2011, 10:58 p.m.

@ibs—- How were you expected to answer and who told you how to answer?

I have an idea how people want me to answer.  They want me to say that Obama is the greatest thing that happened to the U.S. in a long time.  To which I say “not in this lifetime”.

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 8, 2011, 11 p.m.

Care to decipher/translate your “call upon the ASA”?  It makes absolutely no sense so lemmee know what I’m missing?  Sorry - whatever it is, I don’t get it.

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 8, 2011, 11:06 p.m.

Amateur Softball Association????  American Sailboat Association?  Americans for Safe Access (to Marijuana)?

or maybe Archery Shooters Association?  I can see how that would involve losing some blood?

“diiddy-bops?”  I know, this is a continuation of the Alice through the Looking Glass Series, right?


Oct. 9, 2011, 12:14 a.m.

@anne in K.C:

Big ears…from way back.


Oct. 9, 2011, 12:21 a.m.

I could have said the NSA and the ASA are like….well, one of ‘em got shot at, and the other one didn’t.

lolllll…is some serious friggin’ patriots, in the NSA…as well as the ASA.


Oct. 9, 2011, 12:50 a.m.

Discounting string theory…which would probably be a mistake…what is different, in the

And it ain’t me…I’m a blip…a spike.

What is different, today?  Arrogance is an intelligence analyst’s greatest enemy…there is no greater threat to an intelligence agency than political appointees.

What is different, about today?


Oct. 11, 2011, 7:44 a.m.

anne in KM-c- you should at least know the facts-

Obamahas expelled MORE illegal immigrants in 2+years than bush did in his last term, AND there are fewer illegals successfully getting in to the US.  The reason that Obama hasn’t accomplished anything is because EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF LEGISLATION he has proposed has been blocked by the republicans. He NEVER had a 60 seat majority in the Senate, he had to cajole a couple republicans to vote their conscience just to get ‘health care’ reform passed. And even that is watered down to some almost insignificant insurance regulations- there is no real health care reform, just some minor insurance regulating.

And on the subject of loan mods, The republicans in the senate refused to allow any enforcement regulations to HAMP other than the witholding of fees, and continue to press for further cuts in the justice dept. There are NO funds available for prosecution of any of your list of crimes. That is a direct result of budget cuts. The tea party never made the link in their narrow minds that defunding the government meant that the government would not be able to do certain things.

One more thing- please read the ‘evidence’ of your list of offenses directly and don’t rely on what ‘someone told you’

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 11, 2011, 11:28 a.m.


The Obama administration announced last week that it would effectively halt any enforcement actions (on an alleged “case-by-case” basis) against any illegal alien who hasn’t committed any other serious crime.

As reported by Newsmax:

  The Obama re-election campaign jumped into full operational mode with an announcement by Janet Napolitano, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary, that illegal aliens in deportation proceedings — whether border-crossers or visa overstays — who have yet to commit an additional crime, will be allowed to remain in the United States and obtain work permits.…

  Low-priority cases, which she believes waste enforcement resources, will be dismissed in defiance of existing U.S. immigration laws passed by Congress and signed into law by previous presidents.

So that’s it. After more than a year of denying that “stealth amnesty” was the official illegal immigration policy of the Obama administration, the Obama gang has finally fessed up. Illegal aliens will not be deported or pursued. Amnesty is here.


Oct. 11, 2011, 1:37 p.m.

Always good to verify your sources (that is, seek confirmation of what you see on the ‘net by seeking additional sources).

Sometimes some sources self-escalate the need for verification:


Oct. 11, 2011, 1:53 p.m.

Anne’s verson (which is thick on the right-wing websites, needless to say) is Republican spin.  Another version - which I daresay more objectively presents both viewpoints - is at

I quote the linked CBS story (itself sourced from the Associated Press…i.e., verification taking place already):

(AP)  WASHINGTON — Facing critics on all sides, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Wednesday defended the Obama administration’s new policy of deciding which illegal immigrants to send home first.

The government is deporting record numbers of illegal immigrants, she said, but putting at the top of the line those who pose a public safety or national security threat. That’s a shift from the Bush administration’s enforcement strategy, Napolitano said in a speech at American University, the latest public push to promote the new approach.

Republicans say making it a priority to deport those immigrants amounts to a back-door way of granting amnesty to other people who are living in the U.S. illegally but haven’t committed crimes. Yet to immigration advocates, the administration is still deporting such illegal immigrants.

She said policies inherited from the Bush administration “allowed as many resources, if not more, to be spent tracking down and deporting the college student as were spent on apprehending criminal aliens and gang members.”

End of quote.

Now in my opinion, if you are an enforcement operation and you have limited resources (which, given the tendency of the Republicans in Congress to use funding - or defunding, rather - as a political weapon is “a gimme”) then you should go after the biggest threat.

The ones this Administration have chosen to perceive as “the biggest threat” are the ones who run around killing Americans.  Apparently the right - the Republicans - prefer that the violence on America’s streets linked to criminal illegal aliens (the gang wars, the invasion of the drug cartels from Mexico, the violent home invasions) increase.

Who knows why - other than most of the true Republican power is, because of their wealth, safely isolated from that violence and it certainly isn’t a secret any longer that the Republicans don’t care what happens to any American who isn’t wealthy enough to be significant.

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 11, 2011, 2:17 p.m.

I agree with your comment :

“Republicans don’t care what happens to any American who isn’t wealthy enough to be significant”

but Obama doesn’t care either.

Here are quotes his DOL and DOJ Directors reviewed but they took no action :

In the case of Brenda Zanny, U.S. District Judge Richard Enslen wrote :

“Metlife and its henchmen should appreciate that such conduct may itself precipitate the suicide death of a person who has placed implicit trust in their organization. This record is an open indictment of MetLife’s practices and treatment of the mentally-ill and long-term disability benefits.”

In the case of Wright verses Metlife U.S. Magistrate Judge Jennifer Guerm wrote these quotes :

“MetLife relied on clearly erroneous findings of fact in making its benefit determination. MetLife’s review of Plaintiff’s appeal consistently omitted or misrepresented relevant information in several ways. On October 18, 2004, Dr. Barnett wrote a letter to MetLife stating:

“I am gravely disturbed by your misrepresentation of the facts with regard to my discussion with your independent physician consultant and your lack of due diligence in collecting further medical information regarding Mr. Wright’s health condition. Indeed, Mr. Wright has ongoing cardiac disease including ischemia and loss of function due to previous myocardial infarctions.”

You can see more judges quotes by pasting :

You can see how Obama prosecuted no one at Wachovia when they laundered $378 billion for murderous Mexican cartels by going to

And you can see links to the official government documents that verify the massive corporate crimes that Obama and Bush did not prosecute by pasting and looking at Part Two and Exhibits B and C.

In most cases fines the corporations paid are a small percentage of the profits from the crimes they committed.

U.S. Department of the Treasury

Oct. 11, 2011, 6:15 p.m.


This piece contains a number of blatant inaccuracies about the Making Home Affordable Program and Treasury’s compliance efforts to date, including compliance reviews of GMAC.  Treasury’s foremost goal in implementation of the program is to make sure that homeowners are fairly and effectively evaluated for assistance.  While mortgage servicers and investors still have progress to make in meeting the needs of struggling homeowners more broadly, Treasury has utilized the authority it has through the Making Home Affordable Program to build one of the most comprehensive compliance reviews of mortgage servicing operations in the country.  Since the beginning of the program, Treasury’s compliance team has conducted hundreds of reviews to identify servicer deficiencies and has required servicers to take specific actions to improve.  Treasury has been issuing monthly reports about the progress of the program since the spring of 2009, and has continued to expand its reporting to include some of the most detailed information available about servicer performance.  In June 2011, Treasury released Servicer Assessments for the ten largest mortgage servicers in the program to continue to hold servicers publically accountable, setting a new industry benchmark for reporting about mortgage servicer efforts to assist struggling homeowners.

Treasury is fully committed to strong implementation of the program and will continue to take steps to strengthen implementation and reach eligible homeowners.  We encourage those who want to learn more to visit the Financial Stability website on

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 11, 2011, 11:10 p.m.

@IBS2U - I’‘m not really into right/left democrat/republican whatever.  I want the job done right.

Of course they justify their limited deportation policy but they wouldn’t have to track anyone down, student or otherwise, if they didn’t forbid law enforcement from asking for ID or sending them back at the border.

DC has money to do WHAT IT WANTS.  And in this case Obama wants all the illegals to stay here.

He is on record saying that he won’t enforce the borders until they go along with his immigration reform policy.  You see - he doesn’t give a damn about what people want.  He’s play political games - blackmail of sorts to get his way.

What this does, these policies, is guarantee and increasing flow of ILLEGALS on the way to receive free everything for life and I want to know how they intend to pay for all the freebies for the ILLEGALS when they are telling me I’m going to lose my Social Security.  WHY?  I paid into the system - they borrowed and “forgot” to pay it back. 

I have a suggestion - let’s get rid of congressmen’s retirement and savings fund.  They are always so willing to cut our benefits and not give Cost of Living Allowances increases for 2 years now but they sure got their stake didn’t they?

People want the illegals GONE.  We don’t want to pay for their schooling or their health care or their food stamps or anything else.  I understand they want a better life well so do I and so far I’m getting a worse life, a worse neighborhood, an unsafe neighborhood so I’m not very sympathetic.  I realize that’s un-PC but sometimes life sucks.

Your stupid assertion that republicans want the killing in the US done by gangs/drugs to increase is just that STUPID.  It doesn’t have to be an EITHER / OR situation.  Obama chose to make it one.

I know damn straight if I get caught shop lifting they are not going to let me off the hood because I’m not dangerous.

There are programs started to ENTICE ILLEGALS to come.  Not only are they not deporting them they are thinking up ways to increase the stampede.

I know damn straight what’s going on.

“yet to immigration advocates, the administration is still deporting such illegal immigrants.”

The above statement of yours makes no sense.  They either are or are not deporting ILLEGALS.  That’s one thing we need to change right there, calling them UNDOCUMENTED.  Call them what they are ILLEGAL.

Anne in K.C.

Oct. 11, 2011, 11:16 p.m.

Congressman Steven King is on top of this even while others ignore it.

“Speaking at a La Raza convention, Obama told the crowd: “The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you, not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written.”

    But temptation seems to have gotten the best of Barack Obama. It appears all too clear that, as he was making that statement, Obama was intending to do things on his own all along. Back in June, Senator Jon Kyl recounted a private conversation he had with Barack Obama months ago at an Arizona town hall meeting. According to Senator Kyl, Obama told him: “If we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support comprehensive immigration reform.” Kyl continued and told the gasping crowd that Obama was planning to hold border security “hostage.”

    And let us not forget that the Obama Justice department is actively suing the States of Arizona and Alabama for attempting to enact and enforce laws that mirror federal immigration laws. The message Obama is sending is both clear and chilling: I decide what laws should be enforced and what laws should not be enforced and if anyone attempts to circumvent my lawless decisions, I’ll bring the heavy boot of the federal government down on their throats.

    Congressman King cautions us: “The President of the United States and all his federal appointees take an oath to the Constitution that requires that they ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed.’ Our laws are to be enforced faithfully, not ignored or defied by the very people whose job it is to enforce them. I am calling for Congressional hearings on the Obama administration to put the President and all his cabinet members on notice that neither Congress nor the American people will tolerate such contempt for their own oath, the Constitution and the Rule of Law.”


Oct. 12, 2011, 1:33 p.m.

@Anne:  You need to understand that if Obama wants to get anything accomplished, he has to do “some” of what the powerful entities of the right - like the United States Chamber of Commerce and the GOP itself - want.

Read of Reagan’s initial granting of amnesty to the illegals, which created the global impression that “Hey, you can bust U.S. borders, and if enough of us do, they will grant us citizenship just like Godfather Republican Reagan did!”:

Review this list, and consider the powerful business entities on it…entities which have the entire asset base (thanks to the right’s SCOTUS inflicting Citizens United upon our Constitution) of Corporate America to spend defeating anyone who will not kowtow to the right’s actual desire to destroy American labor with a massive influx of cheap labor:

lollll…the right - the owner/operators of the Republicans - play their base with the illegal immigrant issue even as they have a history of granting amnesty and a history of working to defeat anyone who attempts to use what power - and funding - they have to enforce our laws, defend our borders, and provide economic conditions that ensure the prosperity of American “labor” (a.k.a. “the American people”).

If you want Obama to get tougher on immigration, you get the righties - the Republicans - in Congress to give him the money that is required to get tougher on immigration.  Good luck with that, for the people who own the Republicans do not want the flow of illegals stopped:  They are too valuable as a weapon to wield against American labor.

There is one essential truth:  When the right speaks, the right lies.  On all issues…

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