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About $765 Billion Is Wasted Each Year on Health Care. Can You Help Us Find It?
by Marshall Allen
ProPublica, Mar. 9, 2017, 9:00 am

Tristan Spinski, special to ProPublica

Experts say the United States might be squandering a quarter of the money spent on health care. That's an estimated $765 billion a year wasted on things like administrative red tape, high prices and overuse. We are all paying for this waste.

We want to find out where this money is going and we want your help. We are reaching out to people who work in health care and have seen money being blown in ways that could be stopped. We're not talking lost nickels and dimes here — we want the most outrageous and high-profile cases we can find. Will you please help ProPublica reporter Marshall Allen dig into the problem?

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