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After Katrina, New Orleans Police
Shot Frequently and Asked Few Questions

FBI Confirms Investigations Into Post-Katrina Violence Widening

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New Orleans Fire Dept. Chief Charles Parent, left, and New Orleans Police Dept. Chief Warren Riley listen during the Hurricane Katrina Memorial Groundbreaking Ceremony on Aug. 29, 2007 in New Orleans. This week the city's inspector general publicly accused Riley of illegally obstructing attempts to scrutinize police misconduct and disciplinary files.

If you've been following our Law & Disorder series, there are a couple of fresh developments.

Our partners at the Times-Picayune have some new information about the expanding federal probe of the New Orleans Police Department, confirming that the FBI is investigating two more shootings described in stories we published in December.

Also, the city's inspector general publicly accused (PDF) Police Superintendent Warren Riley of illegally obstructing attempts to scrutinize police misconduct and disciplinary files.

"As you know, the relationship between the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) and the citizens of New Orleans has been poor," wrote Inspector General E.R. Quatrevaux in a letter sent this week to outgoing Mayor C. Ray Nagin and posted on his office's Web site.

Quatrevaux is in the process of establishing an independent monitoring body to oversee the NOPD. In the letter, he faults Riley for barring his staffers from reviewing records on police misconduct, discipline and shooting incidents. The Times-Picayune has more on the controversy.

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The Case Files

Case One

Religious Street

There is no police report describing what happened in this photo.

Case Two

Matt McDonald

Why didn’t police tell his family he was killed by an officer?

Case Three

Danny Brumfield

How does a man waving down a police car die from a shotgun blast to his back?

Case Four

Keenon McCann

The gun police said he had was never found.

Case Five

Henry Glover

His skull and ashes were found in the back of an incinerated Chevy.

Case Six

Danziger Bridge

Officers responding to an emergency call opened fire on civilians, injuring four and killing two.

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