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The Vital Signs API harnesses the power of data from our top health care investigations, offering quantitative and qualitative information to help industry leaders ensure that patients receive better, more affordable care. Developers can use this tool to access a range of data on 1.3 million doctors and other health professionals across several different interactive databases. The API updates monthly to ensure that users can access the latest data available from ProPublica's reporting. 

The Vital Signs API, which powers our Vital Signs doctor lookup tool, includes information on five general areas. 

  • Provider Information: Up-to-date provider information from the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System, including location, specialty, contact information and more. 
  • Standing With Federal Health Programs: Providers' standing with Medicare and Medicaid, including historical information on revocations, exclusions and terminations, available exclusively from ProPublica. 
  • Office Visits and Costs: Data on nearly 1 million providers participating in Medicare Part B, including provider totals, per-patient averages, and peer comparisons on billing and of service performed.
  • Drug and Device Company Relationships: Reliable, NPI-matched records of drug and device company payments to providers, including top drugs and devices, flags for speaking payments, and total amount paid.
  • Prescribing Patterns and Habits: Data on prescribing habits under the popular prescription drug program Medicare Part D. Includes top-line numbers and peer compairsons for average cost and brand-name prescribing.
  • Surgical Performance: Calculated complication rates for more than 16,000 surgeons performing eight common elective procedures in Medicare, adjusted for differences in patient health, age and hospital quality. 

Detailed information is available in the API documentation. 



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