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In 2011, University of Chicago president Robert Zimmer made nearly $3.4 million, making him the highest paid private college president.

See the rest of the top ten, and look up your college’s administration.

(from the Chronicle of Higher Education)

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Useful: The Chronicle of Higher Education’s new guide gives you all the key facts in choosing the right college, from grad rates to financial aid.


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Have you held an internship in the last year? We want to hear about it.

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Sixty years after the Supreme Court declared an end to “separate but equal” education, ProPublica partners with The Atlantic to examine the causes and consequences of school resegregation.

Our investigation focuses on Tuscaloosa’s city schools, which are among the most rapidly resegregating in the country. It is a story of city financial interests, secret meetings, and angry public votes. It is a story of devastating consequences shaped by racial politics and a consuming fear of white flight. Read “Segregation Now.”

State schools have been shifting grants away from low-income students, and giving them to higher-income students. But as colleges chase higher rankings and a better bottom line, needy students are getting squeezed out of even public education. 

This Thursday, join a panel of higher ed experts to discuss: how can public universities stay affordable?

A new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities shows dramatic tuition hikes in public universities across the country. Arizona has increased tuition by over 78% since 2008, the highest of any state.

Are you struggling with the rising cost of college? Find out how you can get involved with our ongoing investigation into student debt, and the business of higher education.

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