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Eye on the Stimulus

Stimulus Money Starts Stimulating

A crumbling 1933 bridge over the Osage River in central Missouri. A 79-mile electrical line along the Columbia River in Oregon. The repaving of Route 101 from Exeter to Epping near the New Hampshire coast.

These are some of the first projects that will be funded with the $787 billion economic stimulus plan, signed into law last week by President Barack Obama.

Starting Wednesday, money will start going out to the states in the form of Medicaid payments, the White House said Monday. (Here's a breakdown.) And in anticipation of more than $100 billion in transportation and infrastructure funding, states are beginning to bid projects and put shovels in the ground.


More on GOP Governor Grousing over Stimulus Cash

Salon has an interesting piece today analyzing why some Republican governors are saying they won't take the stimulus money but probably will.

Missouri Claims First Stimulus Project

Missouri has staked its claim of having the first project in the country paid for with stimulus money. What is it? A "rickety" bridge over Osage River in Tuscumbia, Mo.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Stimulus Data

Peter Orszag, director of the president's Office of Management and Budget, sent out a 62-page memo to department and agency heads Wednesday, outlining how to comply with the transparency and accountability provisions of the stimulus package.

The headline: It might be a while before we get data we can believe in.

Federal agencies will start submitting weekly reports on March 3. But those reports don't have to include spending information until April 6. And even then, it might just be totals.

GOP Govs Grouse About Stimulus—Then Take it

Some Republican governors may be holding their noses as they swallow billions of stimulus dollars coming to their states.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry told a crowd of small business owners Wednesday that he wished he could say "No thanks" to some of the $37 billion, which the liberal Center for American Progress says could be headed for the Lone Star State.

"I might as well quit grousing about it, because it's reality now," Perry said, according to the Associated Press.

Over in South Carolina, Gov. Mark Sanford has been trying to bail out of the bailout. But he seemed to give in Thursday morning on the CBS Early Show.

Track the Stimulus: Interactive Tools

Recovery Tracker
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How to Background Check Stimulus Companies
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