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Side By Side: Health Care Bill

Compare the Senate version of the 2010 Health Care overhaul bill with the final bill.

Tracking Nurses—What You Need to Know

How easy does your state make it to investigate licensed nurses online?

Loan Mods Tracker

How is the $75 billion home mortgage foreclosure prevention program performing?

Stimulus Speed Chart

Just how fast are federal agencies getting stimulus money out the door?

Unemployment Insurance Tracker

Tracking how long state unemployment insurance trust funds will hold up.

Leadership PAC Tracker

How much did your congressman’s Leadership PAC raise, and where did that money go?

Stimulus Contracts Tracker

What companies in your area have received highway stimulus funds?

Video Skimmer: Ron Boline

Use our video skimmer tool to navigate through the testimony of Ronald Boline, on private contractors in Iraq.

Foreign Lobbyist Influence Tracker

Which foreign countries are lobbying the U.S. Congress, and for what purposes? In partnership with the Sunlight Foundation.

Stimulus Progress Bar

How fast and where is stimulus money being spent?

Gitmo Detainee Lawsuits

Search the lawsuits filed by detainees at Guantánamo Bay, and their status.

Chart: Approved Highway Stimulus Projects

What highways stimulus projects have been approved?

Stim Cities

How effective has the stimulus been in eight cities?

Sanctioned California Nurses Database

Search the California Board of Registered Nursing database for disciplinary procedures between 2002 and September 2009.

Unclaimed Federal Unemployment Funding

Has your state left federal unemployment insurance money unclaimed?

Bailout Recipients

What companies have gotten money in the federal bailout?

The Obama Team’s Disclosure Docs

Read the disclosure documents that the Obama administration has made public.


The Geithner Calendars: As Citigroup Crashes, Meetings and Close Contacts

Tim Geithner’s calenders as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York show frequent contacts with Citigroup executives as the company’s finances deteriorated in 2007 and 2008. The New York Fed was Citigroup’s primary regulator under Geithner, who later helped devise government bailout plans that gave Citigroup $45 billion in capital and guarantees on $240 billion in toxic assets. Geithner got the Fed job in 2003 with support from Robert Rubin, then a top Citigroup executive and Geithner’s former boss at the Treasury Department.


Track changes the administration makes to in near-realtime.

The Stimulus Plan: The Tax Cuts

An easy-to-understand chart of the tax cuts in the stimulus bill.

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