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A New Way to Keep an Eye on Who Represents You in Congress


A joint session of Congress at the U.S. Capitol. (Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

We’re launching a new interactive database that you can use to track congressional votes, bills and members.

Represent: Browse Lawmakers, Votes and Bills

You can browse the latest votes and bills, see how often lawmakers vote against their parties and compare voting records.

8 Tips on Getting a Newsroom Data Team Started


Part of ProPublica's news apps team. (Edwin Torres for ProPublica)


Updated Dollars for Docs

This release includes updated data, payments to teaching hospitals, and information about brand-name prescribing rates for some doctors.

Infographics in the Time of Cholera


This poster was published "by order of the Sanatory Committee" in New York City, during the cholera outbreak of 1849. (Courtesy of the New-York Historical Society.)

In 1849, The New York Tribune published on its front page a line chart tracking the deaths in New York City from the cholera epidemic that summer. It used techniques that were at the bleeding edge of visual data journalism at the time. And it was forgotten until now.

Following the Money is Now Easier with FEC Itemizer


NYC’s Prevailing Wage Apartment Buildings

New York City biggest housing subsidy shells out $1.1 billion a year in property tax breaks to apartment and condo building owners. In return, they’re supposed to pay doormen, janitors and other service workers the “prevailing wage.” City officials provided this list of prevailing wage buildings after a public records request from ProPublica.


Hell and High Water

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the country. It’s home to the nation’s largest refining and petrochemical complex, where billions of gallons of oil and dangerous chemicals are stored. And it’s a sitting duck for the next big hurricane. Why isn’t Texas ready?

How We Made Hell and High Water


This image is really a database. It shows eight hours of a simulated hurricane hitting Southeast Texas. Water elevation and wind direction are encoded into the images’ red, green, blue and alpha channels.

Our interactive story includes a map with seven animated simulations depicting a large hurricane hitting the Houston-Galveston region.

Upgrading FEC Itemizer for the 2016 Campaign

We're making our interactive database of campaign finance filings more stable and adding new features.

Meet the New ProPublica Campaign Finance API, Same as the Old API


(David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty)


Renter Beware: Ten Ways Unscrupulous Landlords Cheat NYC Tenants

Here are the top 10 ways unscrupulous landlords take advantage of tenants, and what you can do about it.

Learn Data, Design and Code for Journalism. Apply for ProPublica’s Summer Data Institute. It’s Free!

ProPublica is proud to announce its first-ever Summer Data Institute, a free 10-day intensive workshop on how to use data, design and programming for journalism. The workshop will be from June 1st to June 15th in ProPublica's New York offices. The deadline to apply is March 31st.

A More Secure and Anonymous ProPublica Using Tor Hidden Services


Emily Martinez/ProPublica


HIPAA Helper

Who is Revealing Your Private Medical Information?


We Blew $17 Billion in Afghanistan.  How Would You Have Spent It?

The U.S. government has wasted billions of dollars in Afghanistan, and until now, no one has added it all up. Project after project blundered ahead ignoring history, culture and warnings of failure. And Congress has barely blinked as the financial toll has mounted. Here’s just what the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction found. See for yourself how that money could have been used at home.


The Making of a Narco-terrorist

Five criminals in far-flung parts of the world, five D.E.A. sting operations, five dubious links between drugs and terror. The characters are different but the story remains the same. Authorities said each case demonstrated alliances between terrorists and drug traffickers, but most of the alleged links fell apart in court. Here’s how narco-terrorism cases are made.


Personal Explanations

When Members of Congress Miss Votes, and Why


Debt By Degrees

Use our interactive database to search new federal data on almost 7,000 schools in the U.S. to see how well they support their poorest students financially.


Price Check: How Companies Value Body Parts

Benefits for the same body part can differ dramatically depending on which company you work for.

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